Misdirection in pvp

87 Worgen Druid
Lets say someone was targeting me and you misdirected onto an unlucky team mate, does this mean the person who was attacking you will have their attack switched to that person?
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85 Night Elf Hunter

would've been fun though:)
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87 Worgen Druid
LOl yea, just thinking if you were getting gunned by loads of ranged and misdirected onto a dk (i don't like dk's, even if their on my team) i could escape damage...

Would this tactic work with a pet or is it still coming up immune can't tell :(
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100 Undead Hunter
Misdirection transfers threat you cause from your damage to another friendly target. The more threat a person has, the more likely it is going to be attacked by something that has a threat table. Its a pve ability used to help the tank build threat in a boss fight, or peel mobs off of yourself and onto your pet. It doesnt transfer damage of any kind, unlike abilities such as intervene.

Players dont have threat tables, so its practically useless in pvp, although if you cast misdirection on a friendly player, and then attack an enemy pet, if you damage it enough it will switch targets and leave you alone until its controlling player commands it to attack you again, or until the threat fades in 30 seconds (as mentioned in the abilities tooltip). Although wasting time and damage on an enemy pet is pretty pointless since if its an enemy hunter's pet you can simply use scare beast on it, or feign death and instantly have it leave you alone.
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