shadowpriests cant take warriors/rogues in pvp

85 Human Priest
I think its unfair that range dps like shadowpriest/boomkin/mages ect. have to go around like melee dps if melee dps(like rogue and warrior) is running around you they can still hit you but if you do that its always to late to cast a mind blast or mind spike. I think its really unfair. Because melee dps can easly hit you then without taking damage from a range one. Blizzard should do something about that
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85 Human Mage
... gotta know ur class mechanics, every clothie has the ability to get the hell out of there and shoot from a distance. Yes, warriors may charge you. Deathknights may grip you. But a well timed use of your "get out of dodge" abilities will soon have them at a safe distance with you smashing theirs skulls with 25-30k crits of ur spells.

Blizz aren't always fair with class balance, but you gotta know ur class and what to do when these eventualities arise buddy.
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85 Draenei Priest
If your talkin bout duels.. Shadowpriests counters everything but frostmages/Dks.. Practise some more shadow & you'll see. + if ur thinking that they are esp #!##!, get healing pvp 4set, pws + fear/disarm them.. faceroll
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85 Undead Death Knight
24/06/2011 10:18Posted by Lightgírl
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85 Undead Priest
Can be tricky, but possible.
In AV last night I had 18kb/3deaths, most were Warrior & Rogues& I`m still in level 80 pvp toys.
Just try timing fears, stuns etc & you`ll be grinning.

Also killed an 85 geared Warrior in STV arena, though don`t think he was really trying ;P
Edited by Merrin on 25/06/2011 18:19 BST
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85 Gnome Mage
24/06/2011 23:35Posted by Obliqq
Shadowpriests counters everything but frostmages/Dks

Good shadow priests could even beat the hell out of frost mages in duels at lvl85. It would take the frost mage a great deal of skill, strategy(CC timing/spellsteal etc), and luck to win a decent shadow priest who knows his/her class well.
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