Low levels are unacceptable - Blizzards commitments

19 Night Elf Druid
This is recognised implicitly by Blizzard, however nothing has been done. I feel it is time for the low level community to remind Blizzard of their commitments to low levels.

"Nobody should be one-shotting at any battleground level, so yes that (and many other class abilities) will be addressed." - Kalgan

"there are a number of issues like that for when abilities are given for classes, mostly in relation to running dungeons early on, and then quite a few for PvP twinking and keeping those brackets balanced a bit better. They're legit issues and we hope to be able to spend some time going over ability pacing again." - Bashiok

"We care without boundaries. We care so much for people playing through the lower levels, we remade Azeroth anew in Cataclysm. And that wasn't all we did to improve the experience for lower level players." - Wryxian

"at low levels, no one cares" - Forum user, "We do, actually." - Kalgan

"We understand this may have some impact on [low level] PvP healing and do want to look over balance at those lower levels at some point in the future." - Lylirra

"We do care about and actively balance at lower levels. Our goal is to make the game as fun and balanced at possible at all levels" - Zarhym

"Now with patch 3.2, we're technically supporting twinking" - Zarhym

Twinking recognised as a legit PvP endeavour by Vaneras - http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/19527/twink-info-for-dummies

As you can see Blizzard has stated numerous times that low levels are a commitment to them. It is well past the time for Blizzard to stop talking and either provide balance or at least have the common decency to tell us that low levels are not a part of their game plan.


Should Low Levels be a Priority?
You may argue that low levels aren't a priority, but I would argue differently

Endgame is in a stable state at the moment (a patch has recently come out) and is definitely balanced enough to be enjoyed by the majority of players. Low level pvp is enjoyed by a substantial proportion of the player base (many more than I suspect you would think and not just twinks) and is very very imbalanced. The immediate and urgent nature of the low level imbalance coupled with the extent to which it is imbalanced make this a higher priority than endgame pvp balance, in my mind at least. I am not suggesting that endgame be put on a back burner, but it is safe enough at the moment for some of it's resources to be pulled off it and utilised to save low game pvp.

"It's easy to moan about low level PVP balance but harder to come up with a realistic fix."
Yes balancing is a major commitment, however the twinkinfo.com community has come up with an extensive list of solutions to fix low level pvp that fill every criteria, does not affect endgame and has only beneficial effects on low level pve.

It is not as hard as it may seem. Admittedly the TI solution is merely the first iteration of the balancing process, but it is a very solid frame work for the devs to start from, much more solid than the current "balancing". The devs are very aware of it (I received a personal email from Bashiok recognising it), but for whatever reason balances for low levels have yet to be implemented.

Kore nametooshort - twinkinfo.com
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39 Human Paladin
I agree get rid of the one-shotting please
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85 Human Paladin
What classes are 1shotting? bit out of touch with 10-19
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19 Night Elf Druid
30/07/2011 18:56Posted by Saibren
What classes are 1shotting? bit out of touch with 10-19

One shotting is a term that should be applied loosely. In this context I am interpreting it as "burst down in a matter of seconds without hope of surviving". In the 10-49's, especially leveling battlegrounds, Retribution, Subtlety, Marksman, Survival, Arms, Feral and occasionally even Discipline have all been known to one shot.
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28 Worgen Hunter
Technically speaking 'we care' isn't the same as 'priority', it's fairly obvious the priority of the game designers lies with what happens at end-cap Raiding and Arena (as illustrated again with the hotfix-nerf of that Crafted 2H-sword).

That same hotfix illustrates again that balancing gear is a lot simpler than balancing classes/skills (and one could argue that they never really succeed in the later), and it is common knowledge that the gear that needs the most balancing in low-level PvP are Heirlooms.

A simple fix for that would be making them unEnchantable ('Redding out' already present 'chants) and a ''-5 level'' modifier, which realistically speaking could be applied practically overnight.

Alternatively, considering that they could put 'Expansion' twinks in and out (and in again) the Locked toons queues overnight, they could - in case the more appropriate nerfing doesn't take place - queue toons with Heirlooms in their possession (equipped or not) in the same queues as Locked toons and Expansion Twinks.

Besides looking at profiles etc., I did about six games at 19 and two at 20*, and in none of them I was at a real disadvantage with Freemann, in fact except for one of the games at 20 (where Horde featured six 24's vs. one Ally 24) I was for example often at the high-average end of Health if not among the highest both sides, and the number of (close-to) BiS twinks I encountered in all those BG's put together can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Really, Heirlooms and %*!!#@%@-easy cash have made alt-levellers so close to twinks that it is silly to put newcomers and 'tryouts' in the same queues as Twinks (Expansion and Trail capped toons get placed in XP-queues, which is downright brutal for Trail accounts as they can't trade and have no mailbox) instead of (Heirloomed) alt-levellers and twinks.

* I toned down my gear in both cases, though when in that first game it turned out over half the Horde team was level 24 and 'loomed to the hilt, all gloves where off (or rather, on).

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19 Undead Rogue
I agree! Would love to see some serious changes for the lower level brackets.
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72 Dwarf Warrior
Nerf the damage down from level 60 and below, probably by 50%? non-the-least 40%.
And nice, some wall text i can read and think "You're making sense"
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19 Troll Mage
yeah i totally agree, tho 39 retri globals siwtz D:
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19 Troll Mage
anyway approved like always kore, gj once again.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
This is recognised implicitly by Blizzard, however nothing has been done. I feel it is time for the low level community to remind Blizzard of their commitments to low levels.

"Nobody should be one-shotting at any battleground level, so yes that (and many other class abilities) will be addressed." - Kalgan

That was just trolling, why did you fall for it? I am able to one-shot people (literally) at level 80, so what else to say. If there is a non-plate wearer with less than 20k hp then Aimed shot is usually an instagib (100% crit chance) and Chimera shot also instagibs if it crits (around 50% chance). Arcane mages crit those people for 50k+. Shadow priests can mind blast for not any less.

You still believe they are going to fix it at lower levels? These are just empty words that cost them nothing.
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19 Troll Druid
Agreed 100% good job again Korre :) i cannot describe how much i appreciate your work for the twink community You cannot be thanked enough.
Best Regards Cowblackout Zenedar EU.
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60 Human Rogue
Totally agree. Been twinking over 3 years on various twinks and seriously thinking quitting until something drastic is done to damage/class balance; twinking is meant to be fun right?
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19 Tauren Druid
Agreed, the lack of balance is just rediculous, thanks Kore.
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70 Troll Hunter
You certainly have my fullest support, good job once again Kore! Cannot describe how much the twinking and the low-level community appreciates your effort, as well as pvp-ers in general! =)
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Most of us understands that majority of players want to play the newest content, but dear blizzard, u should also remember that we twinks and not to mention everyone below lvl 80 doing pvp, we need help cause its so unbalanced right now, that ppl would rather do questing and dungeons till lvl 85.

As a long time low lvl pvp player i can tell that pvp is nearly unplayable/unenjoyable as some classes and they cant do nothing bout it.

Awesome post btw Kore.
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85 Goblin Death Knight
Why the hell would you do something like that? The low-level bracket is fine!
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90 Undead Warlock
Low level twinking community: 0.001% of the game population.
85 community: the rest, you do the math, if you can.

Thus, 85 issues everyone cares about > low level PvP issues no one really gives a damn about aside from few people who want, for whatever skill-lacking reason, to remain there for all eternity.
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Thus, 85 issues everyone cares about > low level PvP issues no one really gives a damn about aside from few people who want.

We know that end game content is the most important, but we have to also think about all the newcomers and ppl who enjoy more low lvl pvp, aka twinks.

For whatever skill-lacking reason, to remain there for all eternity.

Skill has nothing to do with this, i love twinking and i still do and the best part of it is the community to play with and explore new things. Ive achieved so many things in this game during my 6 year wow career (including 2300+ rating in 3s/5s), but if twinking would die, i would propably end my subscription.
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totally agree, good post Korette
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85 Goblin Warrior
If it was made to be balanced, wouldn't it be the same as 85 PvP I mean.. surely you don't make level 19/39 whatever level twinks to be balanced and on par with everyone else in the bracket? You make them to one shot people who aren't twinks and laugh. I mean if there wasn't the attraction of that it would just be level 85 PvP at level 19 then wouldn't it?
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