Pork Chop Express

85 Human Paladin
Hi friends of Mazrigos..

With recent inactivity on the progression threads and recruitment area's I thought I would let people know PCE's intention's.
Since our guild once upon a time gathered lots of interest and gained lots of respect across the realm I feel I should let our intentions be known.

PCE has currently shut down one of it's main raid teams and let go of alot of players whom we met when we got here. We feel that the friendlyness within the guild had been overlooked with progression and expectations.

So I regret to say that I have removed ourselves from progression, we will no longer report any new kills. The kills only matter to us and us alone.

We have stopped recruitment, we have enough friends who moved here to run a stable 10man and do what we deem is fun and our own pace of progression.

We are more or less making PCE a social guild now that has a raiding core that will have fun, We aim to rebuild the repuation we once had and try get more involved in the PvP scene and you WILL see my rogue in Orgrimar alot more :P

To any of the guilds who happen to recruit any of our members who we let go of - they are good lads, we have speant the last year taking people on who had no raid experience at all and teaching them how to raid, hopefully the experience they have gained will make them a good asset to your guilds, treat them well.

I salute and show a great deal of respect to the guilds who have survived on alliance (cold logic, incursion and nug-gen to say a few) and to the guild's who have came out of no were to challenge progression - doing a fantastic job so keep it up.

PCE will continue to progress however, unless you stalk us on armoury or know someone in the guild you are unlikely to hear from us abou tit, we aim to regain some of that fun we once had.

Thanks to people who have made this realm fun - and I hope to see you on the battlefields.

Jackburton / Mcsuiy

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85 Draenei Paladin
I used to be in PCE, very fun bunch. You should have lots of fun with your 10 man team, you guyz wont need any luck on your casual progression, have fun guyz!
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Hey Jack,

Good luck moving forward, I am sure you guys will still be ranked among the best on the Alliance. I myself have a great deal of respect for PCE and wish you guys the best.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Ahh the guys that got ganked in Tol Barad like any other Alliance member.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
gl guys:)
off topic- cryzix dude seriously u are so !@#$ing annoying.
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85 Human Paladin
Cryzix, let me check my screenshot log for the !@#$%^-*!@ my rogue gave you and your horde mates ;) I have plenty of them... just remember when a night elf is wrapping her flaps round your face after ganking you - it was me xxx
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15/08/2011 23:05Posted by Jackburton
wrapping her flaps round your face

Best quote ever.
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