[A RP] The Scarlet Crusade

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Yes, there was a case. If there are some who has such question I'll explain what happened.

This guild, <The Scarlet Crusade>, was recovered by my good russian as me friend Ephitos, who then called me from <The Lordaeron Alliance> to join up and eventually take charge of it.

Originaly, we united with TLA leader and officers in talks and planned to rename <The Lordaeron Alliance> into the Scarlet Crusade, because it was lvl 14 guild with with many members and bank tabs full of armor. But the reason we couldn't do that, was that TLA was allready a renamed version of <The Crimson Flame> and we could not rename it again, due to one rename per guild.

So me and Ephitos decided to stay and run the guild and well the thing was, that in two weeks we both had to go to the army on our summer obligatory basic military training, which takes 5 weeks, and the lvl 1 fresh started guild was destined to stay incapacitated.
The charge was put on Lyniath, the only officer remaining, but with no blame on her, she couldn't have enough time and the original guild with its 18 members died.

Then our saviour Barean came back into the game after a long brake and summoned all crusaders to join <The Scarlet Crusade>
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New guild forum can be found under this adress to Apply:

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Hmm well... I guess i will bump this. Glory to the Scarlet Crusade.... And well send me a whisper about any thing you want to know :)
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Human only guild, you say? How come there's one Dwarf among you then?

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Krash is mostly a OOC member, and i haven't seen him rp with the Crusaders at all. So far the views on my part is that he is a Crimson Flame coward and traitor.
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Sad what happened to this guild
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What happened? :S I was thinking of transferring to DB just for this.
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I closed down the Recruitment. The guild was down with many of its officers (Almoast all) Have left for SW ToR. So well even if it is a sad thing, we can't help it. Stop posting here, for it is a closed down recruitment. We don't need spam
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Oh i just realized that i haven't done this here yet so:

The Recruitment has been Closed. So in many ways the Scarlet Crusade as a guild has been closed down. Lore wise, we are still somewhere at the Monastery and Tirisfal. Tho as a guild we stopped existing. That will be all.
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I actally have a Undead hunter lvl 87 in full SC gear he now owns a SC risen guild idea what fell apart. not sure weather to try and keep the guild going or not isnt much rp on horde side.
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I think this guild no longer excists, mate.

And I also -think- there's quite some RP on the horde. There's a guild list on these forums somewhere, try looking out for them and get in touch.
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There is PLENTY of RP on horde side!
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