Hello Spinebreaker

85 Human Hunter
I am thinking of getting my character's here . Now its not that simple as it sounds.
Flameshot was created on Outland , same with mister Kronnis ( my dk farming alt)

Thing is ,on Outland : I can do raids / rated pvp at any time , achieve raids old raids ,Wpvp in other words anything , but it feels like everyone is expendable and can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

But the population is far from friendly , nothing seems to be stable , guilds disbanding and created every single day , Insane high ratings required for every Rbg pug or arena , crowded as hell.

So in order to convince "me" to come on Spine , i would like some serious details about the alliance side , since i don't give a banana about Horde. ( that doesnt apply to horde opinions , which i do give bananas about)

Main concerns:
1- will i be able to get partners for Arena ? 2v2 for cap and/or 3v3 for rating and fun ?
2- will i be able to raid a 10 man or better , a 25 man BH once a week ?
3 -will i be able to get a RBG pug to get my weekly win if i wont have high rating in arenas ?
4 -what are the avg queue times for Random Bg;s as alliance at 85 ?
5 -what are the avg queue times for Random Hc;s as alliance at 85 ? Both normal and Trolls
6 -are there any Firelands trash runs from time to time ?

I once played on a different realm than Outland with an alt , much lower populated , and i felt a bit more , lets say , valuable than i am currently with my hunter , a little bit more "hey look , X is online , lets ask him if he wanna do a raid / bg with us "

From what i'v seen , alliance is in need of more , skilled players , i may bring more with me or at least try to do so , but i need to be sure it will be a good choice , since its a one way transfer only (Free at least ).

It seems that most of the players are friendly , and most of them are english speakers on trade / general which i do like , the community seem tight enough , and i guess overall should be a nice choice.

So i'm waiting for more info;s , and i still got several more days of making my decision . Thank you and cheers .

LE : This post might help other's willing to transfer here , so keep it nice .
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Can I get some info about horde side please? Thinking of transfering here with the rogue and holadin
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85 Human Hunter
Think Malice , you can transfer to any faction , horde and alliance , and the alliance side is less populated , be ally , more horde to kill , more raids for alliance aswell , Cheers
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85 Human Warrior
Hi there m8, do you really want an honest answer?

There aren't many random raids and BH groups take a while to get together but they do happen. FL trash runs happens from time to time. It is hard to get a good arena team mate but there are loads of wpvp if you are willing to gank. City raids doesn't happen that often besides hordes attacking us.

Rbgs happens now and again. It shouldnt be impossible to join a group.

Queue time depends on the time of day. For dps I find that its usualyl between 10-15 min. Shorter for normal hcs.

Queue time for bgs is under one minute almost all the time.

Chance to get into tol barad raid is near 100%.

Overall conclusion

Spinebreaker got big problems and life is hard but it is also very rewarding to not have everything served on a silver platter. If you think you got what it takes then transfer here.
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85 Human Hunter
"Overall conclusion

Spinebreaker got big problems and life is hard but it is also very rewarding to not have everything served on a silver platter. If you think you got what it takes then transfer here. "

Thats true .

Anyway , i created a lvl 1 on Spine , and been talkin to guys in sw , with all of them ,sarcasm off , and the simple matter is , competitive pvp is dead , the 10 very skilled and high rated players are taken , and i couldnt find anyone close to my exp , which is sad . I do like a challenge , but in my opinion , even with the free char migration from Outland , Spinebreaker is hopeless i'm afraid , alliance side it is.

I was really going to give it a try , but it seems it doesn't worth it .

Sorry Spinebreaker alliance , it's a no from me .
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90 Draenei Mage
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90 Tauren Druid
Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Although you can always try what some other people did on Burning Steppes: bring a few friends and breathe some life back into your preferred activities (PvP in your case).

Now, I don't know much about the Alliance side of Spinebreaker, but here's my two cents on the Horde side:

Spinebreaker's Horde population is larger than its Alliance population. I don't know how big the difference is, but I can generally do my dailies at Moltenfront without worrying about being attacked. The Alliance I see typically leave me alone, either because they're not interested in a fight or because they think I'll call for reinforcements.

Now, while I like being able to do by dailies undisturbed, I don't think world PvP should just stop dead in its tracks like that. So if you are Alliance, please do consider coming over here to make things more lively again. You'll have a harder time than Horde, hopefully this server migration will help with that. :)

Also, TB is actually quite often Alliance controlled on Spinebreaker. If that's an indicator of anything, I'd say that Alliance PvP isn't quite dead in the water yet.

Back to the Horde, though. Because our population is a little larger, we have several large guilds that focus on raiding. They advertise a lot on /2 trade and generally accept socials as well. Some of these guilds also have PvP divisions. I've also seen quite a few old content raids, so if you still want to farm older raids for tier and/or achievements, there's room for that too.

Our Action House is alive and healthy, though perhaps still on the small side. By all means, roll a level 1 alt and ask around. Get a feel for the old place. :)
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90 Tauren Druid
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