Horde RP question

Hello there fellow roleplayers!

My current server is getting lower and lower in population on Horde side, which means that since summer we have had no influx of new roleplayers. Even worse, many of those that used to be active have quit the game, changed servers or went to raiding guilds. The end result is that we have less and less participants to RP events that our guild organises. (both guild only events and faction wide events)

Since I'm quite an active event organisor and getting most of my fun in Wow from this, I am considering a server transfer. As the option will be available soon, it might be a transfer with the guild included.

So here are my questions:
1. how is RP for Horde on this server? (I know some folks on alliance and they are very positive about Moonglade, but I'd like to stay Horde)
2. What type of RP is popular here? (military, long storylines, fun events, clanbased, ...)
3. is there room here for a treasure hunters guild, or is there an existing one?
4. is there room for this type of events:
Markets/shop, storytelling nights, fishing contests, treasure hunts, miss competion, pet competiton, ... in other words, none storyline affected events, with a light and fun theme, possibly recurring over the months.

Are there any upcoming events on Horde side that I could possibly attend with a low level toon? I saw I just missed a Halloween ball :( anything similar coming soon?

thanks in advance for your answers!

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Hail Zhinlan! Welcome to the Moonglade forums! Im pretty excited to hear your considering a move to our realm, its as big a decision as one can make in WoW in many ways; ill endeavor to answer your questions succinctly.

1) Horde RP on this server is of good quality, and has become increasingly widespread/interconnected between the guilds and community at large. At present we have two supported chat channels, well populated and often used:

/RPNetwork: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1917972969
/RPsocial: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2723273997

Also, we have a steadily growing Rp database, serving as a fun immersion tool for any of those with a penchant for penning backstories:

The Moonglade Wikia:

Networking tools aside, physical RP on this server seems to have its peak times. In my personal experience you will be more likely to find higher RP activity at the times many people are coming home from work, school etc, or in sporadic pockets throughout the day. Using the aforementioned chat channels will aid you in tracking RP down.

The commonly established hubs for RP are: Orgrimmar's Valley of Honor(occasionally the Drag/Valley of Wisdom), The Ruins of Lordaeron, and Silvermoon. It should be noted that a reasonable amount of RP happens away from the cities, with many guilds taking headquarters or field missions all over Azeroth.

2) In my opinion the nature of RP here has nice variety, with the playerbase having a good attitude towards events of all types. Two recent events provide good examples of this:

a) A few weeks ago we had a military/stealth style event, where a group of 30 or 40 people (from lots of different guilds) went on a mission to tirisfal, to investigate a cult meeting and gather information.

b) Just last night, around 50 people attended the Forsaken Ball, hosted by the Lords of the Iron ring, a genteel social event, with emphasis on pageantry and decorum.

These are strikingly different events, but many players attended both, i feel this shows our community is willing to participate in RP right across the style spectrum. In the near future there is a large scale military campaign (two part event), and a treasure hunt; the latter in particular could provide a perfect introduction for your group to our community!
Many of the realm RP events that have been launched recently are planned and executed by members of an IC and OOC coalition, details of which are at this link:

The Union Accord Project: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2491499565

3) At present there is no guild specialising in treasure hunting that i know of. A recently disbanded guild (the Aurelian Occult) i believe were in the business of recovering valuable artifacts, but they have now disbanded. Treasure hunting, and adventurer RP is always relevant in my opinion, and you may find yourself approached for your specialist skills by other guilds/individuals.

4) I think your talking about 'standalone' events in this questions, my answer would be yes. We already had a very successful 'Night of Summertales' storytelling event this year, as well as a midsummer festival, a swim race and a fancy dress costume party. Lighthearted standalone RP events can be a welcome break from the seriousness of the major storylines some of us are embroiled in. Also, it provides fringe players in the community a welcome chance to mingle with everyone else.


Several events that have occurred recently have done so in starting or low level areas, or in close proximity to cities. Unless im very much mistaken the treasure hunting event coming soon is in Stranglethorn, i think thats a level 30 ish zone. The best course of action may be to roll a char with us now and level up quick! Alot of the RP guilds have perks and such to help you on your way. The following thread has proved a very useful immersion tool, you may wish to post a rumor in it to announce your arrival:

Rumors of the Realm: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2151660418?page=2#35

No realm is perfect, and every realm has a fair dose of unsavory or aggravating members. Luckily, being a more modestly populated realm makes us tightly knit, and better equipped to unite and fend off the destructive element. I feel there has never been a better time to join Moonglade EU, the guilds are cooperating, and even those who have been reclusive or loathe to step into the light of public events are now contentedly whirrling cogs in the Horde machine.

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Always nice to hear from other creative rolepayers! Though it is a shame to learn that you no longer feel that your server is the right place for you to be. I hope you do find a suitable place, be it here on Moonglade (and more roleplayers are always welcome here!) or elsewhere! So that you may continue doing what you love best :)

Now, for your questions! I'll try to answer the best I can.
1) The Horde RP community seems to have been on the rise recently, from what I've experienced. The leaders of various roleplaying guilds have recently founded a "union" so as to keep eachother updated on storylines, upcoming events, etc. And there have been chat channels created with the purpose of uniting roleplayers. (But Ajaxxor beat me to this it seems ;) ) Which does help to improve involvement, cooperation and increase turn-outs on many an event! Random RP seems to be somewhat scarcer most of the time, though once you've made some friends or found a guild or good place to hang out (there seem to have been some listed above me!), your personal experience on that field will most likely improve.

2) Bit hard to say which main types are most popular! I think there's a bit of everything available.
There are military-styled (PvP-)RP events upcoming along with the fact that there are legions and other military themed guilds out there, there are a few long storylines going on (e.g. the "war" against the Twilight Dawn cultists), there are few tribe/clan based RP guilds (e.g. Vinetusk Tribe for Trolls, Silvertail Tribe for Tauren) doing their part in organising tribal RP, there are various themed or general RP guilds and their smaller or larger scale events, ... Well you get the picture! A variety of things.

3) I'm not entirely sure if one already exists! But I can't seem to recall there being one at this moment. It would surely be interesting to see this sprout up!

4) I think it's safe to say that there's room for all types of events :)

We've had the Ball the other night, some time ago there was an expedition for lost artifacts spread over a few weeks, the launch event of the Union Accord which included a march through the city and speeches, as well as a costume party for Hallow's End. There are also recurring events, such as the patrols through Mulgore organised by the <Defenders of Mulgore> almost every evening. Overall, the events were received warmly and enjoyed good turnouts.
So both large and small scale, more serious or lighthearted, as well as recurring events have a place on our realm - there'll be interested parties to be found for any type!

When I'm not attending events or strolling through the Bluffs, I'm quite the fervent event-organiser myself, as well. So I'd like to share my personal experience on that for your reference. Over the last months, I've held a large-scale storytelling night, small-scale tribal ceremony, and a simple social event around a campfire. I can only say I feel even more inspired to organise more, as people participated and reacted so well in the past! And I hope you may feel the same way whenever you have settled!

PS: And there will indeed be a treasure hunt occuring in the near-ish future!
Should it spark your curiousity: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2793222853
Perhaps it may be of interest to you! It's on the 23rd of November so there would be some time to level an alt and join us for the experience, should you wish to try out the server! Or to introduce your (and your guild's) skills if you do move. You'd certainly be welcome!
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thanks for the replies! I must say this looks very promising, I guess I'll have to roll an alt here and check it out. There's no weekly taverns by any chance I could pop by?

one thing I forgot to ask, is there actually new folks still arriving on the server? Recruiting really is a mess on ours so if we move we'll need more folks :-)
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made myself a wee tauren and will start scouting your server :-)
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24/10/2011 20:34Posted by Zhinlan
There's no weekly taverns by any chance I could pop by?

That's a pretty good question, actually. Is there anything going on that regularly? I may have missed hearing about it.

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Leave it to Ajax and Wirha to make people welcome, holy sh*t :D cheers to you both! Always there to make newcomers feel welcome.

Whenever you'll want to seek Military RP, my Legion needs to start growing damnit :( sad-panda-orc face :(
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so far a very warm welcome both here and online, thanks guys :-)
I'm not much of a military style fan (I was in a guard guild for a while though) but if I change my mind I'll look into your guild!
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If you mean a Alliance Guard guild.. which it often is. Difference betwenn Alliance and Horde guards, is that we can punch people and get away with it! :D cause were a Absolutism/Anarchy? I think anyway...

I mean Garrosh is the big boss..

We'll always be around if you change your mind! :D
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Welcome to the server, once more! It's very good to see how people have quickly stepped forward to offer answers, advise and support.

As you've noticed, our server is becoming more closely knit, with connections between guilds, and succesful realm-wide events becoming common. Most of this is to initiatives launched in months past.

I suppose you've also noticed how much the server has to offer. For guilds we lots of great flavors available; military ones, racial-based ones, mercenary, traders, worshippers of the Light, and of course more general guilds attracting a wide base of people with their own themes. The server is alive enough to offer all these flavors, as are the events you'll find if you know where to look.

But yes, a guild dedicated to treasure hunting there is not, so there could be room for such. My own guild has plenty of adventurers, historians and those interested in hidden old things, within the directions of our varied undertakings. If you do end up starting a guild I am sure there would be plenty willing to join your adventures in possible events.

My train has reached its station so I'm losing internet. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them online. Welcome once again!

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it seems that guild realm transfers have now been opened up to EU servers. Waiting on some of my still active guildies to respond to the yes or no on moving as well as to what server if we do move.

So far I must say I like the athmosphere here. :-)

I might post a recruitment post on these forums to see if there is interest in the guild before making an actual move.
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I was going to reply, but everyone has already covered everything ;p But you came you saw you liked....so that is what counts ;p
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