So...Mists of Pandaria, what do you think

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The new race will be choosable for both Alliance and Horde.Chris Metzen said.
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21/10/2011 20:04Posted by Artidus
The new race will be choosable for both Alliance and Horde.Chris Metzen said.

Yep, you don't choose your faction from the start apparently. You choose the Pandaren race and later you choose your allegiance.
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Brilliant! An entire expansion dedicated to the stereotyping of Asian people! I hope there's lots and lots of kung-fu with suitable "Hiiiyaaa!" noises, wise NPCs who say things in psuedo-Confucian style "Ah-so, orc who sharpen sword with head has small ears for hearing wisdom". Pleaaaaaasse, let mages conjure mana-noodles (with little soy sauce packets), etc, etc. After all, Asians aren't black, they don't kick up much of a fuss, so it's OK.

Maybe the expansion after this one can be something based around the Middle East, with such comedy stylings as the 'stone the adultress' quest, the "sell your daughter for six camels" NPC and suicide-bomber goblins! Everyone would love it!

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I'm looking forward to the character creation section. Choice of skin/hair colour, black and white or black and white or black and white...

Maybe we could have some variation, green and pink maybe?
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Too early to form an opinion. I'll have to wait and see, though I think this will either save or destroy WoW, depending on how Blizz handle it.
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21/10/2011 19:54Posted by Soxxy
I think someone should put the trailer on youtube so I can decide.

It's on there ;)
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This sounds really good. But it always does and almost always does not deliver. This sounds really good though :p

I'm excited!
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lol so much failure in this Blizzcon, really. Pandas and their "old asian" style world, worst idea ever. I'm pretty sure to say that I'm done with this game, PvP will be always as !@#$ as now and Monk is just a melee priest.
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I dunno what to think..

Yes monks, what I wanted all along, will be my new main etc, pandas model kinda look dumb, but i like that you choose your allegence rather than just going horde/alliance, maybe theyd do some nice questing with that.

Can other races be monks or just pandas? If no others can then meh to monks

Also, challenge mode dungeons? Could these finally be the different difficulty settings ? (i.e. easy, normal, hard?)
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I love the idea of like ancient china, kind of like Kung fu panda, LOVE LOVE LOVE

I wonder what will happen to the talent things tho, since they said they were gonna change it :o what could it be, what could it be..
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21/10/2011 20:16Posted by Crazyhands
Also, challenge mode dungeons? Could these finally be the different difficulty settings ? (i.e. easy, normal, hard?)
I guess so, I really hope they finally have a solution for the disparity in skill amongst the playerbase.
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but why not spiderman???:(
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Giant drunken kung-fu pandas? Gimme a break. Sure, the bonus campaigns in wc3 were really fun and nice to play, but a joke should only go on for so far.

Oh well, gotta wait and see how it works out, I guess. If I'm still playing this game at that point that is (no, pandas won't make me quit.. but the current buggy crashy !@#$ty state of cataclysm just might).
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Can we skip deathwing and get to new expansion :D
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This is like wow being diagnosed with cancer and being given a year to live.

The whole thing about buying a year of wow and getting D3 just says they don't have confidence in the next expansion. They also talked about the expansion AFTER everyone rushed to buy (crashing the login servers).

Cya in TOR or GW2 o/
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I think it's awesome!

Oh right, don't let the door hit you on your way out, you won't be missed btw.

Can we skip deathwing and get to new expansion :D

Pretty much ^_^
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