Mouse problem only in World of Warcraft.


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First of all I would like to apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum, it only occours when I play World of Warcraft (or well, that's the only game I have at the moment so I can't try with another one) so I figured this would be the appropriate forum.

Since I started play World of Warcraft again (roughly 2 months ago) I started noticing some issues with my mouse.

Sometimes when I click and drag the mouse cursor (as in: to turn around or to change the camera direction) it sometimes "teleports" or "jumps" to the middle of the screen. It always moves to the same spot (precisely the middle of the screen) and it has been occouring more frequently.

At first I figured it could be a problem with my mouse as I had a rather cheap one, so I bought a new one (Locgitech G500) - I'm very satisfied with the mouse, but sadly my problem was not resolved.

I've been googling to find a solution a few times but I've never found anything worthwhile. I have no idea what exactly is causing this problem but I would really like it fixed as I can hardly play anymore.

The point of this thread is mainly to get some advice on what it may be. There could possibly even be an option somewhere to disable it, but I have yet to find such a thing.

I hope you can help me, it really screws up my gameplay when ½ the time my cursor changes it's position when turning around. =(

(Let me know if there is any more info I can provide you with, I'm not very computer savvy so I may be leaving out important bits. :p)
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Could you please test your mouse on another surface and/or another USB socket?

What if you login to the game, navigate to the Options -> Advanced menu and then disable Reduce Input Lag and Hardware Cursor?

Is your motherboard running updated drivers?
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I worked! I had no idea the solution was so simple. Thank you very much for your help Krinskal!

If I could, I'd send you a bouquet of flowers. But since I can't, you'll have to settle with this virtual hug.

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So I've got a follow-up question. Is it possible to fix this without disabling the "Hardware Cursor" option in-game? The bug I mentioned in the OP is completely gone when I disable it, but then I get a laggy cursor instead. (Which I'm assuming the Hardware Cursor option was made to fix)

I've tried several other options but nothing seems to work. I now have to choose between a laggy/unresponsive cursor or a cursor that moves to the middle of the screen every 4th click.

I've check to make sure my drivers are updated and I believe they are. (I'm not very computer savvy but I spent a while on google to get the answers I needed and I think I got it right) and I've tried several other USB sockets.

I certainly hope there's another fix. Both options make targetting and turning quite bothersome which makes PvP (Which is the only thing I enjoy in the game) a mess.

Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense. I'm rather tired and figured I'd write it before I go to bed to hopefully have a solution by tomorrow when I get home!

Thanks and have a good day/night!
Try changing display mode to Full screen instead of windowed full screen.

Changing this resolved my problems.

(Also using a Logitech G500)
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Try changing display mode to Full screen instead of windowed full screen.

Changing this resolved my problems.

(Also using a Logitech G500)

That seems to somewhat fix the problem, but the mouse still moves to the center. (But not as frequently as before)
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Anything? Windowed (Fullscreen) + Hardware Cursor enabled works quite okay. The cursor lag is gone and it doesn't move to the middle as much as before, but it still does from time to time, which is rather annoying.
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I've spent several hours looking for information and I've tried a lot of "solutions" but nothing seems to work. Some of the things I've tried:

  • Changing the windows font size
  • Running WoW as administrator
  • Enabling/disabling Hardware Cursor/Reduce Input Lag
  • Changing between Windowed/Windowed (Fullscreen)/Fullscreen
  • Deleting WTF, Cache and Interface folders

  • Nothing has worked yet.

    What I want is to either have Hardware Cursor turned on but to get rid of the random "jumps" to the middle of the screen or Hardware Cursor turned off but to get rid of the "slow" cursor, it's laggy and flickery, I've tried different graphics settings and it doesn't help.


    I found a video from another post ( and this is exactly the problems I have, including the camera moving in a different direction:

    I'm getting desperate :(
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    Still nothing.. :s

    Anyone think that reinstalling my drivers could help? (However I do that)
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    Somehwere else I could ask to get the help I need? Not to sound like an !@#, but it doesn't look like this is getting me anywhere.
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    I have an issue too using Logitech G700 (wired or wireless makes no difference). When I right click and hold to move/look around my cursor flickers rapidly on and off and my characters movement/camera jerks time with the flickering. I'm talking about rapid flickering several times per second. During raiding this makes me sometimes target a raid member or another mob so is very frustrating. There are no other issues with any other game, or Windows 7 64bit desktop.

    There are no windows under the areas I hold right mouse button down (checked with FluidFrames addon) so its not a click-thru issue and I have reduce input lag and hardware cursor disabled. I think this is game issue with certain mice, perhaps even a DX11 issue as thats when I started to get problems I believe.

    Bumping legitimately for further answers.
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    Still looking for help. Having signed up for the Annual Pass I'd love to have this fixed. Another year with this annoying thing would drive me insane.

    ^ Video of the problem(s) I'm having from another thread.
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    I got the same problem Logitech gaming mouse g700, works fine in windows, but the min i go into WoW fullscreen or windowmode, the cursor moves superslow. I've also tried a lot of the "fixes" none worked.
    Hope they fix it soon! :)
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    I found a solution, if you close the setpointer program down, and go into your logitech folder and make setpointer run as admin, the mousespeed goes back to normal. Hope it works for u :)
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    Hey guys I am having a Mirroring problem with my pointer all of a sudden I had a duel pointer mirroring and i can't seem to get rid of it anyone have any ideas???

    Thanks :)
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    Sorry about the necropost, but didn't want to create a new thread, since I have the same issue as OP.

    - Mouse will teleport to center, if Hardware cursor and reduce input lag is enabled
    - Mouse will be super slow/lagging if hardware cursor and reduce input lag is disabled.

    This started about a month ago, and is really annoying, when I'm supposed to be tanking in raids.
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    Now i also got it. What the !@#$? ... i dont even want to play anymore. serius, it sucks to play with.
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    Krinskal, also just has a single blame to you...
    Test an other USB, lol

    After, no check up on how we can play.

    Price for the game, that I paid in my long time play WOW
    14,99 euro World of Warcraft
    29,99 euro The Burning Crusade
    29,99 euro Wrath of the Lich King
    29,99 euro Cataclysm
    34,99 euro Mists of Pandaria
    Then is it 12,99 euro each month
    This prices is also for eu players, so we will also get it to work.


    I just tried read bit around the forum for my mouse setup, then end in here.
    Saw this very old 'empty answer' from Blizzard...

    --- copied text from 'Krinskal' Customer Service


    Could you please test your mouse on another surface and/or another USB socket?

    What if you login to the game, navigate to the Options -> Advanced menu and then disable Reduce Input Lag and Hardware Cursor?

    Is your motherboard running updated drivers?

    --- end of copied text

    link to first and for now years later (16/11/2011) the only answer, here

    Note: To see US forum, we need to write first, that is not allowed to EU players.
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    Im having this kind of problem, i have logitech mouse too, 4 years old tho... but when i jump around and move my mouse doesn't work at all... when i stop moving then my mouse works fine, if i walk straight and move my mouse it lags... any help?
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