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Hi Frostwhisper,

This will no doubt come across as a whiney post but my intention is really to spell something out that a lot of people are already aware of. World PvP on Frostwhisper is in a very poor state, which is getting worse as time goes by.

Prior to playing on Frostwhisper I played on a different PvP server. World PvP there was a lot of fun, win or loose. People had respect for each other and worked together to make the game more fun. On Frostwhisper that almost never happens. World PvP is invariably 3 or 4 Horde ganking and corpse camping 1 Alliance. Some of that is down to the ratio of players, there's a lot more Horde than Alliance, but beyond that it's a question of attitude. World PvP is meant to be about me/us battling you/them, instead for one team it's about entering into a fight with a guaranteed outcome, no sport, no challenge. In addition to that it's virtually impossible to "work with" a hordey to achieve a common goal. As a Tank while completing dailies I've often jumped in to help a Horde DPS kill an Epic mob. It should be a Win Win situation. We both get the credit for our quest, the DPS doesn't get beaten to a pulp and I get the mob killed quicker. But invariably the Horde DPS takes one look at you at 25% health and takes aim. It not much of a motivator to help.

The result of this attitude (and now Guild transfers are available) is that my Guild is leaving Frostwhisper. We're not a big guild, not well known, but it'll be 50 or so less Alliance. I highly doubt we'll be the last to leave either. According to WoW Census Frostwhisper has an approx 70/30 Horde/Alliance ratio, but that's pretty out of date. Looking at some PvP servers that ratio is abysmally worse, try 90/10. That's where you're heading.

IMHO PvP servers should be a lot more fun than PvE. Playing against human intelligence is a lot more challenging and fun than playing against artificial intelligence. But when you take the intelligence out of the equation by hopelessly outnumbering the other team, low health ganking and generally showing a complete lack of respect for your fellow players, it stops being fun.

We've been here about 18 months on Frostwhisper, met some great people on both sides but it's not been as much fun as it should have been by a long way. I personally will be paying to move 5 or 6 characters so this is not something we're doing lightly. Unfortunately we feel the position of Alliance on this server has become untenable. The 70/30 ratio isn't ideal but it should be workable. It's the attitude that is killing the server.

Good luck Frosties...
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I joined Frostwhisper a few months ago off of a whim that a mate gave me. I joined up, and started everything fresh. I've since transferred all my high level toons over here, a move I deeply regret. Our guild is losing members to either Horde or a different server, the economy's almost non-existant, and the server is dying a slow and painful death. I refuse to pay for a character transfer again, as I've forked out enough cash to Blizzard over the years to probably run a private server for at least a couple of years.

The fact that Blizzard are refusing to accept that the game is shrinking and deal with it means that my next step will be account closure. It's not getting to that yet, but every single day people are leaving Frostwhisper behind.

It's a nice server, the community is generally very good, but there simply aren't enough people. I sincerely hope that Blizzard address this problem soon, as it's really starting to become a concern.

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Wpvp is dead.
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