poking interest: Orgrimmar grunts

heya all,

here I am with more ambitious ideas! (I just can't help it I fear) :-)

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how few orc roleplayers we see around. As I was strolling through Orgrimmar I noticed the buildings that house Orgrimmar grunts on their breaks and thought "how sad there's no players between them". Orgrimmar these days is such a nice city and it deserves more green mean orcs!

So, would there be interest in an Orgrimmar grunts guild? IC-ly, it would not be a guild, as the guards are already around. It would be one of the units for example.
It would mainly be an alt guild, we could do patrols of the city, customs checks at the gate, and have breaks in the inn. I'm guessing this could add some nice flavor to Orgrimmar and/or to events in Orgrimmar.

Another option would be to have an allround orc guild with grunts, peons, merchants and so on, but my personal preference would be to keep it grunts only.

I have done some snooping around, you will need to be lvl 20+ in order to be able to wear the outfit. These days that level should be fast to reach though. Lower levels might be able to join as initiates, we'd look for a lower lvl similar outfit and claim it's what the initiate guards have to wear.

So, any thoughts, input?

(yes, we're still planning on moving with our treasure hunters guild, which is why we're aiming for an alts guild here. Unless some folks get so enthousiastic about this idea that they will be able to put their mains in there off course!)
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It sounds like a fun idea! Something I'd be willing to join with an alt. It'd give some RP oppertunities both for the grunts and for other randoms around the city.
Still, alt guild or no, any guild recuires some active and dedicated people to keep it afloat, and organizing a thing or two. Or at least that's my experience. Even if it's ment to be around for fun, for people's orc alts to log on and Grunt around Orgrimmar, that won't be as exciting if you're the only one around. Some organization will be needed. Just mentioning this since it seems you have more than one project in mind!

That being said, what armour type is the Grunt-looking outfit? Would you have to be a plate wearer or might mail be fine as well?

Curious to see what becomes of this!

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I like ambitious ideas :)

It would indeed be nice to see more green in Orgrimmar, and I don't mean plants. I can already imagine loafing around on an Orc Grunt alt, drink in hand, looking for some trouble... to resolve, of course.

Maybe even holding patrols in Orgrimmar like the Defenders do in Mulgore, but with Orcs! And assisting to keep the peace at large events. Yup. Great idea!

Like yourself, I'm also running a guild and doing other stuff foremostly, so it would indeed be a more relaxed alt-thing for me too, but I'd love to take part in such a thing. I imagine it would be the same for most other people as well - it'd be a nice break from all your other activities!

I'd suggest keeping it mainly to grunts alone, especially at first, if it's meant to be a more "easy" guild (as in, not too time-consuming for anyone, a fun side project with alts). And if people show increased interest and input into the guild and its theme over time, it might still be expanded? E.g. with additional roles to fill, such as you described. Just a thought :)
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85 Tauren Warrior
Wise words from the ladies posting above me here^^

Super psyched about this idea.

Ive been wistfully hoping for more Orc RP in general on Moonglade for some time, on some other realms Orc RP bosses the entire Horde scene, which for me makes sence (considering the current lore climate for the Horde).

An Orc society guild, local to Orgrimmar is a grand and exciting prospect, but of course will take some doing. A simpler grunt/peon project could be an easier way to start out and whet appetites.

Ive had a word with my coven of seers and we all agree we could offer lots of RP to a group doing what you suggest, whether it be grunts or peons. My game commitments are pretty strenuos at the moment, but i will definately roll an alt for this if you decide to go ahead.

Whisper me in game any time about this!
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I do realise there should be some 'life' in the guild, if you log and there's no one there every time it will get dull soon. I was thinking more about the lines of organising 2 events a month, like a patrol through Orgrimmar. Apart from that, we could keep an eye on these forums and see if there is another event organised that would benefit from the presence of the grunts.
I can already imagine events from the Union that my troll would have no business attending (being drunk, greedy and lazy) but that might be fun to attend with a grunt.

a chat channel (is thee a /orc already?) might be nice for all those with alts in the guild, that way you would stay in touch even when on another character.

the reason why I think (hope) this might work on this server is because of the great working together of guilds, and the active chat channels, which would avoid one getting bored even when online as the only orc in the guild.

As for the outfit, here is a good example: http://wowrpc.waddellconsulting.com/?page_id=575

The breastplate could be replaced by the lvl 27 Grunt's Harness from the vendor in valley of honor.
And there are different options for the shoulders as well, including a lvl 29 version: http://www.wowhead.com/item=7532#same-model-as.
For the rest of the outfit it seems like you need the sentinel set.

It does look like you will at least need to be able to wear leather.
and axes off course.

So I guess class options could be:
shaman (for medics?)
hunters (but without pet? Or guard dogs?)
death knight (?)
possibly rogue if there would be a similar axe as one handed..
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90 Undead Warrior
Sounds like fun! I'm almost tempted to roll myself an orcling right now.

As far as Death Knights go, I'd like to voice my reservations. Death Knights are per definition rather unique individuals of quite some prestige and I really can't see former Champion of the Lich King scuffing along the streets of Orgrimmar keeping the Warchief's peace (funny word to use in conjunction with Garrosh...) And honestly I can't really imagine the Death Knight who would put himself in the position either.

Of course, if this is to be a more lighthearted venture and people don't mind the idea of Death Knight grunts then of course I won't mind. That much.


*rushes of to the character creation screen*
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Well I agree with Zeigler. I can't see Death Knights having any place amongst Grunts.
Death Knights wouldn't/shouldn't want to be one, and seeing the Grunts angry and violent reaction to Death Knights (when they ride into Orgrimmar for the first time) I can't see them being accepted at all.

Warriors and hunters are the obvious choices, maybe rogues if done right, and possibly shamans, but it's a bit of a strech generally speaking. Funnily enough though Katoka here started off working as a Grunt in the Barrens, so maybe I shouldn't speak ill of shaman Grunts!

The ones healing the Grunts would probably be medics in some specific location in the city rather than a common Grunt walking the streets.

These are just my opinons though, of course. I'm thinking down the line of realism with the Grunts as they are now, since the guild is (as far as I know) supposed to be exactly that.
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I think if it's exactly like the real grunts it's probably only warriors:
but since the guild would already be restrictive in the fact that only orcs would be allowed, restricting further to only 1 class may be a bit too harsh.

Allowing DK's is something I'm also not thrilled about, hence the ?. So I guess they would be a no-no

I've made myself a little orc warrior yesterday and I've been spying on the grunts. Seems that there are 2 types of axes, one is the on in the link I posted earlier, the other looks smaller. Maybe it's a 1-hander? The smaller one seems to be used mostly by females, although I have seen 1 male with it too.

I shall create a /orc channel online when I get online later for those interested in this idea!
My wee orc's name is Varrah
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85 Tauren Warrior
Personally i dont always roll alts as 'class constrained', my shammy has little or no shammy ability for example, shes just a soldier etc. Of course it makes more sence to roll the right class for the job where possible though. Sustaining the premise your just a boy from the barrens when you have pallid blue skin, glowing eyes and a somewhat odourous pet called Coffinstomper could be a bit of a stretch!

Drunk greedy and Lazy? Great virtues indeed my kin! Welcome to the Union Accord!

Jokes aside you are of course quite right, although we try to make Union RP accessible as possible its unavoidable the constraints of somepeoples backstories/characters might rule them out. Ive been hoping those parties would roll alts to join the fun for some time!

Im sure my peers in the Union Council agree we could make great use of a core of grunts while we burn loot and pillage our way through Azeroth!
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59 Blood Elf Death Knight
Sounds great, but I'm unsure of how the Roleplay would work out in the Valley of Strength considering all of the PVErs and PVPers overcrowding the area....

I think that's why you don't find much RP there, but I'd really love it if there was more in Org, even right up by the entrance to Azshara, where nobody ever goes.

I think military style guilds are pretty fun, there are quite a few for the Alliance but you tend not to see as many on the Horde sides, and when you do see them it's more than <Stormwind Guards>, there are individual organizations, and I think a guild like this would need something about them... like a clan, or at least an elite squad of guards, but I don't know, I like this idea.
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Inspired by the idea, I have created a little Orc named Kraaga to join this endeavour. So you'll see her lumbering around from time to time, aspiring to become a Grunt! Will also join that chat channel.

Hopefully more interested parties will gather!
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61 Orc Warrior
well, we at least gome some folks interested, and when we get to 5, we can start the guild :-)
So about the name, 'Orgrimmar grunts' is good? (Alternatively it could be orgrimmar grunt, so it flows above your head, but grunts might make us feel more of a group)

and then either we play as one unit, or as different units but from one clan. Guess we can decide on that as we start up the actual guild
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
I think it sounds like a very nice initiative, and having more orcs around is always a good thing. I've actually been considering getting the Grunt's outfit for my slowly levelling orc myself. Unfortunately I can't join your guild with that one, as I've my own guild to lead and pay attention to.

Still, I'll toss my support behind this guild idea any time. I hope it will become a great success.
You've got a better shot at active success than most themed racial-isolated initiatives, because you'll be in plain and active view to those RPing in Orgrimmar. Toss in the quality of RPers seeking to join this initiative, and I'd say you're on the road to success already. :)

I do have one thing for you to take into consideration:
Orgrimmar is no longer a place of just orcs. Law enforcement may be mostly Grunts in the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Honor, but if you look around just a little more, you'll see there are more than just the Orgrimmar Grunts. There are guards of the three other races as well. One of the goblin guards is even wearing the same unform as the Grunts. The rest all have their own uniform. I've spotted the following extentions of the law in Orgrimmar:

Orgrimmar Bruiser.
Darkspear Headhunter.
Orgrimmar Brave.

I'm not saying it would be best to include those in your guild, but it is certainly something you could consider. It would change little to the role and theme of the guild, while broadening it's potential membership base. Then again an orc only guild is pretty awesome as well.
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I have not forgotten about this plan :-)
Currently levelling an orc, once she is high enough level to wear the gear, I shall start up a roster. I'm having some trouble assembling the grunt set though; already got several chests and axes, but the rest of the sentinel set and the shoulders are hard to find.
If you come across any of it, please don't throw it away but keep it for us!
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Thaaat would likely be because you've been competing with me. I've been assembling a set for my own orc. I've got all but suitable shoulders now though. I will give you a tip to also keep your eyes open for the Warden set, which is practically the same as the Sentinal set. You can use pieces of either for your set, even if Warden seems to be a tad rarer. Good luck!
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61 Orc Warrior
that would explain indeed :-)

I have gathered several chests, both sentinel and grunt armor (the grunt armor is sold a vendor, almost exact match). I've got the pants 1x, and I have several shoulders but those are for the scouts set. (keeping them anyway, might be useful)
No bracers nor boots so far.

I have also gotten one monstrous axe, and several pieces of "bullova", which is a vendor axe from 2-handed weapon vendors. Not an exact match in color, but close.

As you can see, Varrah is now 23, so in about 10 levels she can wear the armour. I shall start up the roster as soon as she has that level. Those of you wanting to join please give me a poke so we can get those signatures. Don't fret if your character isn't high enough yet, I'm still looking for some sort of set that could be used for "apprentices" in case folks want to start roleplaying with their grunt already.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Count me in! Will roll an orc especially!
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90 Troll Warrior
Definitely, we need more RP in general so yes, I will be up for!
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61 Orc Warrior
seeing how fast/slow I level up the roster should be opening in February!
Still trying to gather more of the outfit as well
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I just checked, and Wirha has some unused (and thus tradeable!) items of the Sentinel set in her bank! One pair of gloves, trousers and a girdle, which I would be happy to put at the guild's disposal :-)
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