poking interest: Orgrimmar grunts

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a BIG thankyou to all who have supplied us with armour pieces!
we should be able to dress up a few orcs now :-)

I am thinking of starting the roster this weekend, I'll need 4 people to sign it! Don't worry if your orc isn't the appropriate level yet, that will come in time. (those that are too low lvl can for now be assumed to be off duty and thus not in uniform.)
I'll name it Orgrimmar grunts, I guess that should make it clear to all what the guild is about.

I shall make a new post about the grunts once the guild has been made. Would you guys like a website/forum for the guild or isn't that necessary? I've always found having a site practical if only to explain what the guild is about. Making it on guildportal isn't too much work, so I don't mind making one :-)
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61 Orc Warrior
trying to catch hold of those plate shoulders, so far no luck. (and zulfarrak is long at this level...)
I have started the roster, poke me if you want to sign it!
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A wonderous guild idea!
It actually already was a guild on Argent Dawn which now is named Hellscream's Vanguard!
I can only recommend this guild idea, because it's awesome! Being a one of those Orcs who doesn't need to be wise and clever all the time is very enjoyable.

(A little picture to back my words up http://www.argentarchives.org/node/100637
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61 Orc Warrior
The orgrimmar grunts are born!
Yesterday we had a few recruits, I hope more will follow! I'll start throwing some training events and patrols once we have a bit more members8

wonderful, I did recall there was a grunts guild somewhere. Can I ask how you guys solved the issue of the gear being around lvl 40? Have you found a lower level set that could be used for "training recruits"?
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Well we used the tanned leather at the Leatherwoker in Orgrimmar, it's cheap and easy to obtain, and in my opinion it does make the Grunt uniform look superior.
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Supportive bump to a grunt section in a parralel dimension. (realm)
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putting this here so I can't lose the links (might be useful someday)
Orgrimmar scout outfit:

Grunt outfit:

Found those thanks to this useful guide: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074098031
might be of use to many of us! :-)
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