How can I get to the Darkmoon Faire (Horde)?

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Hi guys!

I'm having a trouble finding my way to Darkmoon Faire.. island? I heard there's a portal to the Faire in Orgrimmar, call me blind but I can't locate it.

Anyone knows better?
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89 Undead Priest
Near to the flight master , you should get a quest there for it .
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09/12/2011 23:57Posted by Mortisia
Near to the flight master , you should get a quest there for it .

This indeed. Look for the Blood Elf female called Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage :)
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Brilliant answers, but to just expand on them

Any capital cities feature a Darkmoon mystic mage, who can port you to the Darkmoon portals located in Mulgore and Elmynn for Horde and Alliance respectively. There may also be one outside Shattrah.

Also, you can walk to them if you feel up to it.
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There's also a portal near Thunder Bluff, at the usual DMF location.
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hey em where the portal cart find it
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It is only open for a week a month or something like that. Look on the calendar - you should see "Darkmoon Faire starts" and "Darkmoon faire ends". Between those dates then portal will be open.
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90 Troll Hunter
go to orgrimmar.
go up the elevator. go along the boardwalk, there will be a lady just to the side of it, dressed in purple. click on her, she'll fix you up. You'll go to the Mulgore portal, clickie and poofie.....u be there.
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and where is the portal?
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90 Worgen Druid
06/02/2013 14:16Posted by Silvaanas
and where is the portal?

Talk to the female blood elf ladie like they said and she will teletransport you there.
But in Horde is near the Thunder Bloof just open tour map and you will see an eye there ;)
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Tnx for help i found that
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10/05/2014 11:39Posted by Rivall
Tnx for help i found that

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