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Blizzard on Social Media

You already know that you can find World of Warcraft news right here on the official community site, but make sure you keep an eye on Blizzard's social networking pages. These sites feature World of Warcraft news, visual media, contests, player-created content, career opportunities, customer support, and much more. Check out what we have to offer, interact with your peers in the community, and share the latest updates with your friends.

Official Facebook Pages

  • World of Warcraft
  • Customer Support
  • Blizzard Entertainment

  • Other Blizzard Franchises
  • Diablo
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • StarCraft

  • Official Twitter Feeds

  • @Warcraft
  • @WarcraftDevs (Design Insight & Info)
  • @BlizzardCSEU_EN (Customer Support)
  • @BlizzardCareers (Careers, Recruiting & University Relations)
  • @BlizzCon

  • Other Blizzard Franchises
  • @Diablo
  • @PlayHearthstone
  • @BlizzHeroes
  • @PlayOverwatch
  • @StarCraft

  • Official Google+ Pages

    Other Blizzard Franchises
  • Hearthstone

  • Official YouTube Channels

  • World of Warcraft
  • Customer Support
  • Blizzard Entertainment

  • Other Blizzard Franchises
  • Diablo
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • StarCraft
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    Blizzard Employees on Social Media

    In addition to official communication channels, many of us at Blizzard have our own Twitter feeds. Below is a list of accounts for employees involved directly with World of Warcraft. You're encouraged to follow and chat with any of us. We love getting direct feedback from the community!

    Note that many of these are personal Twitter feeds owned and operated by individual employees; and, as such, not all views or opinions shared on them will be related to World of Warcraft, or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment on the whole. You shouldn't feel the need to follow every individual if you're just looking to get the latest news from us, as major announcements will be shared on our official channels.

    As an example, rather than following all of the World of Warcraft developers listed below, those wanting official information from the development team should follow @WarcraftDevs.

    WoW Developer Twitter Feeds

  • @WarcraftDevs (Shared by Full Team)

  • Directors
  • @Abrosiabi (Alex Afrasiabi, Creative Director)
  • @theKalgan (Tom Chilton, Game Director)
  • @artofcgrobinson (Chris Robinson, Art Director)

  • Lead Designers
  • @craig_amai (Craig Amai, Lead Quest Designer)
  • @dawsonsauce (Patrick Dawson, Lead Software Engineer
  • @WatcherDev (Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer)
  • @DaveKosak (Dave Kosak, Lead Narrative Designer)
  • @krolco (Monte Krol, Lead Tools Programmer)
  • @GaryPlatner (Gary Platner, Lead Environment Artist)
  • @JohnRaconteur (John Lagrave, Lead Game Producer)
  • @Tysmurph (Tyson Murphy, Lead Character Artist)
  • @Mumper (Cory Stockton, Lead Content Designer)
  • @TSquaredgamr (Tom Thompson, Lead Software Engineer, UI)
  • @ww (William Warnecke, Lead Software Engineer)

  • Senior Designers
  • @Anim8rJB (John Butkus, Senior Animator)
  • @BlizzardKismet (Helen Cheng, Senior Quest Designer)
  • @joeldeaguero (Joel Deaguero, Senior Software Engineer)
  • @Muffinus (Jeremy Feasel, Senior Game Designer)
  • @Holinka (Brian Holinka, Senior PvP Designer)
  • @TheCrafticus (Jonathan LeCraft, Senior Game Designer)
  • @kurtismcc (Kurtis McCathern, Senior Software Engineer)

  • Game Designers
  • @_DonAdams (Don Adams, Quest Designer)
  • @pedrothedagger (Nathaniel Chapman, Encounter Designer)
  • @QBanCowboy (Carlos Fins, 3D Animator)
  • @dusanjan (Dusan Jan, Software Engineer)
  • @ckaleiki (Chris Kaleiki, Game Designer)
  • @olandgren (Owen Landgren, Item Designer)
  • @Celestalon (Chadd Nervig, Technical Class/Systems Designer)
  • @nite_moogle (Russell Petersen, Item Designer)
  • @Jer_Seely (Jeremy Seely, Technical Writer)
  • @rshwayder (Ryan Shwayder, Game Designer)

  • Quality Assurance
  • @Zorbrix (Kyle Hartline, QA Analyst)

  • Around the Company

    Executive Staff
  • @MikeMorhaime (Mike Morhaime, Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder)
  • @Frank_Pearce (Frank Pearce, Chief Development Officer & Cofounder)

  • Cinematics
  • @FubarNick (Nick Carpenter, VP, Art & Cinematic Development)
  • @TerranGregory (Terran Gregory, In-game Cinematic Project Director)
  • @Waughtang (James Waugh, Senior Story Developer)

  • Creative Development
  • @RoBrooks13 (Robert Brooks, Story Developer)
  • @Burnzerker (Matt Burns, Story Developer)
  • @Loreology (Sean Copeland, Historian)
  • @Zendaren1 (Cate Gary, Senior Copy Editor)
  • @ChrisMetzen (Chris Metzen, Senior VP, Story & Franchise Development)
  • @MickyNeilson (Micky Neilson, Lead Story Developer)
  • @AdjutantJuPa (Justin Parker, Historian)

  • eSports
  • @eSportsTorcH (Trevor Housten, WoW & Hearthstone eSports Manager)
  • @kimaphan (Kim Phan, Senior eSports Manager)

  • Sound
  • @Hordeland (Russell Brower, Senior Director of Audio)
  • @JasonHayesMusic (Jason Hayes, Senior Composer)
  • @analogmad (Chris Kowalski, Senior Sound Designer)
  • @GlennLStafford (Glenn Stafford, Senior Composer)

  • Public Relations
  • @TheLyns (Lyndsi Achucarro, Hearthstone & Licensing PR Manager)
  • @robhilburger (Rob Hilburger, VP, Global Communications)
  • @EmilRodriguez (Emil Rodriguez, Global Director)
  • @BeShuster (Blake Shuster, World of Warcraft PR Manager)

  • Information Technology
  • @BobVanDusen (Robert Van Dusen, Global Director)

  • CM Team Leads
  • @Lylirra (Stephanie Johnson, Diablo III)
  • @kmicj (Kevin Johnson, StarCraft II)
  • @CM_Rokcet (Josh RZ, Heroes of the Storm)
  • @CM_Zeriyah (Christina Sims, Hearthstone)
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    World of Warcraft Fansites

    Many World of Warcraft fansites regularly feature awesome updates, articles, guides, fan art, videos and other content, including various useful tools and resources, which are beneficial to the entire World of Warcraft community. If you wish to stay updated on anything World of Warcraft related, be sure to check out these sites below.

    English (EU):
  • Icy Veins
  • WoWJuju
  • Manaflask
  • MethodWoW
  • WoW Weekly

  • Other European Languages:

    Czech & Slovak:
  • WoWfan

  • Hungarian:
  • WoW Hungary

  • Polish:

  • If you are looking for community-created content in one of the other European languages, please check the list below:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian

  • Do you run a high quality, frequently updated Blizzard franchise fan site with an active community? You can get in touch with us at
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