[A]The Conclave of Magic! (Serverwide, not guild bound)

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http://i40.tinypic.com/3326jk0.jpg (IC parchment)

Attention all spellcasters!
The Conclave of Magic will converge on the second day of the new year.
The gathering will take place in the open area below the Wizard's sanctum in the Stormwind Mage quarter.
Robes according to order is mandatory.


So, this is a little project of mine that I hope shall become an enjoyable experience for all of us!
The idea behind the conclave is that I wish to blow some life into the magical society of Azeroth.
For more info on the conclave please visit
..or if you're lazy, just read on and I'll copy-paste it for you..

All practitioners of the arts of magic, this includes enchanters, scribes and alchemists are welcome to be part of the conclave.

The conclave is made up of three orders, each identified by the color of their robes.

The order of White robes house those who are pure of heart, and are more likely to help an old lady over the street then to take her gold. They act more for others benefit then their own. Their magical symbol is the quill.

The order of Black robes house those who are ambitious and cunning, they are more often then not the ones who would rather send a hex on you first, and ask questions later. They act more for their own benefit then others. Their magical symbol is the vial.

The order of Red robes house those who are neither benevolent nor malicious. They are the ones who weigh all their options before acting, They act equally as much for others benefit as their own. Their magical symbol is the scale.

No order is more valuable then the others, and they all have the same rights and obligations towards the Conclave as a whole, even though their opinions can vary greatly.

As of yet, the orders are without any leaders! If you wish to become the head of an order, whisper me ingame or write a reply here on the forum.

I've set Total RP2 as a required addon both because of its popularity on the server and for its 'states' system. Each member of the conclave is going to get a buff which states the characters order. This makes it easier to identify if the brilliant individual next to you is also part of the conclave or not since there is no guild.

Hope to see you there!

Yours sincerely, Luthia Spiritwhisper
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27 Human Paladin
Sounds very interesting! I can't wait 'til you get it properly up and running! This is exactly what we need on this server! :D
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Sounds great!

Vezullia did run the Arcane Conclave but she quit the game some months ago so it seems a good opportunity to pick up that torch, check out the Arcane Conclave thread in the defiasrp forums in order to see what was done and what people did attend, might help a bit!
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64 Night Elf Priest
Thanks a bunch for the tip Xara! I'll check it out!

You don't happen to have a link to the forum post?
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Here: http://www.defiasrp.com/t3307-a-the-arcane-conclave-fourth-meeting-16th-september
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Ah, thanks! Now I just need to wait for my account to be verified to be able to read it :)
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90 Gnome Warlock
You maybe do not know this but there is at least two other magic communities brewing, one alliance community and another cross faction that aims to be very secretive, but more magic is always good. I am without proper computer until the start of next year so I will contact you then. Either via in game or defiasrp forums (whichever is faster) and inform you about everything I know.

*Signed by: The involver of every and each Arcane thing. The Magic Fanatic Skarain*
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64 Night Elf Priest
Ah.. I see.
I am quite new to the server personally, only having been here for a few months now and I must say that I have not seen any distinct magic-events occurring. But, as you said, one can never have too much magic!
I'm awaiting your message eagerly, and I think that ingame would be faster since I am not sure when my account on defiasrp will be activated.

Until then!
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90 Gnome Warlock
Until then.

And yes the reason "why" no organised magic is simple: Holidays
The players are spending time with family or in bars, celebrating new year and all that. A lot is going to happen once people get back. The Vanguard, Chapers rise to Power, Cult plans (that are, of course, secrets), Famine progressing to good or bad, Magic community rise: both in the good for alliance and the other, questionable.

And probably a few more
That I forgot to mention...

Welcome to a server that is very, VERY much alive ;)
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64 Night Elf Priest
Perfect, simply perfect! And thank you for the warm welcome!

I sure hope that this little project of mine will blend in nicely with the other events / guilds here, then. (Even if this is not a guild.)

I'm looking forward to see the server in its high later on, then. :)
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No offence, but it does seem rather... Harry Potter.

Are you sure that people are going to want to be pasted as:
White: Griffindor
Red: Hufflepuff (Long live the bumbling badger of incompetence. Sos, but that's what always comes to my head when I think of Hufflepuff. David Mitchell cracks me up.)
Black: Slitherin

For starters, the best part about RP is creating aspects to your character that are subtle. Surely characters that are sly and devious don't 'want' you to know that? Snape's best bit of subtle deviousness was that he was a Slitherin with the heart of a Griffindor. (Though I hate how incompetent Rowling made him, a potion's master who is a double agent doesn't make an antivenom for that blasted snake? Pah! And he healed gaping wounds before.)

Off track a bit. When I saw this Idea I clicked my heels in delight (not really, that would be silly) because that is precisely what Magic guilds need to be but never are, a conclave of Magi and not a school because it is far more open that way. However, the further down I read the further down my face went. This Idea is a jewel, but it is quite grubby. It needs a good polishing and a scrubdown to streamline it and make it more accessible.

Also, interesting fact, even Blizzard fully admit that colour-coding the Dragons to the tasks that they do seems somewhat childish now given how the game has evolved. (Though making them mortal was a lovely kick in the teeth, I can't see any reason for them to be mortal now other than they were becoming something of a Deus Ex Machina and Blizz could easily have sorted that out rather than getting rid of the only thing that made them unique.)
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As you brought the point up....
No. I don't think many would willingly reveal themselves to be dark magic users, atleast not on alliance side as that is "Cultism" = Kill on Sight in SW.

Dark arts theoretical study is allowed under the surveillance of Mage Tower or Dalaran but I don't see why would anyone take a black robe because of that. And why would someone willingly say "I am ready to jinx you and take the candy from a child"

And about the colors.
They are actually from Dragonlance, from the world of Krynn. Their organised mages (ofc there are rogue ones to) belong to three orders quite similar. They gain their magic from the three gods of magic. Guess what their colors are...
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krynn#Krynn.27s_Sky:

"There are three moons on the planet of Krynn, and each is the face of one of the gods of magic. They chose not to put themselves in stars or planets, but to be as close to Krynn as possible so as to watch it. Wizards of High Sorcery draw power from these moons and their respective gods. The moons are the silver (white) moon Solinari, representing the god of good magic, the red moon Lunitari, representing the goddess of neutral magic, and the black moon Nuitari, representing the god of evil magic. Nuitari as a moon is little known; it can only be seen by those who use it for their magic. Most people believe in only two moons, Solinari and Lunitari (which is quite obvious as those they can see)."

And as Luthia herself said: "I sure hope that this little project of mine will blend in nicely with the other events / guilds here". My own plan was after informing her what I know about everything is to bring all the wise heads behind the magic community projects together for some nice Brainstorming, shaping and possibly merging a few project. All we want anyways is a booming magic community. Nothing less.
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Indeed. Of all the magics out there in the world of Warcraft, the magic studied by Magi is the most insulting to every other kind of magic.

It is disrespectful, addictive and fatal. It is a drug. It is, essentially, The Science of Magic.

Those that study this kind of magic are not weak minded. Nor are they weak-hearted. To be able to study as a mage and not die from it requires self-discipline. The ability to ignore the addiction. The power can so easily grow past your capacity to control it and, unlike all other forms of magic, this simply be learned from a book. The urge to take shortcuts is not only massive, but deadly.

These people are not colour coded. They inhabit the grey area between light and darkness, ever being pulled closer to the darkness and ever trying to keep a hold of the light. The colour scheme essentially boils down to a label of how addicted you are.

White - I am managing the addiction well and I have no intention of letting it consume me.
Red - I'm alive. I want more power but I realise the danger of straying too close to the dark.
Black - Screw all y'all. Ima drinkin up this stuff an' you ain't stoppin' me!

Hence, a magical conclave 'IS' a good idea. A place where mages of all kinds, good or evil, can meet and discuss magic. A place where you are not judged for your pursuit of magic, because you need to stand at the brink to see over the hill, but where you are surrounded by those who can help you maintain your goals 'and' your sanity.

'THAT' would be cool. You'd have Merlins, Morganas, Jainas, Gandalfs, Sarumans... hell, all the party there to represent all forms of magic equally and to progress the knowledge of the conclave as a whole.

However, there is -so- much potency for RP. People pushing the limit, people who are judgemental of those who study the darker arts and vice verca. Masters and pupils, rivals and rivals!

Who knows... maybe Dalaran can still be of some use after all? -.- Thanks Blizzard for making it completely inaccessible by removing the portals.
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Sounds interesting! Personally, I think I'll join the order of Red robes.
If there isn't anyone more experienced willing to do it, maybe I could help as that order leader, too?

I would have gladly taken part at the event but unfortunately I'm unavailable at that hour.. 16.00 is troublesome, January 2nd is a working day after all.. ;_;

However, I'd like to keep in touch anyway! I'll try to whisper you in game tomorrow the 31th ...

Asleyg Geirdriful
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90 Gnome Warlock
Really nice post there Haalibel

I'm back online tomorrow closer to the evening and looking forward meeting you all and perhaps invite other magical contacts I have ingame. Magic is a power and we shall make sure people will learn that! (If they didn't notice it already when a Mage waved his arm a little and blew something up)
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64 Night Elf Priest
Wow, I look away for one evening and this is what happens! Note to self: Look away more often.

First of all; thanks for all the honest feedback aswell as the wonderful ideas!

Indeed, this idea is, as Skarain pointed out heavily inspired by the magic orders in Dragonlance because I find the concept amazing. Even if color-coding is a bit.. well.. I can't find the word at the moment.. it still has a purpose in that it makes it easier for those of the same way of thought to stick together. (Besides, having different orders instead of one great mass of magic-users like the Kirin Tor gives excellent opportunities for some between-order quarrels ;) )

Then, ofcourse, it needs to be tweaked to fit in here in general, but the basic concept is to have a place, as Haalibel said, for all magic-users. It doesn't matter if their alignment is lawful good or chaotic evil, the important thing is that they all share a common interest: Magic. (Sidenote: Loved the idea of robe-color indicating addiction-level.)

This wonderful magic that can be both so wonderous yet so terribly addicting ;)

That being said, I would love to have a more direct brainstorming session. Who knows what this can lead to? :)

Your Truly, Luthia Spiritwhisper

P.S. I probably won't be online all that much today, it being new years eve and everything. D.S.
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The robes indicating addiction levels wasn't actually a suggestion, that's what they currently do.

Now, whilst having those three would make -some- RP. It is too simplistic to be of much good in this situation. Here's a little help on the matter.

White - These are magi whom respect magic and the light. They realise the foolhardy nature of overindulging in the arcane arts and have no intention to drown like the Highborne and the Wretched. This order would be attractive to High Elves and Night Elves, both of whom have suffered greatly to overuse of arcane magic.

Blue - These Magi are intellectuals who respect the other houses but intend to go their own way with things. They believe that to understand magic means to be open minded and not to shy away from opportunity. This order would be most attractive to Gnomes, Dwarves and Humans whom all share an arrogance and taste for adventure and experimentation.

Red - These magi are focussed on the darker arts of magic, tempered with the strength of mind to both use them and maintain their sanity. These magi are not weak of mind or heart and willingly perform their experiments, knowing how close to madness they stand. This order would be most attractive to Humans, Gnomes and Dwarves for the reason seen above.

Black - This order is not so much an order, but a group that exists across the other three orders with it's members belonging to a house. The Black house are the judiciary mages who's job it is to ensure that the magi are adhering to the rules and managing their addictions. A Black Magi will gladly zap you with a lightning bolt if they believe you are hiding something from them. This would be attractive to all races but Draenei in particular for their zealous belief in the light and detest for the dark arts.

There. A system that is more friendly to people's personalities but will still allow magi to gather in groups that are to their own mindset. There is naturally a lot of confrontation between those four ideas, more so than the original model, so this won't hamper the RP much.

I would, however, suggest re-assigning their logos and I'd stay away from using animals. Animals are far too basic. The reason they had them in Harry Potter was because it made the protagonists and antagonists easy to distinguish.
Snakes vs Griffons

I'm off for new-year's lunch now so I bid you adieu and I'll leave you to mull over this concept.
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90 Gnome Warlock
The new concept more suiting to Azeroth in my opinion, but needs still a little shaping.
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Came up with it on the spot and had to go off to lunch. Didn't hate time to fix it much.

What I wanted to say as well is that GHI is far better than TRP for making buffs and items due to it's ease of use. I would suggest that dressing to the colour not be mandatory, but wearing a GHI item that states your affiliation should be.

Like a brooch, or a ring, or a sash, or maybe a magical tattoo that disappears once you leave the house. That way, people can dress how they like too.

The Black Magi should have to wear an extra item to show they are Black Magi as well as the affiliation to the other houses.

Also, naming houses after colours seems slightly simplistic so I would suggest naming them after the magi that start them. (Best to use npc names here for ease) Or perhaps naming them after ideals.

White = House of Equilibrium.
Black = House of Judgement.
Blue = House of Endeavor.
Red = House of the Martyr.

Something like that.
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64 Night Elf Priest
Notification: Seeing as this project is far from finished, I have cancelled the official, IC meeting that would have occurred today. Instead, it will be an opportunity for those interested to give their view on the matter.

As for your note, Haalibel, on the 'brooches' or the likes instead of an actual robe-color, it was actually already implemented for everyday use in form of a TRP state. I'll have a look into the GHI system, as I only have the addon installed but never actually use it. *Blush*

If my wording has been odd in any way, I blame it on the fact that I am flustered by the amount of response this got. And yet again, thank you for all the wonderful ideas! It simply can not be said too many times.
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