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Who are we?
Azeroths Last Stand is a newly open guild, who aims to provide help and support to members, and to offer everyone the chance to atleast experience all the games content.
We believe all members should be able to play the game in an environment where they feel equal and have a sense of pride in the guild they call home.

Why we are forming the guild?
Personally i have been involved with this game since the launch of WotLK and have enjoyed my time playing.
However i have never had the opportunity to participate in raids, be that from time restraints or just having many other things to do. (i'm a self confessed altaholic)
With the introduction of LFR i've been able to "sample" that side of the game and admit i love it and would like to see more of this sort of content.
I thought about joining a guild but after doing some research on some of the guilds on the server, none have quite provided what i'm looking for thus i'm creating my own.

What are your goals?
To provide a guild atmosphere that is friendly, helpful, social and active.
To assist every member to reach their potential, whether its PvP or PvE and regardless of how much time they can play.
To create a guild where every member has a say in how it is run and the opportunity to vote for future changes

As we are a new guild we are limited in what we can do, but as the guild grows we hope to provide;
-A progression raid team that is created soley from dedicated members.
-Multiple casual raid teams that any member can join aslong as they show they are willing to learn the fights and are correctly geared/gemmed/enchanted for what ever content they wish to try.
-Old content runs for members that love achievements or require transmog gear
-Arena and RBG teams that all want to achieve the same goals/ratings
-Fun guild events that everyone can be apart of, later extending events to server wide invites so everyone can enjoy the fun
-Guild groups to help members farm dungeons and battlegrounds to aquire JP/VP/HP/CP

When do you raid and at what times?
We do not have any teams at the moment and no schedule is confirmed. Raid times will be voted by members.
However i'm very much aware that some players can not access the game at certain times due to IRL commitments such as shift work and would love to provide raiding times for these type of people.

What sort of members are we looking for?
Generally we are looking for members who:
-Are friendly and helpful, and wish to help improve the guild and contribute to its sucess.
-Have a mature attitude regardless of age
-Members who believe there is no I in team
-Members who wish to improve themselves and are able to see criticsm as a way to improve and not as a personal attack

Specifically we are looking for players to help fill our Lecturer roles
These members are required to have knowledge about the class/role they play and can share that information with members willing to learn, they know where to look for out of game advice and know what resources are availabe to help them.
They are responsible for the members in our student role and the general skill level of our members.

What sort of people dont we want?
- Immature and unreasonable players
- People that care more about loot then the team that helped them aquire it
- Trolls or anyone that reduces the enjoyment of the game for the rest of the guild,crawl back under your bridge please
-"Elitist" or people who love to stroke their ego and look down upon others
- "Invite plz" type of people, we know nothing about you.
- "OMG your not lvl 25, your guild sucks" perks come with time, if you care more about the perks than the guild please dont waste everyones time by applying. As i've stated i have been playing since the start of WotLK and have never had more than the level 4 perks, i haven't died yet from it nor has it impacted my gameplay.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions or would like to apply please feel free to /w or send me an ingame mail.

All comments and constructive criticsm is greatly appreciated.
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30/12/2011 23:14Posted by Swiftmor
All comments and constructive criticsm is greatly appreciated.

First of all, congratulations to have formed a Guild. However I do have some pointers for you.

- Why make a Guild on a Server which is dieing? The Main Guilds has problems to fill the spots.
- What you provide is very decent.

* RBG Team
* Transmogrification Runs
* Achievement Runs
* Multiple Casual Raid Teams

However there is no such guild on Doomhammer who can succesfully combine all of these in one Guild. The idea is far superior. I would instantly sign for a Guild where it's members can choose when to Raid and till how late in the evening.

That a Guild will do a RBG Team and do Achievement Runs. That far superior idea, was once mine. And I failed in creating my Guild and get it running on the long go.

A friend of mine started his own guild about the same as I did. Never the less that his guild is still in the running, he tend to do 7/8 DS while a simple and noble pug nowadays does 8/8 DS

Not to boast my ego or something if you presume, but more likely to point out the fact that simple pugs beat currently any Guild on the server who is not in the Top 20 List.

If you are a Too Long Didn't Read guy, I'll sum it up for you:

- Brilliant Idea. However you will have a very hard time to succeed on Doomhammer EU and supporting / providing this to all of your members.

Never the less, I don't break you down. I support the idea and wish you in all honesty the best of luck with it.

Sincerely and Best Regards

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15/01/2012 18:24Posted by Dofty
A friend of mine started his own guild about the same as I did. Never the less that his guild is still in the running, he tend to do 7/8 DS while a simple and noble pug nowadays does 8/8 DS

Dofty your "simple and noble" pug is hand picked and packed full of alts from guilds that clear 8/8 DS every week so your point is moot there fella and i think this guy should have backing and sounds like a awesome plan instead of being mocked
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85 Night Elf Druid
With MoP fast approaching and more people coming into the game, i feel now is the time to really get recruitment going. As Dofty said at the time of posting this thread, the server was on a steady decline and made it difficult to get members.

Now we are open again and welcome you all.

Until MoP is released we will be focusing on getting to know eachother and building bonds.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me or Maruknosh.
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Hello! Since i am searching new server. Your guild picked my intrest. Are you taking newibie resto/boomkin? :D

I am learning how to heal, because since after lvling my warlock and paladin over 85+ i have seen that DPS got boring for me.
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