Every Saturday: Apex Dragon Soul 25 8/8N & 5HC+ PUG

90 Troll Priest
Completely rewritten@ Feb 25th 2012I'm forming this run on a weekly basis, in order to raid 25 man with a few of Apex' secondary alts and ex raiders, as well as alts from other guilds and guildless people. This run is not a charity run, I certainly wont bear any bad players getting boosted to good gear/achievements. It is also not supposed to be a normal mode run, I want to kill as much heroics as possible with almost no progress time, at the moment we killed Morchok, Yorsah, Zonoz Hagara and Ultraxion heroic, but I expect a lot more kills when the "nerf debuff" progresses further. This is also not a 'social' run, so if I find someone who is just better I have no problem replacing people.

In short:
* 25 Man
* invites will start 16:45, raid should start 17:00
* plan is to rekill the heroic bosses we killed already and to do maybe 1 hour of tries every week for a new boss.
* players will be managed via ingame calendar
* people who perform and/or behave badly won't be invited again
* people who accept and don't show up (when they are neded) will be banned from my raid unless they got a pretty good reason
* you MUST join ventrilo(v 3.x), you don't need to talk but at least be able to listen
* loot will be MS>OS (BoEs must be equipped instantly)
** loot from now on will be DKP (reset at every raid)
** you got 25 dkp at every raid, maxbid = 10 dkp, os items = 1 dkp flat (there will be live-updated google docs for dkp standings)
** if you want to roll for another spec instead of the spec you are playing you must tell me that BEFOREHAND
* essences of destruction will be distributed via raid roll at the end of the raid to people who did not get any item this particular run (I will probably take 2-3 to cover the cost of cauldrons)
*patterns will go to characters with respective professions (on the character participating), raidrolled otherwise
* I take the freedom to decide what rogue will get the legendary items.

Ability to listen to Vent, I try to explain every boss and the tactics we use as detailed as possible, I do not accept failures due to not knowing the tactic, if you didn't understand something you must have the balls to ask (you can also whisper me)

8/8 Achievement on main is a must, 3+/8 heroic are preffered, I don't really want to "progress" on any boss
If you play an alt I expect you to be able to play it and not go retardmode just because it is an alt!

394+ itemlevel (i know its overkill but on the other hand its so easy to get some gear)

I provide a cauldron every 2 hours.
Bring your own food, we don't have feasts every raid!

Bring enough potions to prepot and normal potion for heroics, don't be cheap!

Use epic gems in 410 items as well as other BiS items (e.g. VP cloak/neck), they are so easily affordable now.How to sign up for this run (or have questions about it):whisper Shantál, Vitiation, Zeroday, Luciferna, Mmr, Monotask or Eloquence ingame
if I'm not around send an ingame mail to Shantál or Zeroday (I won't read mail on other alts)
post here
or add me on skype: "wtfgodlike"

make sure you list the name of your main character if you don't have the necessary achievement on your alt.
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90 Goblin Shaman
I would like to come on my alt "Strokemyhorn", feral dps. I can bring 15-20 feasts.
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85 Goblin Shaman
Can I come? I've killed 4/8 LFR.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
nice to see apex doing theses runs again i remember the alt MH/BT/Sunwell with u guys :D
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90 Orc Death Knight
moar ppl!
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85 Undead Warlock

* rogue quest items go to me :P

The only reason why you're making these runs.

JK, it's nice you're doing them. I'm not going to join, but good luck. :P
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90 Blood Elf Priest
18/01/2012 11:25Posted by Shantál
* Bring your own food! (Apex doesn't have the fishing achievement for the good feast!)

If I'm there, I'll be more than happy to provide feasts.

EDIT: No, I won't. It slipped my mind that feasts are still BoP.
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85 Troll Priest
I would love to come!! <3 priest healer or arms/fury warrior. both are around 390 and 7/8 :)
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90 Troll Priest
ill post some estimated lineup with the people who signed up to far, to provide a clearer vision what classes/specs are still needed as soon as I get home
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85 Troll Priest
great :)

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90 Orc Death Knight
I would like to go with my druid Blamer, resto/boomkin
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90 Troll Priest
nazur what is the name of your warrior? also: please accept the calendar invites if you got one, "accepted" will always get a spot over "tentative" (except if you are accepted and dont show up obviously.)

edit: it would be also nice people in pvp gear would log out in pve gear, kinda giving me a hard time :(
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Will you be confirming people via Calendar before Saturday, or making an estimated list here?
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90 Troll Priest
people who are confirmed in calendar have a spot for 99.9%
didn't get response in calendar from a few people yet

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90 Troll Priest


Sorry to all who didn't make it in the lineup, chances aren't that small that 1-2 people will be missing anyway, so be around if you can!

You can still whisper me about an calendar invite if one of the people who are confirmed are not showing up, or for the following week.

Edit: Couldn't get in contact with you Nazur, I'll try to get you a spot next week, or if someone doesnt show up you will be my first choice.

Edit2: Since there is so much interest i think about forming a 2nd raid every week if the first one goes, as highly expected, smoothly!
Edited by Shantál on 21/01/2012 09:58 GMT
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85 Troll Priest
My warriors name is Vibrate. It´s good geared and enchanted,know how to play it aswell. Just want to get into the run :)
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85 Troll Priest
I will show up tomorrow what so ever and if someone is missing ill try to join. Glad that Apex shows that they still are nr 1!
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90 Troll Priest
Raid is today: don't forget! I'm not sure if there are feasts so bring your own buffood

see you 17:45!

also: kinda got ranged dps overkill, so if any of the confirmed ranged dps wants to switch on a melee character, tell me. lineup will be fine either way, i just think loot would be spread more equally if there were some more melee players.

edit: Yourgrounded will provide feasts on his druid. (thank you <3)
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90 Orc Hunter
I am dissapointed Shantal... you have spelled my pala's name wrong! its Eillyra with 2 "l"'s!!!!!
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90 Orc Warrior
This week I missed it but next week I'd love to join on my DK or Warrior as damage both have nice gears and I have achi too.

Here's the DK with achi:
and warrior:

Can come on several other chars too if needed and depending on class distribution,
or Moonkin:
or Rogue:

(got 10 85s just listing possible ones <:P)
hope to see you in game :)
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