Crude Crusaders thank you all for the fish!

85 Undead Warrior
Its with a heavy heart i write this farewell to the Aszune community on behalf of Crude Crusaders, the last standing 25 man Horde guild.

I have not been here trough all the ups or downs, I have however seen my share and I have watched the guild go from one of the top on the server to hardly even getting a raid group.
In the history of our guild many players have come and gone, great things have been achieved since the very birth of our realm.

With the changes to the game leading to both a decline in 25 man raiding interest and the fact that Horde side Aszune is more or less dead it has become impossible to seriously raid 25 man here, and as so we move on to greener fields.

So I bid you all the best of luck and may alliance fall to your feet!

Signing out Crude Crusaders with a small tear in my eye!

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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Sorry to hear that :(
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87 Human Priest
Bye mate and I'm sad to hear your story but I felt the same way.
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90 Worgen Druid
Best of luck guys!!
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90 Human Warrior
Best of luck to you all :)

Hope you find your fun, whether it's on another server or another game :)

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90 Night Elf Warrior
Sad to see CC go. One of the oldschool horde guilds. Why go to that realm though, doesn't really look to be that big of an upgrade. And does Volkein still play?
Edited by Nay on 03/02/2012 23:34 GMT
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85 Troll Hunter
meh horde will be totally dead now :(

Good luck on the new realm
Edited by Crebow on 04/02/2012 00:34 GMT
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90 Undead Mage
Back in February 2005 i made my first toon, a mage , leveled him to 60 dinged in April and Crude Crusaders was the first organised guild going into Black Rock Spire with 15 people.

Hell of a ride and blue loot was actually something to fight for.

Thank you for those wonderful times Crude Crusaders, have fun where ever you going.

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85 Undead Warrior
Thank you all for your kind words :)

@Nay, Volkein is abroad for the time but hopefully he will be back and still playing with us at some point. Draenor is high populated and especially on horde side, without having a dead ally side. The difference is massive.. feels like a game i used to play a few years ago ;)
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90 Night Elf Hunter
sad to hear this...wish you all the best for the future
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85 Undead Priest
Been on Aszune since late 2005 and seeing the last major oldschool horde guild leave, after Sing, PR, FOTH, Camelids break ups/mergers/converts to 10-man is kind of sad.

Still wishing you the best of luck tho :)
Edited by Epox on 07/02/2012 19:32 GMT
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85 Human Paladin
You can all thank Blizzard for this, they killed the 25 man guilds with their retarded lockouts. Whats next Blizzard? destroy 5 man dungeons and just make them into 1 man instances? lol, gg blizz.

Best of luck to ya at your new realm or games. :)
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