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Dear Mazrigos,
I have noticed mazrigos has become a nearly dead community and i want to do something to change that.
The best way to make a Realm more intresting is to get to know the people you are playing with.And what other way is better then to do some PVE content together.

I have seen in trade that there is a need for organised runs to older content.
I am willing to organize these weekly and hoping to get to know the people of mazrigos better.

I have seen Audax (former legacy member) succesfully organise runs like this before in TBC when visiting content like old naxxramas. Basicly every week on Friday or saturday I will make a post with the content i want to do the upcomming week and people can subscribe here go get a invite from me on the in game calendar.

What do I expect from you :

- You come prepared to this run and know the game mechanics from the bosses. (not being able to do what you have to will result in a kick)

- Slacking and AFK'ing will not be tolerated and will also result in a kick. I want it cleared smooth and fast.

- We are doing as many Achievement as possibel. This mean you have to know what to do on all these fights. Some achievements are still hard, even on LvL 85 so i expect people to know what to do. Nopt being able to do this will also result in a kick.

- Loot ruling will be Master looter. After each kill there will be 2-3 min break where we do the Rolling on the loot. Any kind of Cheating on rolls (fake rolls, rolling twice etc....) will result in immediate kick and no more invite to future raids.

- Since I am organising these runs i want something back for it offcourse, I will give myself the benefit of choosing what loot i will keep for myself. To keep clear what you cannot roll on, I will post these items on each forum thread i am creating so there is no discussion afterwards of peopel calling me a ninja etc....

- Any other way of disturbing the raid, childish behaviour etc. will result also in a immediate kick.

ps: I wont be using voice chat, altho if some people prefer to use it, they can whisper me in game their info (prefer ventrilo) and then we can use this persons voice chat for that comming raid. No obligation to use use but always makes things easier if we could use a kind person his server.

For this upcomming week I'll be preparing 2 runs:

On sunday 5/2 I'll be going to Icecrown citadel on 25 men heroic mode.
The Invites will start at 20.30 GMT + 0 And raid will start at 21.00
If you are not on-line at that point we will find a replacement

Going for :

all achievements to clear :

- Glory of the icecrown Raider (comment : Once bitten , twice shy requires 2 runs )
- Heroic : Fall of the lich king

I will be using achievement add-on. If a achievement fails we will wipe/restart the fight untill we get it. Therefor i am asking everyone to look up on the tactics to get these achievements done smooth and fast.

Reserved Loot :

- Shadowfrost shards (for Ramiel our MT during these raids)
- Bulwark of smouldering steel (shield)
- Scourgeborne Waraxe
- Royal scepter of teranas
- First trash Loot epic (all others will be raid rolled)

For a In game invite on the calendar just reply to this post like this:

- Invite - name - Class - Specc - Role


- Invite - Chrymal - Shaman - Elemental - DPS

I will need :

- 1 off-tank + Ramiel MT
- 4 Healers max!
- 18 DPS + myself

See you then!!

PS : Sorry for the grammar , English isn't my spoken language
Edited by Chrymal on 03/02/2012 20:37 GMT
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Hi mate

There are loads of guilds that so this...

Outcast run every Sunday an old raid for mogs and achs

Also Anger Forge are a low content specific leveling guild.

It's worth just asking in trade chat or general instead of going to all the effort coz most people don't like to join single man armies because of loot ninjas and masterlootrs who ate usually level 70 looking for a legendary and take the good drops.

Good luck anyway though.

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85 Troll Hunter
If there's gonna be any ICC 25 achiv runs or Ulduar 25 non-mount achiv runs this weekend, wisp me.
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