[Horde] Live ID Premade 250000 HK FARM (5k each day!)

100 Undead Priest
Awesome group, awesome runs!
85 Orc Warrior
If there are any spots left, i'm interested in joining! Full Cataclysmic Arms/Prot Warrior. 2100 xp in Rbg's and 2350 xp in 3s.
85 Orc Death Knight
I'd like to join if you got any spots left, 1904 exp in 3v3 as retri paladin (Sandrac @ kazzak).
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Don't suppose there are any spots left? Ret pala 4.8k ressi
85 Undead Warlock
I would like to join you guys, aff/destruction warlock. Not end-game geared but I can dish-out tons of AOE dmg in big fights.
100 Orc Shaman
These runs are insane and obviously the fastest possable way to get your 250k hk's achievement.
Lots of fun and under control, and secured 600+ kills in AV and 300+ kills in isle.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
looking forwards for more ...
100 Undead Warrior
I'd like to join I think, 100k here I come!

Btw, is this legit?
Edited by Wilpo on 18/02/2012 21:52 GMT
85 Troll Mage
Legal playing on Real ID or legal killing alliance people that are too dumb to do anything?
100 Undead Warrior
Mainly meaning that you can form pre-mades to bg's which were prohibited before real ID changes.
Edited by Wilpo on 18/02/2012 21:57 GMT
100 Tauren Paladin
18/02/2012 21:55Posted by Wilpo
Mainly meaning that you can form pre-mades to bg's which were prohibited before real ID changes.

Since when was Premades forbidden?
90 Tauren Druid
Bump boy here
85 Troll Mage
A legendary battle was fought this night.
100 Tauren Warrior
Are you guys playing now? Sigh <,<
85 Blood Elf Paladin
NOPE - i was very busy today becomming a dragonslayer haha !
i succeeded !

im gonna do hk farms again tomorrow @ daytime !
14:00 !

be online !
90 Blood Elf Rogue
For plenty of Alliance tears go to this thread:

100 Orc Shaman
Any spots left open?
100 Orc Hunter
19/02/2012 01:04Posted by Fingerlickin
Any spots left open?

Yeah! Ppl tend to leave afetr every bg!
85 Blood Elf Warrior
^Bump theese BG's are amazingly fun.
100 Tauren Warrior
I heard we are disgusting.

I think so not.

We are lovely.
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