Cross realm raiding for achievements!

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What are we?
We are a group of people who got together after cross realm raiding was introduced on the previous raid instances in the game. Some realms have a lower population than other, and with the introduction of cross realm raiding, raid achievements in for instance Ulduar, ICC and other instances are now a lot more easy to get completed. Why? Well because you are no longer limited to the people on your realm to get a group together.

Things to know before you read on
The vast majority of us plays Alliance. Ofc there is room for horde too, but we have mainly focused on alliance this far.

Where are we?
Now to the semi important part. How do you find people on other realms? We have found a good way. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a place where people from all around the world can come together to chat. We have created a channel on the IRC server Quakenet, called #achi.

What have we done this far?

  • All tier 11 heroic content has been cleared by groups organized on #achi
  • ICC25 All bosses on heroic + all achievements completed in one run.
  • Firelands normal achievements
  • Ulduar 25 off-meta achievements
  • ToGC 25 heroic + achievements

As you can see we have done quite a lot this far, with the contribution of a lot of people!

How can I be a part of #achi?
I will proceed to explain how you can join us. There are basically a ton of ways to connect to a IRC server, but I will only briefly explain two.

I dont want to install any programs
This is possibly the easiest way to join us, and does not require that you install any software apart from a internet browser, which I assume you already have since you are reading this sentence.
1) Proceed to this web page :
2) Enter a nickname you want to use on the chat.
3) Press the "Join chat" button.

I'm okay with installing a program
There are several programs out there available to anyone, like for instance mIRC, or "ClicksAndWhistles". I will be explaining how you set up the latter. It is totally free, and is recognized as a good IRC client with few problems.
It runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and can be downloaded from here:
After downloading and installing ClicksAndWhistles, you need to set up 2 things before you can get started.
First set up your nickname. Press "File" -> "Manage Identities..." -> Press "New"
1) Nickname : your nickname here
2) Full name : I suggest you put your nickname here too, you don't have to write your real name.
3) E-mail address: Here too I suggest you use your nicname, but this box must contain one "@" + one ".", so write <youNickname>@<YourServer>.eu
In my case, the email field would be
Your email address can be seen by others, so using it to identify your character on wow might make things easier for everyone.
4) Press "Default identity". Press "OK".
Side note: If your nick is already taken, you will be prompted to write a new one upon connecting to the server. The program is very user friendly, so you should have no challenge in selecting a new one. If you want to keep your nickname, I can suggest adding your faction to the end of the name, to make it more unique. Blue becomes BlueAlliance for example.

Then we set up the server related part.
Now that nickname is taken care of, press "Favourites". Its the middle box on the top of the program. Press "Organize Favourites" --> "New"
Identity: If not already selected, press the identity you created in the step before this.
Network: QuakeNet (press the "Q" button on your keyboard, and it should jump to Quakenet.)
Server: Here I suggest you use the bottom option which is "* (Any)"
Channel: Here you write "#achi". The numbersign before "achi" is very important. Write #achi
Press "OK", press "Close" when you are on the "Organize Favourites" box, and you should be on the main screen.

This is how you start
After having completed both steps above, setting up your nickname and server, every time you open the program you then proceed to press "Favourites", and in the dropdown box you click on #achi.

This should connect you to Quakenet server, and send you straight into the #achi channel.

If you experience any problems, you can msg me ingame, and I will try to help you solve it, or reply to this thread.
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