Lk 25 Hc mount run

85 Orc Warrior
Setting up a Lk 25 hc run on Sunday 19th. I'm gonna start the raid between 4-5 pm CET.
Loot Rules :

- Shadowmourne quest items (including shards) will be reserved.
- Everything else is gonna be rolled for
- Lk loot will be on Group Loot

Requirements :

- Lk 25 normal (10 hc) achievement. (Without this, don't even bother)
- Have Ts / Vent and a working mic. Not sure If i'm gonna be able to get a vent server until then ( same as above)
- If you, like me, don't have a heroic kill achivement, there's no problem but know the fight.
- If we won't have a 25m kingslayer with us to set it hc, i'm gonna do it from main.
- Have patience, I don't expect to 1 shot it since Shadowtraps and Defile are unforgiving mechanics but failing on them repeatedly will get you a instant kick and replace
- While i'm not a big fan of gearscore and item lvl, I will req at least 378 for a smooth performance.

We're gonna go with 2 tanks (one of them being me), 4 healers and 12-14 dps. If it goes well, we might make it a weekly run, depending of the core setup we'll have (if any).
Also, just to underline it, I'm not gonna explain tactics over vent/ts except few hints so I expect Everyone to be prepared theory wise. If you think that it's double while being clueless or that I'll explain everything that needs to be known, expect a kick.
One more thing, atm it's gonna be just a mount (Invincible Reins)/title run, NOT meta or drake or achiv or whatever you wanna call it so keep the "Will I get a drake" questions to yourself.

If interested, reply here or better, trow me a /w in-game and will have a chat.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin

Really nice to see someone putting up this kind of run(s). Let´s hope there´s enough people joining.

Im also in if needed, as dps.

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