[A] Guardians of Faith - Recruiting Great Players (25/S

90 Human Priest
Guardians of Faith have been around for a long time and during those dark December months when the shadows of the planets of SWTOR cowered over us, we did not flinch. Our numbers remained strong and our raiding team pursued.

We are a social guild of level 25, what do our members come for?

The cookies mainly! But as you peel off the outer core you'll soon find a whole variety of players from; raiders who want DS HC dead all the way to players who want to experience every aspect of the game and ultimately prove so with a mass of achievement points.

*Currently running a 25 Man ICC Achievement Run (Rotating for just the kills some weeks) Saturday Night starting at 2100 ST.

Not convinced yet?

We are always on the lookout for great friendly players. We rarely drop below 10 players online at any one time. There is always somebody here ready to answer that question you have or to help you clear CoC.


But if raiding is your thing we are seeking raiders for a second solid raiding team. We get to 7/8 in our alt run and currently are very close to getting 2/8 HC in our main run.


We have several players interested in the side of PvP and do run that RBG sometimes. Though mostly we sneak our way in to 'Cataclysm Knights's RBG's :D But there are always players online to help you get that annoying PvP achievement you've always wanted. There is nothing we find more relaxing than bunching together in 'Tol Barad' to take out those trolls! It's quite funny when we find out they are horde guildies that we killed :D


Being level 25 we have all the perks. And there is always a handful of people who are levelling up aswell. And no doubt if you just ask someone will be happy to either log on to there tank/healer of a similar level or just for the heck of it give you a 'Forge of Souls' boost :D But most of all we have a guild bank tab of all levels of gear that we are very eager to give away...no seriously...we will give you it now for when you hit 85 ;)

Older Content / Achievement Helping

Given our high numbers and how long many of our players have been around for. There isnt a day goes past a bunch of guildies bunch together to do something. From BT/MC to FL HC or yet another DS alt run.

We are a social guild and as so we do have the following rules:
- We don't swear (In TS or guild chat)
- We never link dps meters (We take the person over the dps meter)
- We never talk down about any other player in /g or Trade (Thats near an instant /gkick)

Anybody who would fit our player base above would have no problems keeping to the above.

Accross the realm we have guild masters from horde and other alliance guilds just hanging out with us and our member base has countless personal connections to other guilds.

We ask that any player you find not adhering to the above rules to be reported to an officer of GoF - We don't mess around in Trade and we ask that our players be respectful at all times.

Nordrassil has a great player base and we want to keep it that way.
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I like your style, priest. Would love to cannibalize on that. So just let me have my way with your corpse next time ur in org! :))
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90 Human Priest
*throws a juicy dk bone your way*...thats a good Magey you gobble, gobble on that happily...*sneaks in to kill your king*
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90 Human Priest
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90 Human Priest
We are now offering fee Hagaraa rogue pick pocket.
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