People in mmos...

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Worse thing in an mmo is people.....tbh 70% of the ppl in this game are complete !#!*#*`ve got the ppl that swear at you for making a mistake in an instance you`ve never done.....the people that kick you if ask for tactics or if your dps is not to their standard, you`ve got the !@#$% that link recount after every fight, dps that pull the whole instance while the tank or healer are on the loading screen and then complaining when they die and ofc the guys that spam insults in bgs when the bg is not even half way and how its everyone elses fault but theirs, theres loads more and then theres the LFG system which lets these ppl annoy countless other servers....

what happened to the old days when ppl where at least pleasent and before the LFG system that let these ppl be jackasses to even more servers.....yes i know back in the day before the cross realm there was a lot longer wait times and you had to ask around for a grp....but you met more ppl got to know ppl on your server, who was a good and friendly player and who was a tit (and had to be avoided).....i`d prefer that way then this it puts you off grouping for dungeons and pvp......blows its just killing the game for me and i`m sure theres other out there that must feel like this....if they haven`t left yet

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that's not 70%, trust me. what you're describing is just the vast minority of the playerbase. the friendly majority just runs with friends so they can have fun, tries to help the minority but only gets scolded in return so they give up and join the friendruns or become bitter themselves. It's a vicious cycle! But still only contains the minority of the game
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82 Dwarf Warrior
then i must be damn unlucky, but i hope you`re right because i`ve had a lot problems with pugs and bgs for a long time :(
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