Hunter changes you would like to see!

85 Night Elf Druid
1. Beast mastery to be a viable pvp and pve spec.
2. No minimum range - already happening though
3. Remove focus - its great for PvE but doesn't work in arena, mana wasn't right either i think adding a rage type mechanic where your pet builds it up for you and you can spend it would be cool or just adding a cooldown that gives your 3x increased focus generation for 12 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown.
4. More exotic families.
5. More normal pet families.
6. Eye of the beast
7. No melee weapon just ranged and be able to see it on your back.
8. (BM tanking) not like proper tanking like if a tank dies and the boss is on 20% then you could maybe let your pet tank and be able to survive it.
9. More amazing looking normal family pets that are a challenge to tame like the spirit beasts in 4.2.
10.Kill shot not being crap and a glyph that increases the percent its usable to 30%
11. A sprint type move that means i can escape or carry the flag faster.
12. After you feign death in PvP being untargetable for 3 seconds.
13. A spell called 'Wild Call' where you summon a cat, a wolf and a raptor to attack your target for 15 seconds dealing 110% pet damage, make this a tad like shamans ghost wolves.
14. 6th pet slot
15. As well or instead of the stable make a pet grooming service where you can change the skins of your pets but not a spirit beast.
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10 Night Elf Hunter
1) A "no-pet" talent - The option to not use a pet ever

2) No auto attack - Only player controlled abilities

3) An actual MM_Ranger spec - No animal fluff

4) Leather Armor - Chain Mail is to heavy
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85 Human Hunter
More unique and rare pet's like Loque'nahak.

All things that MoP brings us, they look really good.

And an aspect that combines the two we need to use the most now, cause most hunter's either macro them to every shot or have to switch them manually between every two shots or you just stand most of the time in one aspect which is bad for dps. None of the options is fun gameplay.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
MoP is looking fairly nice so far, but a few other things that would be nice to see

Longer range, be it bow or gun as your choice the whole idea is too reach out and touch someone, not be about as far away as you could throw a rock, otherwse, just use a rock....

Larger Stables, go out and collect a few unique skins and a few spirit beasts, soon you are picking the ones you like best.

Unique pet family traits/skills/abilities, having all the spirit beasts do the same thing is knida lame, at least give em there own families abilities.

The 3 talent tree system brought in for pets aswel, ferocity bear anyone?,no, tenacity cat?

If we are getting our melee weps removed, a back quiver and carried bow seem a good idea. Maybe a small magazine/ammo pouch for gun users thats visible on belt?

Alas all dreams im afraid, but hey...
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
This is a small one;

I'd like the camo cooldown reduced by a few seconds so we can reapply it before it runs out.
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85 Night Elf Hunter
Show quivers on our backs without taking away our melee weapon!
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I'd like to see:

- the ability to call another pet in case your current one dies, without spending points on
Phoenix thing. I have 25 of em and want to make good use of them.
I'd love to be able to switch during fights too. In that fashion, screw dismiss pet and
make it auto dismiss when calling another.

- More variety in pet talents and families. Better pet animations. Make them actually go for
the throat instead of staticly slapping paws.

- More pets in the stable for them pet collectors (such as myself). If Ash can catch'em all,
I want it too.

- better and more melee attacks for all hunter specs and minimum range removed
(which is pretty annoying with bigass mobs)

- removal of focus or any other non physical limitations to shoot your arrows/bullets.
Takes an age to kill a mob anyway.

- reinstall quivers (but with really large stacks of ammo) and choice of ammo
(gives an engineer back some income too) No more ammo means trouble, as it should be.
I'd even be happy with special arrows/bullets for special attacks. Plan ahead as a hunter
should do.

- better quest rewards while leveling. Blizz' choice for Cata was Shammy/Druid, it seems.

- make rare pets interactive for hunters only. We don't need acne faced kiddies killing rare
spawns and walk away laughing in your face.

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70 Human Paladin
1. Eyes of the best returned. This was one of my favourite things.
2. Bring swipe back for bears. Eyes of the beast + swipe = Hunter tank
3. Make leather the maximum armour type they can use. I hate being all big and hench on a hunter. The way i see it, hunters are supposed to be quick, agile and able to move around quickly and get out of melee situations. Chain mail and huge shoulders do not fit hunters.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
This is not so much hunter related, but I'd like cooldowns to be reset at the end of a duel. Will make Durotar dueling a lot more enjoyable :P
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85 Undead Hunter

I'd also love for MM to be a pet-less spec because, however weird it sounds, I really don't like having a pet around. I realize this will never happen, of course, and that's fine. It's just a thought.

^This x 1000
Playing a hunter without a pet would be awesome. Remove the pet and buff something else in the MM-spec.
I ALWAYS wanted this change. I love the hunter-class but the pet is just annoying. Play as BM if you want the pet.

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85 Human Hunter
I disagree strongly with having no pet, I'd just like the monkey stun to be given to some nicer pet lol. I don't like monkeys, nor do I like the way you must have one to play arena..

Hunter is a pet class and should stay that way imo.

Also if one spec would be played with no pet that spec would be not viable in pvp unless they revamp the whole survival of the class. I mean no freedoms, no spider root, no RoS...
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90 Orc Hunter
all i want for my hunter is to see that blizzard have people working on the class.
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85 Draenei Hunter
Let us transmog the legendary bow, seeing as though hunters are "incapable of having a legendary" (quote from blizzard) let us at least relish in the fact we used to have one for the couple of months we was allowed it :<
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91 Orc Hunter
24/02/2012 04:09Posted by Garpen
all i want for my hunter is to see that blizzard have people working on the class.

MoP looks as if they're actually working on the class...but then again it might be just another "bait n switch" scam by Bli$$ard...

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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I also want something to guard against the full 10-sec disarms we'll be eating when we have no melee weapons, and thus no weapon chains.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
Be a hunter without pet isn't a hunter, it's a's a big difference...i like pets and hunter class it's a pet class. You don't like pet play's possible, not very good but it's possible. You don't like pets so you can play: warrior, rogues, druid, pala, priest and shaman. And have a pet only for show, for that you have companions.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
24/02/2012 14:46Posted by Lisboeta
Be a hunter without pet isn't a hunter, it's a's a big difference...i like pets and hunter class it's a pet class. You don't like pet play's possible, not very good but it's possible. You don't like pets so you can play: warrior, rogues, druid, pala, priest and shaman. And have a pet only for show, for that you have companions.

It was just something I wanted to see, if you are just going to criticise other people's ideas without adding your own, you might as well stay away.

Also, PLEASE remove the DoT from snake trap, for the love of derp.
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85 Troll Hunter
actually rangers have pets too lets call it marksman,archer,bowman
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85 Night Elf Hunter
1- I miss TBC
2- Min range removed
3- Transquilizing Shot cost no focus and are of globol cooldown
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