Hiring Rogues to pickpocket(Earn 2k+gold/hour)

85 Tauren Hunter
Hello there,

I'm currently working on getting my reputations with Ravenholdt to Exalted.
To do this i need 1400+ Heavy Junkbox's.
The junkboxes come from pick pocketing any level 50-60 humanoid mobs and have a roughly 15% drop rate. The best place i've found to farm these is LBRS(70-90 boxes/hour), I even have a nice video Showing the fastest farming route : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdA2fjMllxU&feature=player_embedded

If Any rogue is interested in farming some for me i'm willing to pay 30g per junkbox. Boxes can be send to Mahatma by COD mail.

The addon i use to pick pocket is:
/cast Pick Pocket
/script a = GetItemCount("Heavy Junkbox"); if a==b then b=a else print(a.." Junkboxes Looted"); b=a end

Nice addon which u can spamm click to pick pocket mobs around you & tells you howmany boxes u have in ur inventory.

Glyph of Pick Pocket is highyl recommended.
Any lvl 55+ rogue should be able to do this yet u'll probally get caught alot more at lower lvls

Need 1000 more junkboxes atm.
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90 Human Paladin
Psssh... I leveled a rogue for this 3 years ago :P

Don't buy your insanity you silly bugger.
Edited by Elvita on 23/02/2012 14:16 GMT
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85 Human Priest
I only averaged 60 an hour, for 2k gold an hour at 100 lockboxes picked, that'd be 20g per box?
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85 Tauren Hunter
i average 80+ an hour easy following the route discribed in the movie, no need to reset the dungeon, just keep on following that route.(Done on a 85 rogue to)
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85 Tauren Hunter
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