[A] Heroic Dragon Soul 25 Run.

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As the title states, i'm doing a weekly Dragon Soul 25 run with the intention to progress through heroic mode encounters and clear it in a short span of time with alts/socials and I thought I should make a forum post to outline all of the commonly asked questions.

The intention of these runs is to have a quick clear done on a regular basis (i.e. not carry most of the raid), Becuase of this I require you to have experience of both normal and some heroic mode encounter as the intention of this raid is to not teach people how to do the encounters.

Saturday - 3pm till 6pm Game Time
Feasts + Cauldrons will be provided.
CURRENT PROGRESS: 8/8 Normal 0/8 Heroic.

Teamspeak 3 - http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
Boss Mods - http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods
Experience of the Encounters - You should have cleared this content + a couple of heroics. with your main. www.learntoraid.com (25 man guides).
Gear capiable for this content - i.e. PVP gear/Leveling gear is not permitted. You ideally should have AT LEAST LFR/397 Gear for progressing through this content (if you wouldn't raid with that char in your main raids why would you raid with it here)

Random acheivements are not the intention of this run, if they happen they happen.

Legendary Quest items
The clusters are reserved and there is a list of who will be ontaining these based on attendance + quality of play.


Boss Loot:
If they are an upgrade for your mainspec or offspec you /roll for it once the item has been linked.
If it is for your offspec then simply state it is for that reason in raid chat

Crystal Prison Band
Arneia rolls 99.
/raid Arneia: Offspec
Random person rolls 20.

Random person wins.

IF you underpreform consistently you will not be eligable to obtain loot as I will see this as you wanting the rest of the raid to carry you. If you can be replaced you will be replaced. If you magically preform 3x better on the next boss you will be allowed to roll for loot again.

Trash Loot
If it is an upgrade for your MAIN SPEC then you roll, offspec rolls will not be considered as everybodys offspec is AH spec as far as i'm concerned.

People i deem eligable to roll will be given the opportunity to win these items (people that cause wipes or are generally bad and being carried should appriciate that they are able to participate in the run)

These will be done via the calendar, if you feel as though you meet all of the required criteria mentioned in this post then contact me in game via mail or whisper.
People to contact: Midgetmaster/Arneia.
Each of these guilds has their own representative for this run handing their invites: Fear Nothing, Pure Evil, Fox Force Five, Tiste, Phoenix Reborn.

If you wish to contact me about being invited I would like to be informed of these things:
Your character name + raid role.
Quality of your gear (i.e. 390 ilvl, mostly DS normal gear, some LFR bits)
Your experience in Dragon Soul + proof of this (linking your achievement from the character you've done this from, or refrencing the character)

I got kicked?!
If this happened then it was for a good reason. Whispering me incessantly for a reinvite once I have told you why you were kicked will not get you back in the group. It will do quite the opposite.
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Currently looking for these specific alt types to optimise raid composition:
Ranged DPS (Hunters/Warlocks)
Healers (Resto Druid/Disc Priest)

If you have any of these that are geared for heroic modes (~392 ilvl + some heroic xp on that or your main) Contact me in game on either Arneia or Midgetmaster.
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Bump :)
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85 Gnome Rogue
stopping with any heroic progress until next nerf. alts are too hardcore for some people :3
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