[AD RP] Ironforge Mountaineers - To the Borderlands!

Ironforge Mountaineers is a guild – nay, the guild! – for Dwarven Mountaineers. Our main objective is to provide an authentic unit of Ironforge Mountaineers to the battles and campaigns all over Azeroth, where the united armies of the Alliance require the assistance of dwarven rifles and hammers.

We aim for quality, but through friendly measures. The military elements of the guild are fairly light, and mixed up with adventure, scouting, camping and patrolling. Although our lads and lasses sometimes assist the law-enforcement when needed, Ironforge Mountaineers aren’t really city guards, but rangers for the Army of Ironforge.


The guild roleplaying is fairly focused around events. Our most common event days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, and events are usually scheduled between 19:00 and 23:00. Despite that we frequently offer patrol and training events, one should not join the guild expecting that all roleplaying is handed to him from above. The majority of daily RP is of course done through casual roleplaying by your own initiative.

Once in a while, the guild hosts bigger events that are often available for multiple characters or even whole server. Such events include the Highlands Campaign, Northrend Expedition and the upcoming Borderlands Campaign.

• The Highlands Campaign was possibly the biggest war-effort played on Argent Dawn server. It was played in March 2011, you can find more information on it from the following links:

• The Borderlands Campaign, while very different in its concept, seems to be building even bigger than the Highlands Campaign. It will begin 26th of March 2012. You can find more info of it here:

• A Mountaineer’s Challenge is a frequently hosted event for individual characters that includes elements from classic RPGs (dice-rolls, experience points, game master). This adventure is open for even people outside the guild, but the spots are often limited. Read more of it here:

We actively try to take part to other guilds' events as well, and have played a central part for example in the Twilight Hammer's (2011) events of Aletheia: Inside the Fallen Kingdom and Discordia.


To join the ranks of Ironforge Mountaineers, you should write an in-character letter and post it to any of the guild’s officers, found from our guild page at Argent Archives. Include the full name of the character, his age, previous military experience and his reason to apply to the ranks of the Mountaineers. You will be contacted.

Additionally, you can apply face-to-face, when you meet an officer of Ironforge Mountaineers during your roleplaying – if the officer is not busy, of course!


- Only Dwarves (and some Gnomes)
- Classes: All classes except Death Knights
- Basic grasp of the Dwarven Lore to successfully represent a Mountaineer
- If you can wear leather, make sure you have either Lifewarden’s Breatplate (1) or Fungus Shroud Armor (2) when you apply. Guild bank will supply the rest of your uniform.

(1) http://www.wowhead.com/item=29781
(2) http://www.wowhead.com/item=17742

Images, stories and further reading:

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I'm posting this here in order to get realm transfers tuned for big things. You still have a couple weeks!


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That's right!
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More fancy stuff of Ironforge Mountaineers - two different kind of recorded guild adventures:

War Journal: The Battle of Seradane Ruins


Complete Quest: Saving Captain Waywatcher

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The Great Draft begins on Argent Dawn tomorrow!

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The Great Draft continues in Argent Dawn until 26th day! This is a great chance to get booked up to the dwarven company of green, and take part in the Borderlands Campaign that begins afterwards.

The Borderlands Campaign is very likely going to be the biggest roleplayed war-effort every played in WoW. There's over 40 guilds involved at the moment, and not even counting all the individual roleplayers.

Read more of it here:

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Join us or get spanked!
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The unit of Rapid Deployment Division arriving back to Ironforge.
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More images for the dwarf-friends from the initial deployment of the Borderlands Campaign:

(Click for better quality)

Gathering at the outskirts of Thelsamar

Arriving to Menethil Harbor

Ramriders of the Ironforge Mountaineers
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Some bad-!@# pictures of Ironforge Mountaineers battling the Blood Knight Guard in the Borderlands Campaign:


We couldn't let the buggers through from our tunnel.
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Another illustrated (illustrations by me) Mountaineer Battle Report from Rhogor Stormfist:

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Pictures from the Farstrider Expedition vs. Ironforge Mountaineers skirmish last night:

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Bump to an awesome yet typical Dwarf guild!
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90 Dwarf Warrior
May the ale guide ya, cousins from Argent Dawn!
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Thanks, folks!

Another detailed (and illustrated) Mountaineer battle report by Rhogor Stormfist:

And a guild-defining group portrait from our last mission:
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Hi there
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After saving Aerie Peak from a Sin'dorei warhost, the Rapid Deployment Division heads south, joining the other Alliance forces in the Hillsbrad region.

The Borderlands Campaign continues!
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