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After ages of healing I'm considering to roll a tank. However, I have some questions I hope some of you can answer...
1. After the time healing (this is just one levelling) I concluded that throughout time, the job got worse in general. Terrible tanks/dps's who're not so kind, getting blamed for everything, and so forth. People tend to be less abusive to a tank because they're most wanted, but still they get quite often the blame and abuse. Considering all of this, would you still say it's worth the not-so-fun things?
2. What's a good/fun class to start with?
3. It seems to me that tanks often play an important role in tactics. Is this hard to master or just fine if you read a bit more specific up?
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90 Tauren Druid
If you heal you will get a great grasp of positioning and how to handle situations. Just pay attention while your healing and you get most of the idea of how to do things. Other things like positioning best time to pop CD's taunting well etc can only be learned through tanking.

Class wise:
Druids are quite passive, they don't have many buttons so can be easy to learn. Also that is a druid :P

Warriors have buttons for everything and are awesome. But they are made of CD's and so can run out.

Paladins are regarded as the "easy" tanks they keep their things on CD and aggro happens and damage doesn't. But they are fun and challenging to master.

Dk's are really good for soloing and absorbing stupidly large amounts of damage. But they are hard... Or at least I found them hard anyway.

The best tank is undetermined: all tanks shine, tank balance is really close.
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Ah, thanks ;)
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85 Orc Warrior
1) Its absolutely worth it. Its a damn fun job and that feeling when you get after you've saved your group from a wipe etc, is awesome.

2)I'd say go warrior. When i started playing this character i was worried that i wouldnt learn to tank and i would just suck ash, but you will learn it when you level and do dungeons.

3) Our job isnt that hard compared to healers in my opinion. Job wise, i would rather tank most of the raids rather than heal, if only talking about difficutly.
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