85 Gnome Rogue
28/02/2012 20:44Posted by Haru
Like freshcut spring flowers. :3

*sniffsniff* Mmmmmmmmm
85 Human Paladin
Tee hee. Someone said "bias opinion" here.

BIAS? EVERYTHING IS BIAS! It's a waste of a word!

But anyway, I was thinking, we're talking about reputation and cliques and stuff weren't we? Let me share with you a nugget of happiness that I find in this realm:

I was taking my usual stroll around Stormwind, in which I usually take my Grandmother for a walk yet on this night I was alone, and I ran into a group of roleplayers by the canal. You know, that kind of poetic juxta-position-bridge between the Trade District and Mage Quarter (the IC so close to the OOC<3). But yeah anyway, I kind of did slip into a fit of excitement at seeing roleplay, and fell into the canal in hope of gaining a reaction to my usual tomfoolery.

Despite my infinite reputation, of which I am reminded of quite often, they roleplayed with me for quite some time. They were serious at my fall, and they were serious when they pulled me out of the water, and they were serious when they spoke to me. Brilliant.

...and it's a great way to stay in shape.
90 Troll Shaman
I'm so proud, another role-play realm getting popular threads. YOUR LIKE US NOW! MWHAHAH!
85 Human Mage
28/02/2012 18:02Posted by Iristha
A Game of Thrones?

You mean a Game of Chalices, dont you?
69 Goblin Hunter
28/02/2012 21:16Posted by Zalijuba
I'm so proud, another role-play realm getting popular threads. YOUR LIKE US NOW! MWHAHAH!

We will be like Argent Dawn when we get 6 threads on populare topics at the same time. Untill now, we have only had two threads, after what I have counted, on the populare topics, and you're weekly on the populare topics with one or two threads...

So we ain't that yet.
85 Human Mage
28/02/2012 16:52Posted by Drellia
And Sybok, I am disappoint.

Me too, too, but not with myself
85 Human Mage
28/02/2012 17:21Posted by Drellia
And still despite the fact everyone is against you, you try and defend your precious guild? Face it, only the people inside like it because of the amount of excommunicating going on.

I dont think you, Haru, Hafwen, Dresta count as everybody..
90 Human Paladin
28/02/2012 21:50Posted by Sybok
I dont think you, Haru, Hafwen, Dresta count as everybody..

>Implying we're all in a group.

>I never attacked/targetted Lightsworn in any of my responses intentionally.
90 Night Elf Druid
no one attacked anyone.... Wait, did i attack myself haru?
85 Undead Death Knight
Wait... What "Clique" are we talking about here?

The addon?


I am majorly confused
*points off into the distance* What's that? A gnome on a unicycle!
90 Human Paladin
Wait... What "Clique" are we talking about here?The addon?What?I am majorly confused
85 Human Paladin
And this is where the thread should stop.

It seems to have got quite a bit off topic, we can say i reason i did not respond to Dieven was because i did not want to be the cause that the thread would go off topic, apparently it did anyway.

It is quite sad in my opinion cause the subject is good.

[Edit]: corrected a typo
Edited by Álapan on 29/02/2012 14:14 GMT
90 Human Paladin
It can still be salvaged if anyone has anymore points to raise but otherwise it should end here. I'll summarise everything I said[more or less] in my first post.

-> I think advertsing an 'open' guild or 'community' and then practicing the opposite is wrong and simply leads to time wasting, confusion and animosity. If a guild is reclusive or selective, it should always be mentioned in the advertisements.

-> Isolation from the larger community/cliques leads to people forming smaller ones, this in time, begins branching out even more and eventually people get bored and start leaving for new horizons and there's hardly communication between people, moreso true in a small environment like The Sha'tar.

-> If you don't give people a chance or opportunity, then don't blame them for the way they behave or how they become. Give people a chance to prove themselves if you wish to create a more open environment for everyone.

Quoting South Park;

'' No no. You know who was right all along? The mongolians. They knew that you just can't wall yourself off from the outside world. Putting walls up never helped anything, tearing them down brings us together. ''
Edited by Haru on 01/03/2012 17:18 GMT
85 Night Elf Druid
As i lessern known member of lightsworn (due to the fact im relatively new still) i will say I have not seen any "clique's" in lightsworn as a whole. Yes some have back story with each other but thats true with nearly everyone who rps, and i've always felt welcome. I feel your hate is incorrectly placed at least towards Lightsworn.

(personly i think your just but hurt)
90 Human Paladin
I feel your hate is incorrectly placed at least towards Lightsworn.(personly i think your just but hurt)

I think I made it outstandingly clear that I have no detrimental feelings towards Lightsworn and this is not a 'Lightsworn' topic, I think you should read something through more thouroughly before posting. As for your view on 'cliques' existing within a guild, that's highly unlikely on this server to begin with because of the size of a guild but a guild itself can also represent a clique or play a part as a member of a clique.
90 Night Elf Druid
i think.. I WIN THE THREAD!

remember feel free to stop by surwich for a magic fairy teaparty with stutter and his dolly!
40 Dwarf Hunter
Removed as I thought better of getting my other posts banned.

Reedit: I actually feel sorry for Haru having Drellia getting stuck in and getting lumped in with her, that anklebitter is really dragging it into a keyboard warrior fight.

Did I just feel sorry for Haru, by the flying spaghetti monster I must be tripping out here.

And to the above post. What in the flying fu- have you been smoking, pass it down here.
Edited by Gharagrim on 01/03/2012 14:15 GMT
90 Human Warlock
You do not worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, trust me on this one. Also, you deleted your post? Oh dear, perhaps you should man up before trying to insult someone. I don't enjoy having to read the comments of those who do not have the balls to keep to what they originally posted, nor responding to for that matter.
Drellia, please stop now. He can make a fool of himself perfectly well without you joining in.
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