Personally i think it would be possible to get a great amount of nice abilites, but on the other hand it would look too much like like a combination between a hunter, having no pet and a rogue.

Some ideas looking similar to the hunter and others:
- Escape into trees, bushes or on walls, lowering threat.
- Camouflage, think LotR what Frodo did with the cape which looked like a rock.
- Enchanced smell, used as little radar. (Think hunter track ability.)
- Twin arrows. (Double shot where both arrows hit the targets knees* making the target fall. Then again not everything in wow has knees.)
- Standard ability to have a First Aid up to half of the points.
- Double speed in points for Herbalism, fishing and Skinning.
- Ability to - AND THIS IS THE COOLEST ONE - use a lot of friendly animals as mounts and have the ability to fire standard arrows. when stepping off mount animal will be "untamed" again and flee. (Thus only 1 mount can be kept at a time.)

Used as damage.

I was inspired by Sylvanas during her scene in Cataclysm when she's going from Forsaken high command to the Sepulcher and tells her story about Arthas and ofcourse ...tadada
LotR Aragorn.