Loremaster Acheivs!

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Hey guys.

I recently decided to make my shaman a bigger part of my wow life as recently he has been put on the back burner by my paladin. I'm going to aim to do something I could never see myself doing, and that is getting the Loremaster Acheivments.

Now I levelled doing quests in various zones, but i have noticed that I have not been credited with a lot of these quests, for instance i might have done a few quests in the Wetlands, but my log says I'm at 0/30. Is that normal?

Also I was wondering if someone could give me a rough estimate on how much time this takes, and if thrre are any mods you could reccomend to help me along the way.

Many thanks for reading :)
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1 Orc Mage
My partner has been doing this lately and been using an outdated addon called everyquest, which gives a list of the quests you have done and what you haven't.

Sadly as this addon hasn't been updated it's a little buggy and sometimes does not give 100% accurate info.

Having a look on curse


looks fairly good though I haven't the experience to say how useful it is.

As far as timeframe goes, your likely looking at around 8-15 days playtime depending on previous quests complete, your pace and whether or not you miss quests as you go
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100 Gnome Warlock
Bizaare, have you quested before the Cataclysm hit? In Cataclysm, all the quests got revamped. Really amazing!!

I'm not kiddin', it's really awesome. All the old stories have passed, new ones have come and well-crafted references bring a smile on your face. Goodluck with Loremaster, my Elementalistic friend; you were once one of our brothers. May thee too once know the true power of the elements; the darkness.
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