Super Serious Epix Idea!

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This was posted on the US forums by a chap called Robokapp so full credit goes to him.

no no no.

that's not what was suggested I don't think.

basically they mean a flatline braindead LFR and a ramup 'non-lfr'. as in ramping up across the whole expansion not going up first tier, dropping back down and repeating the trend each tier. basically more like vanilla or BC. tier 3 is harder than 2. tier 2 is harder than tier 1. later bosses in a tier are harder than early bosses etc. with a little overlap of course. the guy guarding the gate in Firelands wont be stronger than Sinestra.

so only the very top maybe last guy in each tier and the last couple bosses of the final tier will have the 'burn' to them.

basically a lot like BC. Other than vashj and kael there werent many unmovable bosses in there...not midway through a tier at least. untilyou got in the upper portion of BT and Sunwell. So you could clear 40 or so bosses with easy to moderate difficulty then it slowed down considerably.

*assumption: no attunments.

Super epix idea right here. I like it so much. Basically destroy the concept of "heroic mode" and revert "heroic mode" to "normal mode". Forcably add a ramping up of difficulty between tiers (a la BC progression) so that there will always be guilds progressing at various points in an expansion making guild finding easier.
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On more serious tone. I think they've tried to keep the balance like that, but they fell apart of the course since they started to play with raid lockouts and sizes.
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