[LFG] The Cross-server RBG Thread

90 Night Elf Rogue
When I was looking through the Arena forums a while ago, I noticed that a lot of threads were from people trying to find a cross-server RBG group. Now, officially, that belongs on the Recruitment forums, but it seems obvious that people won't be convinced to post there all that willingly.

Therefore, after I noticed that this was a big success on the German forums, I figured it could be useful to also set up an English thread where you can look for an RBG team cross-server.

Unlike the German forums though, I won't keep Horde/Alliance separated, to avoid these forums getting too much spam due to the stickies.

Anyway, if you're looking for a cross-server RBG group, you can do so in this thread. Judging from the German forums, it works perfectly, and it should save a lot of spam.

To make everything a bit more organized, I will give you an example layout of a Looking For RBG group post:

-Rating experience in RBGs
-Your current, estimated, MMR
-Times and days you can be available
-Ways to be contacted
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.

That is for individuals of course. If you are a group looking for players, I'll leave it all up to you ;)

Additionally, if you want, you can also join an IRC channel setup by Sarco to find teammates. All info about that can be found here:

So well, good luck with those RBGs then!

Nakatoir made a rather wise comment later on which I would like to repeat in here: please don't add your Real ID emailadress into this thread. You can always give it to the person you're talking to later on, but not immediately on these public forums.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Faction: Alliance
Class: Druid
Spec: Feral (Collecting balance)
Rating exp: 2.1k
Current estimated MMR: Should be around the 1.8-2k mark.
Times and days: Most days/nights although irl comes before.
Ways to be contacted: Skype - mike.firth3, put why you're adding me in the send request box or log onto OL alliance and look for me on there!
Any other info: Im a 20 year old dude who doesn't rage quit/rage ig, like to have a mature yet fun environment got a working mic and vocal, can listen to orders/follow orders when given.
90 Undead Priest
Faction: Horde
Class: Priest and Mage
Spec: Disc/Shadow and Frost/Fire
Rating exp: Only 1.3k, because serious lack of RBGs on my realm.
Current esimated MMR: If they reset on season end, the default. Haven't played since then.
Availability: Almost all the time.
Ways to be contacted: Send ingame mail, reply here, send message on IRC in #RBG.EU ([H]Paranoia is nick).
Any other info: Got working mic + all voice comm. programs. I don't keyturn/click and I know how to position myself decently.
90 Draenei Paladin
Faction: alliance
Class: paladin
Spec: holy
Rating exp: 1.7 (1.650atm)
Current esimated MMR: around 1.6-1.8
Ways to be contacted: ingame mail, skype(klaas.smets), vent, teamspeak,
Any other info: Mic, 21years old, can listen to orders as long they if they are reasonable, .
100 Night Elf Warrior
Faction: alliance
Class: warrior
Spec: prot - FC
Rating exp: 2.100+
Current esimated MMR: 2173
Times and days you can be available : daily, 19:00 - 01:00 server time
Ways to be contacted: ingame mail or reply with my name here
Any other info: Mic, 33 years old, able to constantly analyze battlefield and express myself vocally, my goal is 2400 and need team with current rating no lower than 2150
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-Faction: Horde
-Class: Warlock/Paladin/Warrior(FC)/Deathknight
-Spec: Any.
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2,1+
-Your current, estimated, MMR 1,9-2.1+
-Times and days you can be available: I can play every day.
-Ways to be contacted: Mail: arseny.petukhov@yandex.ru (real id) and skype: arsenypetukhov
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of: 2.3+ s5 exp by warrior.
1 Human Rogue
-Faction Alliance
-Class Shaman & Rogue
-Spec Elemental & Sup
-Rating experience in RBGs 2.2k+
-Your current, estimated, MMR 2.2k
-Ways to be contacted SKYPE: likeretards
- Elemental Shaman got Legendary & Heroic Cunning 2.6k xp in Arena and the Rogue got 2.5k Experience in Arena aswell...
85 Orc Warrior
Faction: Horde
Rating exp:1.8, because the rbg team of my realm cant do more :)
Current esimated MMR:1850 I think
Availability: Allmoust all the nights from 19:00-23:00 and all the weekend .
Ways to be contacted: Send ingame mail,or skype id I know its long but I couldnt get something else:) (robert0000000000000007 15 of 0 :P
Any other info: Got working mic + all voice comm. programs.I got a curent team of 3 s 1950 + 5 s almoust 1.8 and 2 s playing with 5 friends on 1.8+ highest 2.1 In this season, I m full cata gear enchants +gems + full professions
85 Undead Priest
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Priest
-Spec: Disc
-Rating experience in RBGs: Have played RBGs at 2k mmr or so
-Your current, estimated, MMR: About 1.8k?
-Times and days you can be available: Almost every day after 18:00 server time
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail preferably on this character or Aevi and can just leave a way for me to contact you back there.
-Any other info: Played disc since about wrath s8, didn't really PvP back then. Started PvPing as a disc in s9 first and managed to get 2.5k while still having a few blue items at the end of the season. Was gonna push for glad, but drama happened. Haven't really PvPd much on disc after and only recently started PvPing more often and looking good so far.
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85 Undead Mage
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Mage
-Spec: Frost/Fire
-Rating experience in RBGs: 1.9k (On a warrior)
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 0 (Fresh start with this mage)
-Times and days you can be available: Daily at around 18:00
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail preferably and Skype (hansfroon)
-Any other info: I have a good mic and i am a good team player. I am layed back and i like to have fun when i am playing.
100 Blood Elf Hunter
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Hunter, or Death Knight (can play a rogue later in season when I've got better gear)
-Spec: Marksman, Unholy/Frost/Blood (will play any)
-Rating experience in RBGs: 0, not done RBGs, wanting to start, 1820 highest 3man team rating in arena (higher MMR)
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 0 (again, wanting to start RBG)
-Times and days you can be available: usually around 2PM GMT - late night, every day
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail preferably
-Any other info: Friendly, competitive when required but relaxed player, vocal about CC, not overly concerned at team MMR (1550+ pref) also may tend to log out in PvE gear (for the armory police here :D)
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98 Undead Warlock
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Warlock, Shaman, Priest
-Spec: Affliction, Resto, Disc
-Rating experience in RBGs: Did few with other guilds, nothing fancy.
-Your current, estimated, MMR: None
-Times and days you can be available: After 19:00 ST
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail, skype (p.vanpanhuis)
-Any other info: 1750 in arena, quick learner, team player, got working mic and an awesome voice. Willing to push serious ratings.
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100 Night Elf Rogue
-Faction: Alliance
-Class: Rogue
-Spec: Sub / Assassination (LOL)
-Rating experience in RBGs - Meh, I'm on a dead realm, there's not even enough players online at the moment in total to do a RBG.
-Your current, estimated, MMR - Again, meh.
-Times and days you can be available - All the time .___.
-Ways to be contacted - Skype, That iOS messaging system thing I've never used, Real ID, Email, I've got the iOS app for Teamspeak, so you could get me on that.
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.: Ehh, again with the dead realm thing, it means there's no good players at all, but, I am at 1.7k in 3v3, 1.8k in 2v2, I don't think it's even possible to set up a 5v5 on my realm, and I'm like, 4th or 5th on my realm, I'm not checking now .__. I have a Razer Headset ( OMG RAZER FANBOI LOLOLO ) to chat, I have Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype, Ventrillo all installed and updated.
100 Night Elf Druid
Faction: Alliance
Class: Druid
Spec: Feral
Rating exp:1800-1900
current, estimated, MMR: ~1600
Times and days you can be available:pretty much any time on any day of the week, exept during raids wich are between 21:00 and midnight ST, on every day but Monday and Thursday.
Ways to be contacted: send me an In-game mail
Any other info: not many Rbgs going on on my server so only at 70 wins, able to follow instructions and got some common sense aswell ;)
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90 Troll Druid
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Druid
-Spec: Balance/resto
-Rating experience in RBG: 1900
-Times and days you can be available: 15:00 - 02:00 most days
-Ways to be contacted: /w me ingame
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Rogue
-Spec: Sub
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2.2k (not on this toon)
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 1800
-Times and days you can be available: 18.00-23.00 Most days
-Ways to be contacted /w me ingame or post here with my name.
85 Human Rogue
-Rating experience in RBGs
-Your current, estimated, MMR
-Times and days you can be available
-Ways to be contacted
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.

Faction - Alliance

Class - Rogue

Spec - Subtlety

Experience in RBG - 2350

Estimated MMR - 2200

Current rating - 2203

Times and days available - Any day, not past 00:00 in weekdays, just make sure to inform beforehand

Contact - In-game mail/whisper, skype (Gabrllo)

Other information - 2.2k 2s/3s, 2k 5s, communicating well, speaking english fluently.

Playtime 0_o
Total time played: 128 days, 21 minutes, 39 seconds
Time played at this level (85): 101 days, 22 hours, 38 minutes, 43 seconds.
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