[LFG] The Cross-server RBG Thread

85 Troll Druid

-Faction - Horde

-Class - Druid

-Spec - Balance

-Rating experience in RBGs - 0, or 1500. but im a good player, just dot everything...

ARena EXP: 2.1k from 3s and 5v5, as boomkin. Also got 2k on my dk in 3s and 1700 on my mage in 2s.

-Your current, estimated, MMR 0, or 1500.

-Times and days you can be available Anyday, anytime prettymuch.

-Ways to be contacted -

Write to me on Skype : Kapone_db or ingame, on my characters, Kapone, Soku, Gorillagoat, Jalocin.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
-Faction: Alliance

-Class: DK

-Spec: Frost

-Rating experience in RBGs: 2.4k

-Your current, estimated, MMR: Around 2.1-2.2k

-Times and days you can be available: All days, all time. 100% attendace!

-Ways to be contacted: Skype: Benjaminstrom

-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.: Got elite gear as u might see, had my own group on 2k raiting and cant get the right ppl, so im giving up my own group and gonna look for a 2.2k + team. My exp is 2.4k as a holypaladin, got 2k as a rogue, and a dk. But Dk will be the main from now on. If wanted i can link both my rogue and hpala. I can be used for calling targets! I can bring alot of ppl into the group aswell as i got alot of contacts. 2.2k - hota+ rated peeps.

Community Manager
Great to hear how everyone is enjoying the Cross-Realm RBG feature. This is a great way to consolidate all of the information for those looking to do Cross-Realm Battlegrounds ^^

Please do note that you should not include an email address in your post on the forums. If you wish to become Real ID friends, please contact each other in-game to do so. As a word of warning to avoid frustration for you all, those that include an email address will have their post removed. Enjoy the battlegrounds! To victory!!! *Raises pincer in the air*
85 Human Priest
2.4k xp
Cr 1.7k 2.3k mmr
I can play all day
Contact me on skype : Kimboomlol or In game @eazymoneyz
85 Orc Warlock
Great to hear how everyone is enjoying the Dead server feature....

Cloud... coming soon.
90 Draenei Shaman
Faction: Alliance
Class: Shaman
Spec: Resto. can play Elemental if needed
-Rating experience in RBGs: About 1.9k due to the lack of people pvping on my server
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 1800-2000
-Times and days you can be available: 18:00 - 23:00 GMT most days
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail,
-Any other info: I was 2.5k+ in arena last season and 2.2k+ this season. I currently have full cataclysmic and t2
85 Undead Mage
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Mage/rogue/priest
-Spec: Fire/Frost, Sub, Disc/shadow
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2,7+
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 2600 on mage, 2kish on rogue, 2kish on priest
-Times and days you can be available: Tuesday only!
-Ways to be contacted: In-game!
-Any other info: Hi!



Nickname needs to start with either [H] or [A] Depending on your faction
Channel: #RBG.EU
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1 Orc Mage

85 Troll Mage
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Mage
-Spec: Frost/Fire
-Rating experience in RBGs: Never doe RBG'S
-Your current, estimated, MMR: About 2.2k
-Times and days you can be available: Sat/Suday
-Ways to be contacted: In-game mail preferably on this character just leave a way for me to contact you back there.
-Any other info: very experienced PVE mage looking to give pvp a try would like to be hitting 2.2k+ RBG... I don't play the game to fail.
85 Blood Elf Paladin
-Faction- Horde
-Class- Paladin
-Spec- Holy
-Rating experience in RBGs- 0, done a few games on my mage at the start of cata
-Your current, estimated, MMR- 0 or 1500
-Times and days you can be available weekdays between 20-23
-Ways to be contacted- Ingame mail
-Any other info- Been playing on various characters since early vanilla with some breaks here and there. recently started pvp healing on my paladin and love it! good player with alot of game knowledge and understanding for class mechanics and battleground tactics, Swedish=)
85 Night Elf Death Knight

-Death Knight

-Frost & Blood

-Rated Battleground experience- 1692

- ~MMR: 1800

-All weekdays; If planned in advance

-Skype: Kylejobey. In-game whisper/mail

-Experienced at 2400 with other characters in Arena. Fairly new to Rated Battlegrounds (1700), but I learn and listen very quickly. Plus I am british, which makes me fairly decent and understanding orders (granted they are given in english) and also an easy person to understand on voice comm.
85 Human Priest
-Faction: Alliance
-Class: Priest
-Spec: Discipline
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2K (On druid)
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 1.8K CR
-Times and days you can be available: Depends every week I'm around a lot specially after 11pm.
-Ways to be contacted: skype; jeffreyfrederico (netherlands) or ingame
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of: Currently leading in own RBG guild but on social base (2days) want to do more whenever I can. Also interested in lower rated rbgs on my arms warrior.
85 Orc Death Knight
-Faction Horde
-Class Death Knight
-Spec Frost/Unholy
-Rating experience in RBGs 2500 + Hero of the horde
-Your current, estimated, MMR 0 Current
-Times and days you can be available Any day Any Time
-Ways to be contacted Skype: Wakka_90
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of. 2600 Exp in 3v3 arena - Ex Leader of Rbgs - target caller

Playing on http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Mangodash/simple Full Tier 2 gear + PvE Epix
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95 Tauren Druid
Faction Horde
-Class Druid
-Spec Feral
-Rating experience in RBGs 1500
-Your current, estimated, MMR 1700
-Times and days you can be available Friday(20.00-00.00) Saturday(Anytime) Sunday(Anytime before 20.00)
-Ways to be contacted my wow char Shiftty (Hellfire Horde) and email branislavstojanovic42@yahoo.com (not my bnet email)
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.
played about 70-80 rbgs was dpsing/flag carry-ing
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