Class for low skilled players


85 Orc Warrior
DKs have the great skill to spam Howling blast over and over again on a target doing a lot of dmg overtime, just one botton spam .... basically 60 % of their dmg comes from one spell/button.... are u kidding me?
then some people have the cheek to say mages are op, tbh u dont need much skill to play a dk nowadays, just spamming one key.
90 Orc Death Knight
Spamming howling blast is not the correct priority system though and the output would be terrible.

Cheek to say mages are OP? I find myself spamming Fireball on my mage most of the time. And that's actually a huge part of their rotation. No death knight should ever spam Howling Blast mindlessly.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Casters are easier to play than melees, deal with it
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Your dps must be really bad if HB is 60% of your dmg, because it should be around 12-15%
90 Undead Death Knight
hb shouldnt be on top 3 on reacount lol unless there is a mob of 5+

also hb hits like 6k
90 Night Elf Death Knight
So... Let me get this straight.

You have an issue with a spell one spec can use, and due to that the entire class is a one button class?

Unholy says hello.
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