Aszune-Horde Population

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Aszune-Horde is seriously struggling for numbers. The population is dwindling to next to nothing. I personally don't think MoP will make a huge difference. Sure, a spike in numbers to begin with but they'll dwindle again as people move on.

Not that I'm holding out any hope that Blizz might address the issue but I guess anything is worth a shot. Either free character transfers on to Aszune or a server merge would be nice.

I play MMORPGs to play with other people and am seriously considering giving up my subscription because there's just not the interaction there once was on this server.
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Even on alliance it's not as busy as it was a few months ago. I tend to blame a few different things:
  • The amount of available alternative games, both MMO's and others, on the market right now are causing people to leave, whether it be temporary or permanent.
  • The summer season - people will be more inclined to spend some time outside & away from computer & often go on holiday. Comes with the season I guess, especially if the weather is good.
  • End of expansion fever - people seem to run out of steam a bit in the last patch of an expasion while waiting for new content to arrive. Some even let their accounts expire after clearing content just to come back a few months later as the expansion hits.

In the end, some of the people that are missing/slacking now will be back in Mists of Pandaria or shortly before, some of them will stick around longer than others as you mentioned already.

Personally, I'm hoping for an influx of newer players with Mists of Pandaria to the server in general.
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Hah, someone reported this thread. Why the hell.
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True :(
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Chaika, you're analysis is spot on.

You won't see numbers grow again until September.

And we're all gonna have a big bad showdown for MoP, and then WoW as a whole will die out.

At least, after 7 years of having been around WoW... I kinda want it to end. just cause... 7 f'ing years. But let's all get back in for MoP, have a ball, and then we (Blizzard included), can call it a day, and lets leave Activision with the bill.

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