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One year ago, we created a new kind of e-sport PvP event with my team: the Kill Ball. This game takes place in Silithus. Two teams fight for a silithyst shard to score touchdowns. The rules are pretty simple: free fight, no mount. Here is a video my girlfriend made during the first match:


This summer is the time to organize Kill Ball matches: lack of new game content, summer holidays, still no release date for Mists of Pandaria... A good old brutal massacre is worth to break the rut !

Lots of players asked us the rules and how to organize a Kill Ball match, so I wrote a complete guide to teach you how to do it with your guild or friends.


The Kill Ball does not require lots of organization. All you need is to recruit enough players to make the game fun, and referees.

Once you have set up a date and a time for your event, create it in the in-game calendar, in both factions. For registration, ask people to send you an in-game message with the name(s) of the character(s) to register in the calendar.

Do announcements everywhere:

  • Send regular announcement messages in the in-game channels (Trade, General...), especially during rush hours, in both factions. It's the most important!
  • Create topics in official forums, your realm forum and "Events and fan creations"
  • Contact fansites webmasters

You'll probably have to recruit pick up players just before the match to fill the teams since all confirmed players are be present the D-day. Be patient.

As you probably noticed, there is a wordplay with the name of the game, "Kill Ball" refers to Quentin Tarentino's movie Kill Bill. I created posters to promote the event that parodies the posters of the movies Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2. Feel free to use them to promote your own events!

  • http://www.warcraftpeople.com/media/images/events/kill_ball/kill_ball_affiche.psd
  • http://www.warcraftpeople.com/media/images/events/kill_ball/kill_ball_affiche_v2.psd

You can also just improvise a match by recruiting players in the Trade channel.

The players

The Kill Ball is a 15 vs 15 player game, but you can play with more (or less) players. It's important to have the same amount of players in both teams + substitutes in case some players leave the game. Substitutes, referees and spectators must stay on their flying mount above the terrain to ensure they don't interfere with the game. It's advised to have 1 healer for 4 DPS to have a balanced game.

The terrain

The terrain is located in Silithus, since it's the only location in Azeroth where the shards of silithyst are usable. The corners and the center of the terrain are marked by the 5 raid markers as shown on the following images:

  • http://www.warcraftpeople.com/media/images/events/kill_ball/kill_ball_map_silithus.jpg
  • http://www.warcraftpeople.com/media/images/events/kill_ball/kill_ball_terrain_en.jpg

The "ball"

As explained before, the ball is nothing but a shard of silithyst ( http://www.wowhead.com/object=181597 ). It works the same way as the WSG flag. A player clicks it to pick it up on the floor. When carrying the silithyst, all speed bonuses of the player become inefficient and he gets surrounded by a red smoke. The player can drop the silithyst to a team mate or when he's killed. Be aware that the silithyst may disappear if it's left too long time on the ground, ensure a referee takes it when you're not using it during player switch/repositioning.

The rules

The match consists in two 15-minute half-times. During the first half-time, the Alliance team owns the southern base while the Horde has the northern one. Bases are swapped at the second half-time.

At the beginning of a half-time, the silithyst shard is placed at the center of the terrain, on the yellow star. The faster team will get the shard at the kickoff.

To score, a player of the team must touchdown the silithyst between the 2 markers of the enemy base. A referee announces the goal and stops the timer. All players get back to their base then the referee gives the silithyst to the other team that hasn't scored the goal. When everyone is ready, the referee announces the resumption of the game and starts the timer. The half-time ends when the timer reaches 0.

Mounts and druids' flight form are forbidden. Except this limitation, there is no holds barred! In case of foul, the referee stops the timer and excludes the guilty player.

Of course, players not taking part of the game must not interfere. Substitutes can help killing enemy intruders who try to disrupt the game. A player can also score against his own team, beware of bumps!

The cemetery is located at the north of the terrain. All kind of resurrection spells are allowed.

Game organisation

It's strongly recommended that all the participants, including players and referees of both factions, share a common Teamspeak channel. Referees can easily do their announcements in that single voice channel and it's also useful for players to warn for intruders. If you don't own a TeamSpeak server, you can use a free public one: http://publicteamspeak.com/

The referees are promoted in their raid group. They manage substitutes and move them into spare groups. They also do all the anouncements (goals, time left, beginning and end of game...).

Ask spectators and substitutes to stay on their mount, with PvP tag disabled (if not in a PvP realm) and keep a distance away from the terrain.

Score and timer management

The timer and the scores can be easily managed using this addon that has been specially designed for the Kill Ball: http://shar.as/6FfzM (give this shortened URL to other players, it leads to the addon download page on Curse.com)

It displays the score and the time left on the top of the player's screen and buttons for referees to announce goals and control the timer. The score board remains visible all the time, even when the UI is hidden to allow to broadcast the game action without UI but the scores.

The addon is very easy to use since all the job is done by the referees (promoted players and raid leaders). To enable addon communication between the Alliance and the Horde teams, both teams must have a referee being Battle.net/RealID friends. To turn the synchronization on, they must type the /sbsync command, followed by the name of the other faction's referee. The timer can be initialized by a referee by typing the /sbtimer command followed by the desired time. The score board is toggled using the /sb command.

Here is a simple example, for a 15-minute game. Gnominette is a referee in the Alliance raid, Darktauren in the Horde raid. They are Battle.net friends and have been promoted in their raid. To make the score board fully operational:

  • Gnominette types /sbsync Darktauren
  • Darktauren types /sbsync Gnominette
  • One of the referees (any) types /sbtimer 15:00 to set the timer to 15 minutes.
  • One of the referees types /sb pour show the score board on the screen of all players.

Referees announce the goals by clicking the "Goal!" button. The buttons trigger an animation and stop the timer. The middle button controls the timer.

The time left can be adjusted anytime using the /sbtimer command. The score can also been adjusted using the /sbscore command followed by the Alliance and the Horde score (ie /sbscore 4 3).

Game streaming

Another cool thing to do with the Kill Ball is to broadcast the game to a web TV. There is no such e-sport event in WoW so your match will offer a new kind of show!

To stream the game, it's good to have 2 sportscaster, one in both team. The easiest solution for broadcasting is using XFire software ( http://www.xfire.com/ ): free and easy to use, it doesn't require lots of CPU power and won't affect your gameplay.

It's recommended to have 2 sportscasters, in the same Skype voice chatroom:

  • The first one needs a powerful broadband connection to stream the video. He does not join the Teamspeak channel and captures the game action with the game UI hidden (but the score board if using the PvP Score Board addon). He's broadcasting the game sound, his microphone and the Skype conference so that viewers can hear the second guy speaking.
  • The second one is following the action in the raid chat and in the Teamspeak channel. He forwards the referees' announcements and tells what's happening in the game on Skype.

It's more entertaining to have a sportscasters of both faction! They also need to be good presenters to liven up during game pauses.

Et voilà! You now know everything about how to organize your own Kill Ball match!

I hope this will be useful to you to have a lot of fun!
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Such a nice thing to do !
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This looks fun - anyone interested on Argent Dawn?
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