5.4.8 Known Technical Issues

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This thread contains basic steps to troubleshoot issues, as well as solutions or workaround to known issues. If we don't have steps that cover the issue you are experiencing, please try the basic steps first. If you contine to receive errors, please open a new thread and let us know the exact error you have experienced and which steps you have tried.

For in-game issues related to bugs, please check this thread on our Customer Support Forum.

Basic Solutions
  • Delete the Battle.net folders
  • Run as administrator
  • Enable secondary logon
  • Background applications
  • Temporarily disable security software
  • Disable or Uninstall any third-party addon installers

5.4.8 Known Issues
  • System Survey – Steam
  • Directx 11 Crashes
  • Clock Speed Crashes
  • Windows XP - 32 bit
  • Windows XP - Task Bar
  • Error #132 – Onekey Theater
  • Device Driver out of Date
  • Waist Item Distortions
  • Nvidia Optimus
  • Windows XP - Radeon HD 5770
  • Bilinear Filtering
  • Black Borders

Mists of Pandaria Performance
Graphics Card Support
Mac Specific
Mac Troubleshooting
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Customer Service
Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Delete the Battle.net folders
Try deleting the Battle.net folders, which can be found here:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net
  • C:\ProgramData\Battle.net

**Note** you will need to enable hidden files and folders on your system in order to see the Program Data folder.

    [Mac OS X]
  • /Users/Shared/Blizzard/Battle.net

Run as administrator
Make sure you are logged on an administrator account on your computer when installing or patching the game. If the game is not installed using an administrator account, computer permissions can prevent the installation or patch from completing.

Note: We cannot support the game on a non-administrator account.

When running the installer or patch, we recommend opening using the ‘Run as administrator’ feature.
  • Right-Click the World of Warcraf Launcher icon and select “Run as Administrator”.

Secondary Logon
The Secondary Logon service must be enabled for our games to install and run. You can find out how to check if secondary logon is enabled by following the instructions found here.

Background Applications
The other programs running on your computer could be interfering with the patch installation. We recommended running in Selective Startup mode when attempting to install or patch, since background applications can interfere significantly with these operations.

You can find more information and detailed instructions for this mode on the Closing Background Applications page.

Security Software
Security software (Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm) is designed to protect your computer from perceived threats. Unfortunately, many security programs are not game-friendly and will frequently perceive a game installation or update as a threat and shut it down.

Disabling or temporarily uninstalling these programs will often permit the patch installation to complete successfully. However, be advised that some security programs will continue to partially run even when they are disabled.

If you are not comfortable modifying your security software settings, we recommend contacting the software publisher for assistance.

Disable or uninstall any third-party addon installers
Third party addon installers can prevent the patching/optimisation process from accessing, modifying and deleting certain files. Please disable or uninstall any third party addon installers (Examples: CurseClient & WoWMatrix).
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Known issues

System Survey – Steam
Players running Steam when patching World of Warcraft may encounter the following error:
ERROR: The file "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\SystemSurvey.exe" could not be renamed to "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\SystemSurvey.exe.Trash".

Please temporarily close Steam whilst patching.

Directx 11 Crashes
Some players may experience game crashes/errors when running in Directx 11 mode. Swapping your graphics API to DX9 may resolve these crashes.

Clock Speed Crashes
Some graphics cards, when set to non-standard clock speeds, may experience graphics driver crashes.

Windows XP - 32 bit
Windows XP users playing with the 32 bit client may experience loading screen freezes. Restarting the client should allow the player to proceed past the affected loading screen.

Windows XP - Task Bar
Windows XP users may experience game crashes when right clicking on the task bar while World of Warcraft is loading. Restarting the client, and not performing these steps, should resolve the issue.

Error #132 – Onekey Theater
Players on Lenovo Optimus laptops using the program ‘Onekey Theater’ may experience Error #132s. This is recognised by the following lines in the Current AddOn being present in the Error log:
<Addons.Current.Function> VideoDeviceState
<Addons.Current.Object> AccountLoginUI

Please disable or uninstall Onekey Theater in order to work around this error.

Device Driver out of Date
Some players may encounter this message erroneously when all drivers are already up to date. We are investigating these false positives, please note that players affected by this should be able to play the game regardless.

Waist Item Distortions
Some waist items may cause graphical distortion or artefacts when equipped. Affected items are:

Nvidia Optimus
The Nvidia Optimus system may not automatically switch to the dedicated Nvidia graphics adapter when starting the game. Please ensure that this is correctly set in the Optimus program for the Nvidia card to be correctly used.

Windows XP - Radeon HD 5770
Players using Windows XP and Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards may experience issues proceeding past loading screens. Restarting the client should resolve this.

Bilinear Filtering
Setting the Texture Filtering option to Bilinear Filtering may cause issues with terrain tearing. Please set this to Trilinear.

Black Borders
Running the game in Directx 9 mode and in Fullscreen may cause black borders to appear, when the game is not running in the monitor's native resolution. Please set the resolution to match the monitor's native resolution, or run the game in Windowed mode.
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Customer Service
Mists of Pandaria Performance

If you haven’t upgraded your graphics card recently, chances are that the content in Mists of Pandaria may tax your computer more than what you are used to in Cataclysm. Overall we would like players to have the best possible experience on their journey through Pandaria. We’ve tried to our best to come up with reasonable default settings by detecting your system components, but if you want to manually tweak your settings for optimal performance, we recommend the following approach to increase performance whilst maintaining the highest visual fidelity:

MoP Performance Checklist:
• Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date. You can find details on how to make sure that all drivers are up to date in our guide here.
• Disable Vertical Sync. Vertical Sync means the game will try to present frames matching the refresh rate of your monitor. This is usually 60 Hz, so the maximum framerate you will get is 60 FPS. If the game just gets a little bit slower than 60 FPS, it will drop to 30 FPS. Disabling this feature may assist if your frame rate drops periodically, however if you disable this option make sure that the Max Foreground FPS feature is enabled, as uncapping your FPS may cause overheating issues.
• Disable multisampling, especially if you are running at a larger resolution (1600 x 1200 and up) and your graphics card is not very recent
• Reduce the SSAO setting or fully disable it, especially if you are running at a larger resolution and/or have an older/weaker graphics card
• Set Shadow Quality to High
• Set Liquid Detail to Good (Ultra causes a lot of the terrain and buildings to get rendered multiple times for reflections when the ocean is visible)
• Reduce Ground Clutter *
• Decrease View Distance *
• Reduce Texture Resolution *

* These settings have the biggest visual impact

If you have a PC with 32-bit Windows and less than 4 GB of RAM:
• Reduce your view distance and/or texture quality settings

If you have a graphics card that has less than 512 MB of RAM:
• Running at Ultra settings may cause video memory to thrash (especially in areas with high player population)
• Reduce View Distance
• Try playing at a lower screen resolution
• Reduce your Texture Resolution settings

While we love AddOns and actively support their development, they can cause additional performance overhead and use up valuable system resources such as memory. We do not mean to discourage players from running AddOns, but if you are running on a system with somewhat constrained resources (like a 32-bit OS with less than 4 GB of RAM) we recommend that you keep an eye on overall AddOn memory usage. Also, if you experience abnormal slowdowns during times of heavy player activity (like a raid boss fight), try disabling a few non-critical AddOns and see if the slowdowns persist.
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Customer Service
Graphics Card Support

As with all of our previous expansions, Mists of Pandaria saw improvements made to World of Warcraft’s graphics. While these improvements to our game’s engine are vital to keeping pace in a competitive marketplace, it also means that some video cards which were barely able to play the game during Cataclysm will no longer be able to play World of Warcraft.

The best way to check if your current video card is capable of playing World of Warcraft is to check this article, which contains a list of all supported and non supported video cards.

What can you do if your video card is no longer able to play World of Warcraft?

- Desktop: If your computer is a desktop then you may be able to upgrade the video card. This is particularly likely if your computer only has a built-in (onboard) video chip such as an Intel Series 4. Many online resources exist to help with choosing a new video card, including our tech forum regulars.

- Laptop: Unfortunately, aside from a handful of specialized “high-end” laptops, the video card in laptops cannot be upgraded. If your laptop is no longer able to play World of Warcraft now Mists of Pandaria has launched you will have to look at obtaining a newer computer.

Special Note on Intel Series 4

The 5.0.4 patch marked the end of our support for the Intel Series 4 video chip. Unlike the rest of the video cards which have become unsupported in 5.0.4, the Series 4 chip’s comparatively young age understandably creates confusion in some players as to why support for it is being dropped. The straightforward answer is that an Intel Series 4 chip is comparative in graphics power to budget video cards that were released as far back as 2003. Not coincidentally, those same cards will no longer run World of Warcraft now patch 5.0.4 has launched.

While we greatly sympathize with players that are using laptops with Intel Series 4 chips, we are simply no longer able to advance the graphics of World of Warcraft without ending support for this beleaguered video chip.
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Customer Service
Mac Specific
  • You can sometimes crash when compressing a video.
  • The GTX 660M and the 680MX default to Fair Graphic Settings.
  • [Retina, 64-bit] Movie Recordings are corrupt when recording at the highest available Retina Resolution.
  • [ATI] Projected Textures are appearing above the geometry they are placed on.
  • Attempting to Record a Frame While Running Causes Cursor to Disappear.
  • Your game may hang if you lose your internet connection while loading into the world from the character selection screen.
  • [64-bit] Recordings may become corrupted after choosing a recording resolution before a viewing mode or resolution change without restarting the client.
  • Cancelling a movie that is currently being compressed can cause the client to crash.
  • [Intel HD 3000] Footsteps can display incorrectly on some graphics cards.
  • [ATI/Apple] Raindrops linger at their impact point while the camera is in motion.

Under Investigation
  • Using a modifier (shift/alt/control) that is bound on an external mouse or keypad may cause the modifier key to be stuck.
  • When launching WoW on a 1080p display, WoW reverts back to 1080i. This causes some display issues in-game.
  • Workaround: Switching to windowed full screen then alt tabbing out and changing resolution in system preferences temporarily fixes the issue until next time WoW is launched.

Misc Mac Known Issues (ongoing)
  • GeForce 9400 + USB Headset Performance Issues
    For those who don't remember this issue, USB headset on Macs with a GeForce 9400 can cause performance issues.

    If you are using a GeForce 9400 and a USB headset, basically combining the 2 will result into a drastic drop in performance in all OpenGL applications. This is a hardware bug with Mac OS X. Non-USB headsets are fine.

  • MacBook Pro owners with a GeForce 9400M and 9600M GT, please make sure that you are using the GeForce 9600M GT.
  • Non-Macbook Pros can unplug the USB headset to restore any post performance due to the hardware bug.
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Customer Service
Mac Troubleshooting

Here are some common troubleshooting steps listed that help resolve common patch migration issues, such as:

  • Being stuck at 0% for longer than 60 min
  • Being stuck on Checking for Updates, or Updating Setup Files
  • Other general patch migration issues that prevent the game from updating completely.

Before Troubleshooting
  • Make sure your OS is 10.6.8 or higher. 10.5.8/10.4.11 is not supported


    Close existing tools processes and re-run the launcher
      1. Close all existing processes of Agent, Blizzard Launcher and Diablo III Launcher, StarCraft II or WoW Launcher.
      2. Run the shortcut to your game build or run the game Launcher in the installed game folder.

    Clear out the existing Battle.net tools folder and rerun your existing game Launcher
      1. Close all existing processes of Agent, Blizzard Launcher and Diablo III Launcher, StarCraft II or World of Warcraft Launcher.
      2. Navigate to Users/Shared and delete the Battle.net folder.
      3. Run the World of Warcraft Launcher.

If all else fails, uninstall your current build of World of Warcraft and use the new 5.0 Installer on Battle.net. Read our World of Warcraft Uninstall article for uninstalling steps and how to download the new installer: battle.net/support/article/200493
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