★★ Warlords of Draenor Known Issues ★★

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This post contains a list of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Please note that this list is NOT exhaustive.

Patch NotesLatest HotfixesKnown Technical Issues & Workarounds

Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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Top issues

Warlords of Draenor trial
Some players will have received an e-mail regarding a free 10 day Warlords of Draenor trial. This offer is only available to players who have not already upgraded their account to Warlords of Draenor.

If you have activated the trial and this is preventing you from upgrading to the full version please contact our customer support.

Unable to connect to your character (stuck)
If you experience errors such as 'World Server Down' or 'Character not Found' and are unable to connect to a character, please contact our support team and they will move the character to a safe location.

If you see 'Character With That Name Already Exists' there should be no need to contact support. Simply stay logged out of the affected character for around 20 minutes and try again.

Highmaul Colosseum chest
We are investigating an issue where the winning player cannot loot the chest.
Please note that CS is unfortunately unable to help in this matter.

Missing Garrison NPCs
The Lunarfall Inn/ Frostwall Tavern quest NPCs may not all be present at the same time when handing in a large amount of quests. You can find a workaround for this issue here

'Stay Awhile and Listen' Achievement
A hotfix is currently being tested but has not yet been applied to the live realms. The change will mean that only 10 daily inn quests will be required for the achievement, down from 20. If you have completed 10 or more of the quests you will still need to complete 1 additional quest to trigger the achievement once the hotfix is live.

Bonus Objective rewards
Some players cannot complete bonus objectives or obtain their reward despite meeting the required criteria. We are investigating. Leaving, then re-entering the area can sometimes trigger these rewards.

Character undelete feature triggering the cooldown but not restoring the character
If this has happened to you, please open a ticket so it can be investigated.

Item refund timer – "Internal Bag Error"
This is due to the refund timer still being active on old Valor and Justice items. In order to resell your item, simply wait for the 2 hour timer to expire. Note that the reselling price is lower than the purchase price like most of other in-game gold transactions.

Quest issues
  • Standing United : Hulda Shadowblade was not awarded as a follower after completing the quest. This should now be fixed, and the quest should once again be available and award the follower upon completion. If you are not able to take the quest again, contact our support team.
  • Thunderlord Invasion cannot be started with a level 3 Garrison. This quest is no longer necessary for your progression and you can abandon it.
  • Pets Versus Pests may not unlock the Menagerie. We are investigating.
  • It's possible the quest Nemesis: Hunter - Hunted (Alliance | Horde) may not be offered to players.

Other bugs
  • Changing outpost in Spires of Arak does not update the zone-specific ability.
  • We are investigating reports of Leeroy Jenkins not being awarded after completing the Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy...? achievement.
  • Grand Marshal Tremblade, High Warlord Volrath, and other bosses can despawn in combat and never respawn.
  • It is possible to loot Sha Crystals when disenchanting Warlords of Draenor items. We are investigating, however Customer Support are unable assist in replacing these materials.
  • The Achievement "The Stable Master" may not be awarded despite meeting 6/6 criteria. We are investigating. The problems seem to come from the criteria “Moth of Wrath Killed” which starts as completed 1/6. Doing all the required actions to fulfil this criteria should grant you the achievement.
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Reported issues that are not bugs

Poundfist spawn rates
Due to phasing mechanics and features, Poundfist may spawn in different phases and be not visible to you at a given time. This creature is also very rare and hard to find, and it can take up to a few days to spawn.

In order to be eligible for loot from the NPC you must have actively participated in the encounter by dealing damage or healing your team mates. If during the encounter, you die and stray too far, disconnect, or reset your aggro toward him (mind control for example), you will not be able to loot him.

Our support teams are unable to assist you with this queries related to Poundfist.

Personal Loot
We are currently seeing a lot of confusion around Personal Loot :

  • When a boss dies, the game automatically decides who won loot, and grants those players a specialisation-appropriate item to be picked up on from the corpse or loot chest.
  • In Warlords of Draenor, the Personal Loot system can now be used in raids. This is also the default loot method in dungeons.
  • To see if you are eligible for a reward, you’ll have to loot the boss. If you’re not eligible for loot, you will receive a consolation reward such as some gold.
  • In addition, all players in the group will always receive an item from the final dungeon boss.

Salvage crates
We have recently made some changes to the salvage rewards from missions:

  • Level 90-94 missions will only award a Bag of Salvaged Goods (Level 1 reward) regardless of the level of your Salvage Yard.
  • Successful Level 100 missions will now always reward a salvage crate appropriate for your current Salvage Yard: Crate of Salvage or Big Crate of Salvage
  • Level 95-99 missions remain unchanged.

Boosted characters with limited spells
Recently boosted characters will need to complete a series of quests in either the Blasted Lands or Tanaan (depending on your box-level) in order to unlock all their skills and abilities. Alternatively, using the Group Finder tool to queue for a Dungeon, Raid or Battleground, or respeccing your talents at a trainer will also unlock all abilities and skills!

Quest "Fight, Kill, Salute!"
Due to a recent hotfix, some quests do not reward conquest points as stated in the description and this is intended. The season has not yet started, and all conquest points and items will be converted to honor points, or the equivalent honor items. Note that any item acquired before the fix will be converted before the beginning of the season: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15355225379

Replacing follower traits
Using items such as the Supreme Manual of Dance or the Hearthstone Strategy Guide on your follower will permanently replace one of their existing traits, the trait to be replaced will be chosen at random.

The Follower Re-training Certificate will remove all of a follower’s abilities and traits and replace them with a randomised a selection of both.

Mount achievements and the new chopper
Please note for the achievement for having 100 mounts a character must have access to, and be able to use, at least 100 mounts.

The "Azeroth Chopper" mount has been automatically added to your list if one of your characters connected to the game before the 30th September.Search your mount list for Warlord’s Deathwheel.
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Customer Service

  • Applying and removing glyphs while in Gladiator Stance will drop all current stances.

  • The Instant Poison aura is lost whenever a Talent or Glyph is changed.

  • The temporary critical rating buffs are not increasing Parry chance through Riposte.

  • Switching targets while casting Mind Vision can cause Mind Vision to sometimes show the Priest's point of view instead of the original target.
  • Holy Word: Serenity does not work with mouse over macros.
  • Chakra: Serenity is not increasing the healing of Glyph of Power Word: Shield.

  • Frozen Orb has its projectile pathing blocked by objects, such as trees, that don't block line of sight for targeted spells.

  • Healing Spheres summoned by Gift of the Serpent will not spawn near the NPC party members during Proving Grounds.
Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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  • Mounts rewarded from completing quests in the stables building may not appear in your mount collection.
  • Item rewards from missions may not appear visible in your inventory
  • Some items received from the Big Crate of Salvage may not appear in a players inventory
  • The outpost abilities in Spires of Arak do not correctly swap when changed out with another building.
  • Quest items which begin profession quests may have misleading quest text.
  • Garrison instances not being created/found
  • Issues completing the "Build your Barracks" quest
  • Unable to obtain first follower
  • Disconnecting before receiving Garrison Hearthstone.
  • Passive perk tooltips update to display with the next rank of a building being active while it is still under construction.
  • The cooldown display for work orders can become inaccurate if you complete a work order for one building and start a new one after starting work orders in another building.
  • Runed Copper Rod is still listed as a requirement in the recipe tooltips of the Enchanter's Study.
  • There are no tooltips available for restricted Illusion enchants at the Enchanter's Study.
  • Sometimes, the level 3 Herb Garden may fail to spawn lootable buff items. We are investigating. Current workaround:
      1. Head to the Architect table in Garrison
      2. Click on the Herb Garden / Farm Plot
      3. Remove the Follower working in the Garden / Farm
      4. Add the Follower again to make items spawn.
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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    Customer Service

  • The quest icon for "To Thunder Pass" is in the wrong location.
  • "Let the Hunt Begin" cannot be completed.
  • NPCs fail to spawn during "The Dark Side of the Moon"
  • “Gloomshade Grove” cannot be completed
  • Kal'gor is missing for the quest "Articles of the Fallen"
  • [liF]“The Fate of Karabor” cannot be completed[/li]
  • During the quest "Sol Sisters", Krashyx is evading
  • "The Battle of Thunder Pass" cannot be turned in
  • Argent Tournament Valiant/Champion daily quests cannot be unlocked after a paid faction change for Champion of the Horde / Champion of the Alliance characters.
  • Several of the starting Worgen quests that take place in Gilneas City display a green untextured map when viewed from the quest log or quest tracker.
  • The quest "It Goes to 11..." cannot be completed.
  • The quest objects are not visible during "Diggin' For Worms" when Outline Mode is enabled.
  • During the quest "Siege Damage", you are unable to interact with Domination Point Demolishers even though you have looted a Bilgewater Blasting Cap, preventing completion of the quest.
  • The Black Knight leashes after dismounting, during "The Black Knight's Fall".
  • Karsar the Bloodletter's Bloodletting ability is hitting too hard.
  • The quest item Blinding Fury needed for the "Lost Treasure" quest does not show up as loot.
  • Player whose level is higher than the quest level can not complete the quest "Blood for Blood".
  • The quest "Heroes of the Horde!" cannot be completed.
  • Malmortis does not complete his scripted events during the quest "Disclosure", preventing players from being able to complete it.
  • The Tentacle of Iso'rath can become untargetable and unkillable, preventing completion of the quest "Torn Ground".
  • "Subdue the Subduer" cannot be completed by high level characters, as Reth'hedron the Subduer will die before he grants quest objective credit.
  • The quest "Teron Gorefiend, I am" is much more difficult to complete because the health of the Teron Gorefiend vehicle is inconsistent with previous patches, but the damage done to it is the same.
  • It is possible for players to receive multiple Brew of the Month Club mails or no mail at all.
  • Some Brew Vendors may not always sell the brew of the month to players who are eligible.
  • Players are not able to interact with the Sparksocket's Tools for the quest "Just Around the Corner".
  • Players are invisible while inside the roll club vehicle during the quest "Roll Club: Serpent's Spine".
  • Je'neu of the Earthen Ring and Blackfathom Deeps quests cannot be completed.
  • Players cannot complete the quest "The Strength of Tortolla".
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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    Customer Service
    Dungeons & raids

  • Gruul: Overhead Smash can knock players over the iron gate and out of the encounter causing a reset.
  • Players receive movement enforcement errors when attempting to enter an instance that they don't meet the requirements for.
  • Tempest Keep - Kael'thas Sunstrider: The Netherstrand Longbow creature is rendering as 2 separate bows.
  • Operator Thogar: Operator Thogar's adds do not always clean up when the encounter is reset.
  • Audio and video are out of sync for the Death of Lich King cinematic.
  • Rukhran: The achievement criteria for I Saw Solis Is Vague and misleading but can be completed.
  • Razorgore the Untamed: Defeating Razorgore the Untamed immediately after the mind control breaks will cause the encounter to reset and kill off all players in Blackwing Lair.
  • Spoils of Pandaria: Marksmanship Hunters' pets will despawn when using Disengage during the encounter.
  • Tectus: Fracture, Earthen Pillar, and Crystalline Barrage will sort underneath the piles of sand.
  • Tempest Keep: Kael'thas' Legendary Weapons won't drop their temporary legendary items if killed by a pet.
  • Commander Tharbek: Awbee will assist players if a non-player creature establishes primary threat on Commander Tharbek even if no players in UBRS have completed the "The Matron Protectorate" quest before the revamped UBRS has been released.
  • Svala Sorrowgrave: The "The Incredible Hulk" achievement cannot be obtained if the Scourge Hulk is pulled before engaging Svala in combat.
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse: Players display jittery movement during the Magnetic Crush movement force.
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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    Customer Service

  • Items purchased with Apexis Crystals and gold that have refund timers will not refund any gold.
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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    Customer Service
    User interface

  • Garrisons: Player experience awarded by missions does not display a value.
  • Clicking on email links in a support article will crash the in-game browser.
  • It is possible to summon characters into the Goblin and Worgen starting area using the "Summon Friend" option with Recruit A Friend.
  • Priests are displaying an "All - Glyphs" tab in their Spellbooks.
  • Wrath of the Lich King dungeon boss kill achievement criteria are reset when you enter any instance.
  • Class-specific mounts cannot be added as Favorites.
  • Female Blood elf cloaks animate as though they are female Draenei.
  • Players, other than the party leader, are prompted to select a role, the first time that specific group queues for an arena match.
  • Account-wide achievement criteria may not always visually display progress.
  • Mouse-over tooltips maybe sometimes only remain on screen for a fraction of a second.
  • The rewards tooltip for Guild Vault Voucher (7th Slot) has misleading requirements.
  • Holy priest chakras do not work with the stance conditional.
  • The equipment manager and title panes of the character pane may sometimes visually be blank.
  • The item upgrade UI has not been updated to reflect that PvE upgrades should now only cost Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.
  • The Professions window can appear gray if opened after viewing a grayed out page of the Spellbook or Core Abilities tabs.
  • With the Recruit-A-Friend faction suggestion active, Create New Character will autoselect races from either faction.
  • The indicator used to show which direction the Eclipse Bar is going for a Balance Druid appears to flip randomly throughout the process of the bar as a whole.
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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    Environment & models

  • Creatures will rotate to face a player if the player is moving after landing the killing blow or if they one-shot the creature.
  • A minor animation error will occur when Female Trolls do the "read" emote.
  • A minor animation error will occur when Female dwarves drown.
  • Multiple HD character models sit incorrectly in various types of chairs.
  • The Murkablo Battle Pet isn't playing idle animation sounds, and is missing a visual fire spell effect.
  • Orc Male's beards can sometimes appear untextured in the character creation process.
  • Fel versions of the Dreadsteed and Felsteed mounts display some non-fel effects.
  • Players mounted on a multi-passenger vehicle on a transport are not shown the transport loading screen when crossing continents.
  • A minor animation error can occur with some drake mounts (Nether Drakes, Frost Wyrms) when they land after jumping.
  • You will assert if you log out or close the client during an introductory cutscene.
  • Porting to or relogging next to a player performing certain animations can cause your client to stop displaying the animation.
  • Solar Spirehawk doesn't make sounds.
  • Death Knight eye glow will disappear when viewed from certain angles.
  • Non-HD Female Tauren Death Knight portraits on the right side of the character customization screen is missing the Death Knight eye glow.
  • Icewind Drifts Digsite: There is are multiple Draenor Clans Archaeology Finds in awkward places.
  • The eyes of player character versions of the draenei female HD model are not as bright as the NPC versions.
  • The Pet Card tooltip for multiple battle pets has the wrong vendor info.
  • Male Gnomes can have their facial hair removed and hair colored changed when cycling through hair options in the barbershop.
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    Please report any additional suspected bugs using the ingame support portal!
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