Mailboxes on the Wandering Isle


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Blizzard aren't stupid enough to give a neutral character the chance to send gold & BoE items from faction to facton.

Oh but they were, all you needed before was a real ID friend and a warlock...
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They can't put mailboxes on the Wandering Isle because you haven't yet decided what faction you're going to be on, otherwise you could send stuff from both horde and alliance characters to the same person. I too have the annoying 8th anniversary mail in my mailbox and cannot access it or delete the character. You'll either have to delete it after 30 days or do the quests to get off the isle.
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A better idea would be to simply let Pandaren choose faction at creation and start at level 11 in Org/SW. That way we could all avoid that boring starting zone.
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Great necro guys, a thread from nearly a moth ago, that was useless to start with.
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And yet you reply to it.

Actually there's a fairly valid point to this. There is no reason that Blizz couldn't put a mailbox on the Wandering Isle as they gave up on the idea of "no meaningful cross faction contact" years ago. Ask anyone on a PvP realm with chars on both Alliance and Horde. And ofc there are people like me with 2 accounts, so transfering money and goods between sides is sooooooo easy (and within ToS as well).

As for the "Lore" (cute phrase), anyone care to explain how you can send items back in time to Worgens? And which post man is going to venture close to Ebon Hold to deliver stuff to DK's?
21/01/2013 18:32Posted by Beldrew
And which post man is going to venture close to Ebon Hold to deliver stuff to DK's?

There's a mailbox in the Ebon Hold now ?
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Agh apologies, was looking up any info on mailboxes on Wandering Isle to solve the problem of having a pandaren with an item sent via Blizzard and thought this was recent. Didn't spot the year - 2012, not 2013, even though it addresses exactly what I was searching for.
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21/01/2013 20:21Posted by Zazkya
And which post man is going to venture close to Ebon Hold to deliver stuff to DK's?

There's a mailbox in the Ebon Hold now ?

There's one very near it in the Scarlet Enclave.

Maybe Postman Pat isn't as brave as I first thought.
Ah well, all those places are there on the major continents of Azeroth,
no-one knew about Sjen Zhu (SP ?)- The Wandering Isle.
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I am really annoyed that there isn't any mailbox on this isle, I've logged on a panda but wanted to change somthing so i went offline, tried to delete the panda...
When they said i've got mail, So me trying to look whole isle for amailbox didn't found one, This happened to me when wow's 9th anniversary was here...
Please fix this
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Hmm... old thread.

Anyways, I'm also annoyed due the fact there's no mailbox. One day I decided to create an Pandaren priest and afterwards started to regret it due animations... surprise surprise... I couldn't delete it until I took mail off the box. Had to clear whole starting zone before I were able to delete her.
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