Where are the MOP PVP Vendors?

37 Human Warlock
Alright so I've only found 1 pvp vendor and that's the glorious conquest über düber vendor and no other vendor is there on the wall. could anyone give exact cords or whatever? Got 4k HP and nowhere to spend it.. Thanks
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90 Human Warlock
This must indeed be fixed before more people start hitting 90. I've got hp and jp stacked up to buy a bunch of items.

Wonder why they left the 2.2k vendor when it's impossible to buy that atm.

EDIT - They probably removed the free vendors that were there during the beta and forgot to set the regular vendors.
Edited by Stinawarlock on 25/09/2012 21:27 BST
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90 Troll Druid
So where is it? :D
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90 Undead Rogue
Hopefully fixed for tomorrow, really don't know what to do if Ican't go to farm more PvP gear...
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
The vendors will be there next week when the season starts.

reference: s12 starts on the 3rd of october.
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90 Undead Warrior
The vendors will be there next week when the season starts.

reference: s12 starts on the 3rd of october.

Why on earth would they do that? :( Oh well better farm instances then.
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90 Human Warrior
We are supposed to get the honor gear before Season 12 starts,so it should be there until tomorrow.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
The vendors will be there next week when the season starts.

reference: s12 starts on the 3rd of october.

That's so monumentally stupid if that's the actual reason... We're supposed to be able to buy the gear and be ready before the season starts... that's like saying HCs are off limits until the raids are ready.
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90 Human Mage

Isnt pvp vendors up yet? ive been looking on google on where they are supposed to be, went there but i dont see anything at all ...

edit : the vid i watched on youtube showed the wrong place so nvm, they are up
Edited by Toshiva on 03/10/2012 10:32 BST
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90 Undead Mage
still cant find horde pvp vendor in orgrimmar. am i the only one?
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100 Dwarf Warrior
go to the glorious conquest vendor again and look. they r there now.

edit: they were only added today with the start of the season, the Glorious conquest one was there because u couldnt buy anything from it anyway.
Edited by Killamonjaro on 03/10/2012 10:39 BST
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100 Dwarf Shaman
where ?!
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90 Human Warlock
Go to the pandaria area, fly to Valley of the four Winds and the pvp vendor will be on top of the big wall. The northern part of the wall to be specific.
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85 Worgen Warrior

One of the two market spots has the pvp vendor(s).

I think the higher spot is the correct one, but feel free to check out yourself which tower (it's the same wall, just a bit more down).

Edit: thinking it better, MUST be the higher fly point, being "common", while the second one it's only for alliance.
Edited by Saniran on 04/10/2012 19:20 BST
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6 Blood Elf Mage
hello wher i buy pvp gear to lvl 60 ? plz help me :)
Edited by Pvpmagéé on 10/01/2016 21:15 GMT
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