Bag space issue

90 Orc Warrior
Is there a way to get larger bags Blizzard? Please?
Or additional tabs in void storage?

I love transmogrification and have a few completed sets and several in the works. Which means my void storage and bank are all full of gear, plus a few items I keep as mementos from special quests/questlines.

Also, Mists added a whole lot of really nice little vanity items which I'd like to keep, but I probably can't because my bags are too full.
It made it annoying to quest from 85-90 since my bags kept getting full all the time and I had to ignore drops or run to vendors to empty my bags (which still usually only left 12-14 slots open).

And that was before I started leveling Pandaren cooking. Which requires a lot of ingredients I don't have the space for. Those I can at least send to my bank alt but the soulbound vanity items and gear I can not.

In a way it's a luxury/quality of life problem I suppose but I really really would like an increase in bag size and/or more tabs added to void storage.

It's really frustrating to have two half-complete transmog sets and then you get the missing pieces for one - which means you have to delete the other half complete one because there's no room.

Btw, love Mists so far. Really good expansion!
The music, the visuals, the pandaren, the enemies, the dungeons, the factions (I like the Klaxxi a lot more than I thought I would, even though they are bastards :P), the scenarios (Hozen pirates!), even the dailies are pretty good. :)
But there's such a limited space in my bags! :(
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90 Worgen Druid
As I'm mostly levelling and hoping to swap between Feral and Restoration later, I'd expect to have the same problem but on the contrary, I always have 20 spaces and then start a purge. What bags do you currently have because I'd suggest buying some more of the finest, or levelling Tailoring.

I would however like a lot more storage in the bank, which is unfortunately controlled wholly by bags you purchase.
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90 Orc Warrior
I use Embersilk bags, so 22 slots each. This is for both my backpack and bank. (though my alliance main actually has two illusionary bags, she had a bit more gold before).
Last time I checked the prices for illusionary bag on the AH they were 3.2K gold each on Aszune, which is money I don't have - and anyway, gemming and enchanting my gear takes priority.
*grumbles about living steel belt buckle going for 2.4K gold on the AH*

I do have a tailor on one of my alliance alts (Zenitsilent on Steamwheedle cartel) but she's been sitting on 275 or thereabouts since, well, patch 4.1 I think.
Don't have time to play her. Or, the choice would be between leveling her up just for tailoring, or play on my two mains (horde/alliance) with my friends.
I choose to play with my friends. :)
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6 Blood Elf Rogue
There are new bags Royal Satchel with MoP, so soon you will start to see them being sold at the AH.
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90 Orc Warrior
I know about them and I'll be keeping an eye out for them on the AH. Haven't seen any yet.

However, that will in total give me 72 slots, if I get them for both backpack and bank.
Not a lot with all the cooking ingredients, vanity items, transmog gear and current gear set (tank and dps, possibly pvp set in addition).

I'd like to see another 5 additional tabs to void storage and at least 34 slot bags. Preferably 40 slot bags.
Alas, I fear it will not come to pass and I'll have to postpone or ignore much of the gear I'd like to keep.
I do hope for an expansion of the void storage at least but I'm not getting my hopes up for getting it before 2014. *sad*
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1 Dwarf Paladin
The main problem in larger backpacks / bags / banks / etc is the amount of data that it requires on the server adn on the hardware.

Only your data don't make any difference but now think that data and multiply it for 10 millions.
Now you must do that for every char a accout has.

A accout can have up to 50 chars. While everyone has about 5-10 chars ( there are people with more and people with less but you got the point) i belive that the data for those 50 chars is like reserved. (and still, even if it is not the amout of data for 10 million players with 5 chars each is alot).

As you see, something that appears to be easy is not that easy when you think about the resources.
I read somewhere that huge amout of datas could also cause lag but it was long ago don't know if it is true.

While it would be nice to have more space especially now with transmog and vanity items, it is not very easy to implement i belive...

Sorry for bad english!
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Tattered Hexcloth Bag, can only get one of these.

04/10/2012 21:52Posted by Jomean
The main problem in larger backpacks / bags / banks / etc is the amount of data that it requires on the server adn on the hardware.

TBH I don't believe that. Each item needs maybe 4-12 bytes of data, say 8 bytes on average.. 128 items in your bags, 256 in the bank. That's a whopping great 4k per character. With 10,000 characters online that's still only 40Mb. 1million characters on a server would be 4Gb stored on hard discs, which is small money in computer storage terms.

A large part of games like this is inventory management. Keeping stuff you do need, vendoring or auctioning stuff you don't. It reduces the chances of people hoarding goods to try and control the auction house.
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6 Blood Elf Rogue
04/10/2012 22:43Posted by Dðra
A large part of games like this is inventory management. Keeping stuff you do need, vendoring or auctioning stuff you don't. It reduces the chances of people hoarding goods to try and control the auction house.

But then if people want to do that, and hoard stuff they can have bank alts with guild tabs.
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90 Worgen Druid
There's a 24 slot one you can get from a ZA quest.
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100 Human Mage
So, we have a new expansion and although it comes with 28 slot bags, the pattern will take some time to obtain and the increase in bank space will be rather limited. Ghostcrawler tweeted admitting that the whole inventory system seems outdated at the moment.

I mean how many of you have as many or more items bouncing in their mail as they have in their banks and bags? It feels almost like an abuse of the mail system, but it's by far the cheapest way to store materials.

With the new expansion, we also have new armors. Transmogging was a great addition to WoW, but it means people keep even more gear around, because armors can be useful as transmog templates long after they're no longer viable as armors. I think most people expected a new void storage tab or something like that, but it seems void storage was just a way to reuse the keychain space and once it was gone, that was it...there's no more.

You know what's odd? People have huge gmail accounts and videos on Youtube and compared to those, the amount of space our banks and items take is minuscule. Of course big services like Facebook are built to scale and the time-constraints might be somewhat different. It could be that game servers are highly optimized and because of that, each player has a very limited budget for storage. However, things in Void Storage are accessed very rarely, so there's no reason such items need to be part of that storage budget.

Assuming the system architecture is what it is and can't be changed quickly, what things could be done to help out with the "bank space crisis"? Here's a few ideas:

1) All archaeology and world event vanity items (keg ponies, etc) could become bind on account, so that they could be mailed to alts and kept there until needed.

2) Old quest rewards could be accessible from a vendor in exchange for justice points. The vendor could be similar to a guild page and the items on sale would depend on where the vendor was summoned. So, if I summoned the vendor in Shadowmoon Valley, I would be able to obtain quest rewards from quests that were located near that area. Having to pay justice points means that the items are available, but they aren't exactly "profitable" to obtain. This also puts players out in the world, looking for locations where they got nice quest rewards. It would also be a nice new way to use justice points.

3) Tier set collections. The implementation of this would be similar to void storage, except that you could only store tier items for your class and only one of each, with no enchants, gems or reforging. So, whereas void storage reduces the storage space of an item to a integer ID, tier set storage reduces the storage space to to one bit per tier item.

4) Better use of the currency tab and quests. Why do we still get tokens like the lesser charms and darkmoon trophies in our bags? Sure, you can opt out of the Darkmoon stuff (saves you a bag slot) and the trophies are only there while you have the quest. So why not have a counter in the Darkmoon quest?

#1 should be pretty easy to implement unless there's some kind of limitation on what types of items can be BOA etc. #2 would take some programming, but it would be a good addition to the game. You essentially need to create a database that has the locations for all the items and then you need to have a vendor whose inventory depends on the summon location. #3 is also quite a bit of work and complicates the UI, but it's the most compact way to store items that a lot of people like to keep around. #4 should be pretty easy to implement, but doesn't help all that much.
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100 Draenei Paladin
I would like to see an improvement to the storage system as well.

Currently there are new types of currency that are taking up bag space e.g. the elder charm tokens and archeology crates that I can think of without checking for more.

I have had to start using my alts as storage for cookery ingredients and food amongst other things. Maybe something like the GW2 way of handling ingredients and other profession raw materials would be a good step?

MoP added loads of flavour trinkets and on-use items, but again space is limited and most of these are soulbound. Void storage was a nice addition, but if you're a hoarder like me, it filled up quickly.
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Community Manager
We feel your pain, but as the developers see it, simply making more bag space available won't resolve inflating inventory issues—in the long term at least. We'd like to look at other solutions for addressing the issue of an ever-growing inventory.

What sort of systems would you like to see, besides the implementation of bigger and bigger bags?
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90 Human Paladin
We feel your pain, but as the developers see it, simply making more bag space available won't resolve inflating inventory issues—in the long term at least. We'd like to look at other solutions for addressing the issue of an ever-growing inventory.

What sort of systems would you like to see, besides the implementation of bigger and bigger bags?

There are a lot of vanity items out there, archeology toys, etc. which have some fun effects. Maybe instead of making them be "items", create a new type of vanily spellbook or something, so when you loot that item, you "learn" it, like you would a profession recipe, and can them activate it wherever you want without them clogging up your inventory space. No idea if this is achievable, but it would be a pretty nice thing to have.

Another idea could be that you could "sell" your equipment at the transmogrifying NPCs, which would then register that you owned those items, and whenever you talk to the transmogrify NPC, you would have the option to transmog some of your current gear into that gear.

I also remember there was some talk of changing tabards so you don't have to collect them and have thme clog up your inventory space, but that was a while ago.
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90 Orc Warrior
Speaking of bags, why cant we upgrade the default backpack at all? Maybe add a quest or something that updates it to 22 slots or something would be good.
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85 Goblin Shaman
We feel your pain, but as the developers see it, simply making more bag space available won't resolve inflating inventory issues—in the long term at least. We'd like to look at other solutions for addressing the issue of an ever-growing inventory.

What sort of systems would you like to see, besides the implementation of bigger and bigger bags?

tabard tab.
instead being an item make it a tab you can choose from. perhaps a small fee when changing tabard. or even at a NPC who will keep your personal tabards and keeping them clean from blood spils.
hm and a gear cleaning NPC. who will store your (similar to void store) who will clean your gear from mud and blood and a easy swop around with gear.

making special items such the many toys you can find from quests in pandaland, instead being an item, but a spel. adding a new tab in our spelbook and adding it on that location.

hmm that last 1 sounds really good!
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90 Worgen Druid
I would like to see you be able to save complete sets of gear as a single item 'set'. Consisting of only the 7 (8 including a tabard) visible items of transmogrifiable gear (head, shoulders, chest, wrist, hands, legs, feet). You transfer the 7 items over to the transmog vendor, and in return he gives you the transmog token for that set of gear.

Now when you visit him, instead of storing each of the 7 items individually in your bag, and transmogrifying them seperatly, you simply move across the one token and it changes the whole lot for you in one go.

The downside is that when you transfer over the gear you do not recieve it back, and the items can only stay as that set. So if you want one of the individual items again, you have to farm the instance or purchase it from the rep vendor again. Weapons are not included as they can match multiple sets and only exist as single items.

Any thoughts on this system or method?
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just noticed that the poster above me (Cerwyn) wrote basically the same, but don't want to trash the whole post ;)
You could move soulbound vanity items with on use effects into the spell book. (And "destroy" the item.) I love my Gnomeregan Pride and always carry it with me, and at least 20 more vanity items with on use effects. MoP introduced many more of those.

Same with the teleports on the tabard. Once you buy the tabard you just get the spell "Teleport Argent Tournament" into your spell book and the tabard changes into something like a title.

Just make an extra tab in the spellbook and move all that stuff there (Passives as well). No need for carrying around the items.
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90 Human Mage
Rift have way better bag provision and they provide a quest bag so that every quest item goes there. Also crafting and questing takes into account your bank so you may not have it in your bag but the crafting will assume it is available for use in calculating what you have from your bank storage.

For me I spend so much time cycling through all my other alts mail boxes and shifting stuff around. And if you are new to the game the cost of bags is just silly money. I generally train up a tailor as quick as possible but sadly I need to get to 50 now to get the Netherweave bags and they often only add two slots to what I can currently get.

There should be way bigger bag space, bank space and a better cycling system between accounts so I can use my Level 85 Tailor on my other realm to feed my low level players elsewhere. After all you give us the mounts and achievements cross realm so why not mail and banks. And please don't suggest its a gold selling issue... that really is not our problem.

I would say that bag space is the single most annoying fact about this game. Well that and not having a Rift style Wardrobe slot. Maybe they could accept it is more a problem on the RP realms and so make bigger banks and bags on the RP realms.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Blizzard has a good record of adopting smart ideas of other games and competitors.

I really like how Guild Wars 2 implemented the 'Collections' for crafting materials. I think this could very well work for WoW too. Especially with the new cooking (and for Scribes the lack of an updated ink trader) really steals a lot of inventory spaces. In GW2 you also can't fill your collection infinitely, I think you can put 250 of an item in, the rest has to stay in your inventory - just if anyone is concered about farmers.

Also vanity items could maybe in future be more like mounts/pets in their own kind of spell book where you can just cast them from after learning them. In MoP especially vanity items started to fill up many inventory spaces and they are quite a culprit.

I think the idea of doing Tabards like titles already floats around and the last update was that tabards with on use effects needed some sort of solution. Maybe the way Symbiosis is handled with the changing dummy spell could lead to a working implementation.
I only keep the ones you can't easily purchase for a few silver, but this would still open up some spaces.
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