Transmog Monk!


90 Draenei Monk
Since monk is the new class, we dont get to transmog that much.. would love to se monk beeing able to use like Cenarion / stormrage etc etc or Nightslayer / Bloodfang etc. basicly Druid and Rogue Tire sets. just so we can farm for more fun stuff.
89 Tauren Druid
Stormrage is druid stuff. Would be totally out of place on an asian-themed monk.
90 Pandaren Monk
28/10/2012 19:11Posted by Rower
Stormrage is druid stuff. Would be totally out of place on an asian-themed monk.

90 Pandaren Monk
I think almost all of those sets have recolours that drop from TBC dungeons and raids, so you can basicly use the models.
i know what you could transmog yourself into.. something YOU! think is perfect and kind of awesome also very fitting
95 Human Priest
You can transmog tier 3 rogue or druid set pieces, if you can get them off the black market ah.
100 Pandaren Monk
Help! I want that transmog set
Unfortunately that transmog topic was deleted yesterday, all i have is this image. I recognize the weapon and the hat only! Please help :D
I'm working on mine at the moment but thanks to the screenshot positioning on armory it looks completely stupid because I have my tabard on ingame to hide the fail looking chest that doesn't suit the transmog I'm going for but it's basically rogue heroic tier from FL lol
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90 Human Monk
<- Best transmog right there.
No mainstream Rogue/Druid transmog.
Only 1 belt in WoW that fits the rest of the rest. The green monk one.
90 Human Monk
<--a bit deamon hunter style!
Got so many /w where did i get all the stuff that i stoped counting.
For MW you mog your weapon into
You will ofc need 25k conquest points for the head and shoulders
100 Night Elf Monk
<--- This... is the !@#$.
<--- This... is the !@#$.

Hey, cyborg! How you been man?
100 Human Death Knight
<--- This... is the !@#$.

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