[Idea] How to change Lesser Charm of Good Fortune

90 Human Warrior
Ey guys,

As all of you are aware, we are awarded Lesser Charm of Good Fortune from dailies to change them into Elder Charm of Good Fortune.

I am fine with this system in terms of how it helps doing LFR / Sha / Galleon etc.

Only thing that bothers me, is that my bags fill up way faster with charms then i can change them into Elder charms.

So i got 2 idea's how to fix this.

1. Make the Lesser charms part of the Currency Tab on your character pane so it doesnt use precious bag slots.

2. Change the max limit of 10 Elder charms, into using a maximum of 10 charms a week + lower the gold on the quest that makes them Elder charms. (which is currently 45g)

This way bags wont fill up with these nice items.
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85 Draenei Death Knight
To this, i'd love to add another idea: make another vendor, like the Essence vendor, so we can use the unneeded tokens for something good...

P.S. I've currently got 6 full stacks of tokens on me, and some additionals.. I wish this'd be changed soon :D
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90 Draenei Shaman
I totally agree, I have around 1200 of these Lesser Charms at the moment taking quite many bagslots. Considering being a long term player my Void storage and my bank are already full enough to fit anything in there. Every bagslot is very valuable. So I beg please make them Currency aswell.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Agreed! Have the same problem myself. Either make them a currency or allow us to trade them for something useful.
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90 Human Warrior
The trading idea of Ghouls is also very good:)

And nice to see some feedback! Only things i heard last days in my guild etc is: but only you do that many dailies etc:P
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100 Human Paladin
Unless you want to do dailies forever, there's no point in adding a vendor for them. The more coins you have stacked up, the longer you can go without doing dalies!
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90 Human Warrior
Well, the trading is an idea,
Although i would want the tokens to disappear from my bags and into my currency tab:P
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90 Human Rogue
this is a great idea please please please blue posts and community get behind this as having 12 slots full of tokens is getting out of hand :P
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