How does WoW Work for you guys on Windows 8 Retail?

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Now that Windows 8 has been released, at least in upgrade form, I just want to see how everyone else is doing with WoW on this new OS.

I myself upgraded my Windows 7 pro x64 to Windows 8 Pro x64 in Friday. There were a few issues with some software and hardware. On the whole, though, the upgrade went surprisingly well. No major errors or BSoD.

WoW itself seem to work alright. However, I have noticed a small amount of graphic jerkiness. This jerkiness seems to occur every 5 seconds or so, or at least at fairly constant intervals. This jerkiness is more a very slight hiccup or jump in the graphics and is barely noticeable, really. I know that it's not my systems hardware that is the cause of this as I never noticed this when running Windows 7 x64. Just in case though, I lowered the screen resolution for the game. This made no difference at all. My native resolution is 1680x1050. I lowered the ingame resolution to 1440x900. FYI, my system specs are below.

It does not seem to have any relevance to the level of action taking place. It occurs at the same interval and to the same level whether I am just walking around a camp or taking part in a full-on Dungeon battle.

Anyone else noticed any oddities like this after their upgrade?

WoW is up to date and so is the OS and all drivers, etc.

System Specs
OS: Windows 8 Pro x64
CPU: AMD FX 8150 8xCores @ 3.61Ghz
GPU: AMD Raedon 7970
RAM: 32Gb.
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No issues here at all, have you checked if there's any driver updates for your cpu or gpu?
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Someone I know has been running WoW on Win8 for a while (had it from work edition) and no problems. Using an Nvidia though, not ATI.
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I have no issues with the game itself, but it doesn't show on the taskbar when running, which is rather odd.
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Any real differences between win7 and 8 other than new shiny features, like performance boosts maybe?

I haven't really done any digging but is the new OS worth it?
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Something like
probably better than discussing here :P
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As Nyshae's link basically says, there are some pretty nice performance boosts, but not in terms of regular game performance.

It's more about boot times, performance of the hardware accelerated desktop, etc.

But currently it's really cheap, as long as you own XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can upgrade to Windows 8 for only £24.99/29.99€:

I would strongly recommend against getting it in the stores, their upgrade licenses are more expensive and their "full" versions besides being expensive are also OEM licenses which have more restrictions than retail versions.

The upgrade license is technically a full retail version, but does of course require you own a copy of Windows in advance.
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Hey there, Houdwink.

I myself have played World of Warcraft on a Windows 8 system, when I was using my previous graphics card, which was an AMD HD5970. I experienced smooth stuttering, which I were unable to fix. This may be something to do with the buffer on the card and how it is prioritising the desktop over the game itself.

Another strange issue was the launcher not appearing when opened, usually caused by the Blizzard Downloader running in the background. By ending all WoW related processes, I were able to open the launcher without issue.

Also, this may have been a little slip on the finger here, as the Tech Support forum may have been able to help you a little further with this, so I am sure a friendly mod will move the post for you.

Best of luck :)

Regards, Battleburger
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28/10/2012 19:26Posted by Pandarielle
I have no issues with the game itself, but it doesn't show on the taskbar when running, which is rather odd.

I noticed the same thing, but after going in to my settings and re-applying 'Fullscreen (Windowed)' mode it appeared on the taskbar as usual.

I didn't however restart the client again after this, so it may vanish again next time I load it up.
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WoW tends to freeze sometimes on my windows 8 laptop, not in-game as such just when opening/closing
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I'm kinda pissed that I can't run WoW on Windowed (Fullscreen) and then press the windows button and I get to the app-page, press desktop and I can't see WoW in the background.

Since tbc I had Windowed (Fullscreen) and then Firefox on half the screen so I could see what was happening in the game as I was trolling around on the internet.

Is there any way to disable so you don't get the stupid app-page or change something so I can have my precious WoW running like that again? :(
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I love Windows 8, and WoW runs great on it too!
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11/01/2013 21:46Posted by Kalaryia
I love Windows 8, and WoW runs great on it too!


Initially I couldn't stand the damn thing but I installed Classic Shell and it basically became Win 7 on steroids.
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