Is it time for DPS to stop actually healing

90 Human Paladin
Nerf self healing for a much better game, balance the game without it. The game has endured all the previous expansions without it. Balance can definitely be achieved without it.
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90 Human Rogue
Nerf PvP Power, and Intellect immediately takes its place.
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90 Human Paladin
15/11/2012 17:58Posted by Takï
Nerf PvP Power, and Intellect immediately takes its place.

Well, naturally, everyone will go for their main stat, Ret will go for Str right off the bat since PvP power just lost ALL of its worth... and the Str cant come even close to replacing PvP Power in healing.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Will this also affect damage for healing specs? Right now I feel it's at a good place but if this change means we will lose our damage buff, it won't feel useful to use. Specifically monk healing will take a hit, regardless of whether we "should" be a ranged class in PvP, it'll nerf the ability to be melee into the ground.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Glad I'm not An off healer that relies on it to stay alive like rets ........oh wait
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Now elemental shamans are kinda balanced .Those nerfs might kill them completely have you even thought about it?
Edit:will WW monks gonna get affected from it?
Edited by Senth on 15/11/2012 18:28 GMT
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
So yesterday I saw someone take the orb in temple of kotwhatever , he was in full pvp gear with some conquest pieces and he got one shotted by a lock right at the start of the game, for a 350k chaos bolt :p

And guess what not a minute after that he hits me for 200k , I had no orb and have 57% resi :p

Warriors press their keybinds boom ppl die , BM hunters have pets that have more skill than them.

Poor rogues can't do anything good other than CC, a decent resto druid that can play kitty, can probably kill a rogue :p

But hey lets nerf healing of hybrids since its so OP when there are classes that can do enormous amounts of dmg in a short time. I mean I pop cd's go for Sacred healer offheal , boom 150k heal, yeah awesome , surely thats OP ow wait nvm he is dead now ...

Don't nerf the healing , maybe increase the mana cost or something so ppl can't just hide and spam heal back to full health, which ret can't do , 2 flashes and we are out of mana :p

None of the hybrid specs that are getting nerfed are the problem of this expansion, the healing they do is nothing if it gets outdpsed the same second they use it.

But seriously my fellow hybrids , don't count on it, in cata they nerfed WoG to have a 20 sec cooldown , everyone said it was an overnerf and it will make ret underpowered, they didn't listen to the feedback ( they like to let you believe that they do , but they don't), and they implemented the nerf without listening to any feedback. So to all shammy dps, laserchicks and cocks, shadowypriests, kitties, and other hybrids that feel offended by this nerf, pvp like mad now, because you will get nerfed :D
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90 Human Paladin
Why don't you just add a 10sec cooldown to Flash of Light, Flash heal, Healing Surge, etc. for non-healing classes and remove big heals from them. That wouldn't be a big nerf to Retris, and would balance out the Quick Heal spamming for off-healing classes. Just an idea.

Edit: Other non-spammable Signature Spells like WoG or PW:Shield could remain unchanged I guess.
Edited by Thrasius on 15/11/2012 18:44 GMT
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90 Draenei Shaman
thing is.. those offspec healers dont have "the big heals" in the first place

shadow priest has: renew, prayer of mending and flash of light

maybe take renew or prayer away and increase mana cost for flash outside of healing specs, shadow priest fixed

for other hybrids i dont see the problem, boomkins dont heal that much, since they got a longcast heal and a HoT
rets and enhance oom in 2 casts
elemental doesnt heal that strong

they should fix more specificly!
just like the totem nerf, it hits more then its supposed to nerf

###blizzard! think before you act!###
the fixes you do are TERRIBLE
fix more specificly, fixes should go PER SPEC, not per class or w/e
unless you do this your lovely game is going down the drain
and if you didnt notice the forums yet, you will notice the drop in subs
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86 Night Elf Priest
Isn't it amusing how the things I said were the problem in that post I made, turned out to be an even bigger problem in MoP? Because you ignored it.

MoP where the Healers can do 100k+ burst DPS and where the DPS can do 100k+ burst Healing.

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91 Human Paladin
When you nerf off healing from dps nerf also burst where one spell takes 50% hp, the highest critting spell shouldnt crit more than 25% hp.
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90 Human Paladin
15/11/2012 18:42Posted by Thrasius
Why don't you just add a 10sec cooldown to Flash of Light, Flash heal, Healing Surge, etc. for non-healing classes and remove big heals from them. That wouldn't be a big nerf to Retris,

What? im sorry, not only would that be game breaking, but Ret if anything needs a bloody defense buff, not a nerf, the Devs are being dumb again, wont listen...
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90 Night Elf Druid
as a boomkin i think a flat nerf on healing for ALL hybrids might be... not so balanced^^

not sure how other ppl wiev boomkins offhealing but for me it doesent feel too OP. its good, no doubt about that. and if i have trinkets/procs etc. up and critt an NS-HT, yeah thats a freakign huge heal. rejuv ticks for a decent amount too, but so does second wind for example. and whith the dmg going around i dont think it heals for too much. also as a boomer u have only 2 healing spells, rejuv and HT, and HT is a long cast heal which is really easy to interupt (getting locked = gimping ur dmg and no CCs).

that said i too think shadow priest healing for example is abit over the top. but pls blizzard, dont try to quick fix this issue by cutting down all healing for hybrids. u need to balance !@#$. cant just duct tape this game togheter^^
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90 Troll Priest
Really don't like the direction you are going with the nerfs.
I don't mean Hybrids didn't deserve a nerf, but nerfing PvP power really is a bad idea.

1) you don't fix the actual problem, offhealer have somewhat infinite mana or ways to regen it faster than a healer, so even if their heals are weaker (and they are), the ressources affluences keep them at the top.
Basically, it's not the ammount healed, but the quantity of heals casted that pose problem.
2) you're at risk to see hybrids wanting to get let's say a 509 Weapon from raid, because dispite the loss of PvPpower, the Spellpower gain will give a somewhat close DPS, but boost the healing part, and enable them co circumvant the nerf in a way that isn't fun for anyone.

What i propose is adding more controle on Hybrids heals, and i mean by that, adding a CD on them.
Every hybrid have a spammable spell that can heal them to full (or a teammate), remove this one, or convert it into something more fun to use and not overpowered, like 2 times more powerfull, but with 1min Cooldown, so we could save someone, but we couldn't sustain him for 20sec.
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90 Draenei Shaman
the only big problem here is shadowpriest right??
rest of the hybrid healing seems to be fine
so nerf only healing done by shadowpriests
like, nerf flash of light healing done in shadowspec

problem solved, dont nerf things that dont need nerfing!
like i said before:




^it's the ONLY way to get a proper balance
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90 Worgen Druid
Isn't it amusing how the things I said were the problem in that post I made, turned out to be an even bigger problem in MoP? Because you ignored it.

MoP where the Healers can do 100k+ burst DPS and where the DPS can do 100k+ burst Healing.


And then there are those of us who don't consider that a problem.

A well-placed, strategic heal from a hybrid should be able to change the course of the game. Otherwise it may as well not exist and the game becomes very 1-dimensional.

Ask any gladiator priest worthy of the title and they'll tell you the part they enjoyed most about disc priests was the fact that they could cause pressure to the enemy team to reduce the healing they needed to do.
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91 Blood Elf Rogue
15/11/2012 11:52Posted by Vixea
yeah that 40% damage reduction surely isnt a defensive mechanism, nor is hand of protection or bubble ofcourse

2 of those are easily dispelled off, and with warrior representation so high, it's likely that your bubble will be pre-emptively shattered.

Off-healing is meant to be a ret paladins strength, nerfing their off-healing makes them worthless, it's all they can really do while waiting for CDs to come back up, what kind of a "support role" will ret be if it's just hands of freedom/prot/sac that only provide support? may aswell bring a Hpala, they have better damage.

Aye, I enjoy ret but it seems they are rogue-ing ret paladins........ should i just re roll allready...
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90 Human Priest
15/11/2012 19:54Posted by Mythique
the only big problem here is shadowpriest right??

You mean that caster spec that actually ooms ? It's not like we get sh!t tonns of mana for every eclipse, or get it by spamming lightning. Our manaregen is tied to : 1) defensive mechanism on 2 min CD. 2) Summonable (anc CCable) pet on 3 min CD. 3) Castable dot.
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55 Gnome Death Knight
yes make elemental more useless pls
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90 Human Paladin
I dont think removing PvP power scaling is right thing to do. Nerf the healing spells for the classes that need the nerf. Not all hybrid healing is out of control.
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