WoW Easter eggs!

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So, do you know of any Easter Eggs? You know, them cool random things you find around WoW that might reference a famous person in real life, or place or thing! I have found loads throughout WoW in my years player including;

Graves dedicated to Blizzard Staff and Family.
The Mechanical hand from the Terminator when he descends into the magma.
CSI character reference investigating the death of Old Blanchy

I've more then likely come across more but can't think right now, anyone know of any others?
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90 Worgen Druid
Well I've already made contributions on that "hidden places" thread, but I'll post a few references here:

  • Hemet Nesingwary, an anagram of explorer Ernest Hemingway. He also made a book called "Green Hills of --", where there's an achievement for helping Nesingwary called "Green Hills of Stranglethorn". It's also a book of Nesingwary's achievements.
  • There's Harrison Jones, a take of Harrison Ford's role of Indiana Jones, which is a tribute of old black 'n' white adventure films. The whip, the attitude, the fedora and even the stunts were all copied (literally word for word) from a lot of those films.
  • Haris Pilton, whose name is a jumbled word but a lot more obvious than Ernest Hemingway's. She's Paris Hilton, who sells the Gigantique sack.
  • General Troteman, who I think is a parody of Troutman of Rambo. As well as John J. Keeshan, who also parodied John Rambo himself.
  • And that's all I've got at the moment.
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    Community Manager
    Here's some more:
  • Wildhammer Fact Checker
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Confused Murloc (no reference but still easter egg)
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    90 Blood Elf Hunter
    There's the "Master Baiter" at Anglers wharf!
    And "Fo Fook" (sake?)...but that could just be evil mind! :)
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    1 Tauren Paladin
    Trade Chat on YouTube has like two videos in which she points out a million and two references. They're pretty informational.
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    100 Gnome Mage
    There's too many to name! To many I say!
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    Some time ago I realized that Cracklefang, wolf with the sword in his mouth from the vale is reference to one of the dark souls bosses.

    I forgot to add this one too -
    Quest in Krasarang Wilds, you have to collect vials of tiger blood "full of winning".
    This one is reference to -
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    90 Pandaren Monk

    Field Marshal Afrasiabi
    Lord Afrasastrasz

    which are references to Alex Afrasiabi who is (or was - I think he's working on Titan now) the Lead World Designer for WoW or something.
    I found both of these by myself :P - Was pretty chuffed when I noticed it xD
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    100 Orc Shaman

    "Adele is a female pandaren that can be found rolling back and forth through Widening Deep, located in Townlong Steppes. "
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    90 Human Death Knight
    Scolazar Basin in the lake to the north east (ish) theres a hatch on a small ilsland with some numbers on em: refference to Lost (the tv series)
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    100 Human Paladin
    Once i saw somwhere the entire population of Stormwind city have names after Blizzard dev staff.
    Including Auctioneer Chilton etc..

    others: numbers on the canal door from LOST (except they are 1 number higher each)
    Pink Peony an NPC selling pies, cakes and other food in Shrine of seven stars.. Clearly MLP: FiM reference of Pinkie Pie
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    100 Human Warrior
    11/12/2012 17:08Posted by Aruthá
    Scolazar Basin in the lake to the north east (ish) theres a hatch on a small ilsland with some numbers on em: refference to Lost (the tv series)

    Seen this, really fun one to have found, although my favourite still lies the the Metal Arm in BRD just down from the bridge you cross into MC!

    Anyone find any new ones in MOP?
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    100 Tauren Druid
    TMNT in dalaran sewers
    Characters from HBO's OZ in BRD

    ... And surprisingly that's all I can remember now. Before I replied I had around 5000 things in my mind ;__;
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    100 Tauren Shaman
    I had a good laugh when I ran into Shonuf in Kun Lai summit, for the quest "Contending with bullies". Especially since I had stumbled onto "The Last Dragon" on netflix just days before and watched that movie again for the first time in 20-something years. (Sho'nuff - "the shogun of Harlem" is the bad guy in that movie, and he's more than a little bit of a bully).
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    87 Orc Warrior
    In Kun'lai Summit way to North off the coast, you can find a flying turtle who, if you emote /love (I think, could be wrong), he will follow you while flying.

    I think it's supposed to be a reference to a kid's book/tv show that has a monkey in it as well as the flying turtle of course, not sure.
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    Alcaz island. :D
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    100 Human Warrior
    I made a similar thread to this if you wanna post there too

    Saw it earlier, liked it, inspired me to do this one ^^
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    90 Worgen Druid

    "Adele is a female pandaren that can be found rolling back and forth through Widening Deep, located in Townlong Steppes. "

    I'm pretty sure she's just doing one of the "rare" dailies in that zone, when you've finished the storylines there. Which is to do a load of rolls for so long around a course. I love that easter egg though ^^
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    100 Human Warrior
    Rememberd another one! somewhere in one of them Dwarvern Excavation sites there is a statue half dug up resembling the Statue Of Liberty in New York! nearly sure it's the one beside the dwarvern bunker in the barrens! pretty cool
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