Isn't it about time for purchase orders on the AH!?

100 Night Elf Druid
20/12/2012 13:41Posted by Taepsilum
I’ll share the suggestion with the devs, but I suspect this isn’t something new to them, we’ll see.

In anycase thanks for sending it to them, seems like a good idea to expand the possibilities of the Auction House =)

And thanks to the OP to suggesting it in the first place :D
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90 Blood Elf Monk
20/12/2012 19:03Posted by Tarkamul
* Increase the length of orders from max. 48 hours to max 1 week. This will help even out prices over long periods of time.

This is definitely true. A lot of people who manipulate the economies rely on no higher priced competition, once the 48hr auctions go down they can buy out all the cheaper stock and flip the AH. Longer auctions would reduce this capability effectively putting a ceiling on how severely they could flip a market! It would probably also benefit the more casual players, who's once undercut auctions may sell in times of high-demand.


20/12/2012 19:13Posted by Dinozaur
And thanks to the OP to suggesting it in the first place :D

NP, you're welcome.. thanks for the feedback/support :)
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90 Undead Hunter
Good idea :) +1.
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84 Blood Elf Mage
I think this is a great idea - let's hope they consider adding it.
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100 Worgen Druid
I think it's a good idea.
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100 Tauren Paladin
I think it's a nice idea, our realm is pretty low populated atm and we have one person really trying to dominate the AH, making it hard for some of my guildies to earn gold on the AH, since the moment they put something on it gets undercut.

People playing the AH a lot isn't really a problem i think, but this guy does it in a sort of bullying way trying to intimidate other players. I'm more concerned about my guildies then myself, so it still bothers me.

A system like this might be an answer to this type of behaviour and i think there are actually people who like to earn their gold by farming.
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100 Tauren Druid
But to be honest I think we would see some sort of reversed undercutting between buyers.
Let’s imagine for example:

Player A: Wants to buy 10 Fight Club at 1337 gold each.
Player B: Sees Player A’s offer and decides he wants to buy 10 Fight Club at 1338 each.
Player C: See’s all the available options and sells to the “highest bidder” = Player B.

I would still have a few concerns though, this would probably bring excessive complexity to the AH, because for example, if you are a seller, you are probably going to end up doing some extra work, not only you will have to check the current AH prices from other sellers (competitors), but you would also check the buyers offers against one another and against the current sellers prices in order to find the option that would benefit you the most.

Buyers would see a similar competition to sellers when they face constant undercutting. This would probably create a certain frustration because when you are a buyer, chances are you need those items more urgently than when you are a seller, since sellers only get gold.
So the sense of urgency from buyers would probably work against the success of this implementation.

The system would have to include a mechanism to automatically match buyers and sellers. For example:
Player A: Wants to buy 10 Fight Club at 1337 gold each.
Player B: Posts 1 Fight Club at 1300 gold, without checking the "WTB-list".
Then the system should automatically conclude the sale (at 1300g).

If the WTB-system is implemented with a 1-hour delay, a sense of urgency on the part of a buyer would lead him to still buy the item directly.

However, it would be great for those items that are hard to find on the AH, such as Felcloth Pants (for transmog). Interested buyers can't find those, potential sellers are reluctant to post because demand is too low.
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90 Blood Elf Monk
20/12/2012 20:27Posted by Taiphon
However, it would be great for those items that are hard to find on the AH, such as Felcloth Pants (for transmog). Interested buyers can't find those, potential sellers are reluctant to post because demand is too low.

Great point! There are plenty of items, especially for transmog, players would be willing to place a Purchase Order for on the AH. If someone was bored and needed the gold it gives them the opportunity to go out and farm that transmog item for another player, to effectively collect a bounty.
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90 Worgen Hunter
While I like the idea, and the possibilities it brings, it would not discourage playing the market in any way, nor would it be without it owns flaws. The only thing it would change is the tactics.
Impatience and convenience will still play a large part in supply and demand.

It really would be nice with a system like that, but that's coming from someone who very much enjoys playing the market.
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40 Pandaren Monk
A idea that will destroy the ah so no :D
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
There is quite a simple solution to prevent people from gaming the market with these buy orders...

Limit the number you can make in a day.

That way:
Player A = normal warcraft citizen
Player B = big business monopolizer

Player A puts his buy order up, 10 moldy bat droppings for 60g
Player B notices the buy order and immediately puts a buy order up for 60g 1c

Player A's buy order is "less attractive" and sure, he/she cannot change his/her order for the rest of the day, however Player B who is simply out to 'reverse undercut' can no longer game the auctionhouse as he/she has already used his/her buy order for the day.

It's not a perfect solution, but if you have people trying to monopolize the market, simply setting a limit on the number of orders you can make, will prevent it from ever occurring.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
The AH interface is horrible. I can't believe that it hasn't been polished up to an acceptable standard when just about every other interface and/or feature has been.
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90 Goblin Priest
Personally if this feature became a reality, I wouldn't even bother checking what others might be selling X items for, I'd go straight to see what's being offered by the buyers.

With the amount of botting that goes in this game, it's a giant hassle having to constantly check > post auctions > recheck for undercuts only to discover someone less then bright posting 300 stacks of Y items every 2 days dominating a piece of the marked because regular players can't compete.

For OP;

+1 for your idea mate, I really hope it's something that the developers will look into and put effort into realising.
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To me, this idea sounds absolutely brilliant!
While I am generally loathe to farm materials because I know I will have to put them on AH again, and again, and again, and again and again before finally managing to sell them, this would actually encourage me to farm for materials and fulfill others' orders, and gain something to myself for -sure-, without the need to spend a long while checking out the price on AH and try to align my price on them.

I wouldn't even mind selling them for loss in comparison to if I put them on "vanilla AH" - the fact that it would be a handy source of income for a casual player like me, who's really after different kinds of wanted transmog gear, is simply perfect!

Oh, Daftmonk, really, I would not have thought about such a marvelous idea myself - such an auction system in -WoW-. Endorsed!
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90 Human Mage
Runescape's GE right there.
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90 Troll Warlock
I support this idea 100%.
As mentioned before, EVE Online got this system of Buy Orders, and it's very simple.
Say, you want 1 stack of Ghost Iron Ore, and place a buy order for 50g. The seller sees the buyorder and have the 1 stack of Ghost Iron Ores in his/her bag. The seller accepts the buy order and the ore is sent to the one who placed the buy order. Done finito.
If the seller thinks the buyorder price is too low, he can just set a normal sell order/auction on AH for 60g (or whatever price)

And this will REALLY strengthen lowpop server economies.
I'm giving all my support for this!
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90 Worgen Hunter
20/12/2012 22:40Posted by Serpian
Limit the number you can make in a day.

That goes complete against the whole foundation of the economy in WoW (free market). Blizz doesn't limit how much you can make in a given amount of time, precisely because they want the players to control which way the market goes.

Let's say they put a 3 auctions/day limit.
That would drastically decrease the gold flow in the community (since you can no longer throw all your stacks of ore up for sale at once), practically forcing them to lower costs on things like faction mounts (because grinding the amount of gold required for most would take a lot more time) and the amount of mats required for professions (since the availability of mats will also be reduced).

20/12/2012 22:40Posted by Serpian
It's not a perfect solution, but if you have people trying to monopolize the market, simply setting a limit on the number of orders you can make, will prevent it from ever occurring.

Yes, but it also limits the market itself, which I think most will agree is bad for anyone wanting to make some gold.
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2 Orc Shaman
Whassabout if you could commit to a purchase order, so you can pay smn to work for you. So you put the money on the AH as it were, and someone takes it, but doesn't get it til they supply the goods. It'd feel really to be going out farming say 100 ore if you knew for sure how much you were going to get. Kind of like a ... work contract.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
* Prevent spammability by having an interface that lets you first identify the item you are looking for through a search engine, and which then shows you Buy and Sell orders, sorted by price.

* Remove the deposit. The only purpose it serves is to prevent spam. Spam should be prevented by an efficient UI, not by an arbitrary cost per item.

These are just straight up terrible. What possible good can come from making the UI more cumbersome "just because"? "Spammability" is a VERY good thing - the more things that can be automated at the AH the better the market becomes for both buyers AND sellers big or small. There is no possible benefit that can be made for anyone by inconveniencing them. To tell the truth I have no idea what "spam" even means in this context - having many items available at any stack size or price helps everyone and hampers no one.

The deposit is a gold sink and has nothing to do with preventing "spam" (and most things don't have a deposit to post anyways).
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90 Orc Death Knight
Can't Blizzard do some magic math trick across realms to calculate the average price of stacks/items? That way, they can control the AH more to make it more steady and reliable.

And I like the way OP thinks.

What I would do is the following:
+ Make a WTB tab
- option to choose how many stacks or unit (with limit ofc)
- based on the average (magic trick of blizz) set a minimum and maximum price
- option for how long you are willing to wait (up to 48h; w/ fee cost)
+ Make a WTS tab
- option to sell per stack or unit
- based on the average and min/max price; select a price within the range
- option for how long you are willing to sell the item

What blizzard should do:
+ Make a battle net feature to track prices (like stock market style)
+ Make an ITEMS OF THE WEEK blog every week which analyzes which item has a chance to sell good
+ Limit the WTS tab to prevent botters/farmers abuse this system.
+ If possible, keep the AH we have as another option as FREE MARKET TAB - no fees, this tab can be handy for crafting professions - and can decide their own prices. But they can still choose to use WTB/WTS tab for their stuff.
+ FIX LOW POPULATED SERVERS - most important part before undertaking this change.

I think, if blizzard regulated the AH, it would turn out to be a good change that benefits everyone.
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