This waters my eyes, is WoW over for us?

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I actually find it unlikely that the picture even is from 2005, given the amount of high end (r12+) pvp gear in it. At any rate it's not from early in 2005.

And of course that picture means nothing. I could as easily find a pic from launch day 2005 where my char is alone somewhere and toss it together with a group picture from today.
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28/01/2013 17:55Posted by Korfast
'The picture displays how the game has changed in terms of the social perspective.

I disagree. I still have plenty of friends, not all from TBC or Vanilla of course but still, from across many realms that I do a lot with. You get used to losing friends, one of my good friends quit yesterday actually and while I'll miss him, I have other friends and I'll make new ones in the months and years to come!

28/01/2013 17:55Posted by Korfast
Things became too easy and little by little social interaction merely became a choice

The social interaction may have become a choice but the difficulty became a choice as well. You can choose to do normal or heroic in raids and dungeons.. and now you have LFR if you just want to experience the raid!

I agree that LFD may have hurt social interaction in some ways... but I have made some good friends and had some good chats during them! A few have noticed me from the forums and yes a few are haters... but I encountered a lot of haters before LFD as well!

28/01/2013 17:55Posted by Korfast
In the picture you get a feeling of how the game has changed from a place of group effort and friendship to a community that is more focused on the individual user.

I think these pictures depict what happens when you make the effort to gather a group and work together to have fun and enjoy the game.,Jw68Ymz,Jw68Ymz#1
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29/01/2013 11:57Posted by Coriandra
So in summary, the communities are still there, it's just that by default you don't have to belong to them any more, you need to actively want to participate in them. Seems to me that this caters to everybody better than being excluded from a large amount of content just because you couldn't find a group.

I personally think this is quite true.

The picture linked by the OP is one that I think speaks to a lot of us who have been playing this game for years, it certainly speaks to the nostalgic old-timer in me, and it made me think back on some of those early guilds I was in and the good times I had back then... I think most of us will never forget that great first guild we were in where great bonds of friendship were established while learning the game and playing together.

Not all guilds stand the test of time, just like not all real life friendships stand the test of time. People grow apart, and so does guilds. In real life I sometimes wonder how old friends of mine I haven't seen in years are doing, or what happened to my old class mates that I used to have such a good time with, but since those days I have made new friends and formed new great friendships and those are the ones that matter today.

I have friends on my friends lists in-game who I do not see log in any more for various reasons. Some have re-rolled, some are playing on their alts, some have moved to another realm, some have quit, etc. But while many old friends on my friend are no longer active, I should never forget that I have many other friends on my friends list who are still playing, and some of those friends I didn't have before when my old friends were active. In fact my friends list has grown ever since it became possible to add RealID and BattleTag friends, and I am still having just as much fun playing with friends today as I did back in the old days, even if those friends I play with are not the same as the old ones.
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I still talk to people and make 'friends' in the game. Most of them is people I see asking for help in Trade.. I decide to lend a hand, often carry them somewhere on my RAF mount, and we end up talking frequently.

Apart from that our guild is actually very sociable and most of us have met IRL, had group lunches and all that.
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29/01/2013 00:23Posted by Vuuleen
let me guess you all played vanilla but have no achivment to prove it.. ohh forgot you had your 10 accounts hacked, sold or lost?

I don't know about others, but I have been playing before achievements were introduced, then quit and came back only a week before Cataclysm release.
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To the oldtimers:
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OMG guise it wont be never same, I wanna be in AV 18 hours in row with my best no life friends, i miss it, hue, blizz pls that was better for social interaction, fix it now, remove flying mounts and all these bad things which destroyed my lovely game.

/sarcasm off
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Well, here's my two pictures:

The top one is from 2006 and the bottom one is from this Sunday, where we all posed for a picture to celebrate the marriage of two of our guildies. The only thing that's different is that the mounts are a bit flashier - the guild is the same guild, and some of the people are the same people that were there in 2006. WoW and great community is certainly not over for everyone that played in Vanilla.
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OMG guise it wont be never same, I wanna be in AV 18 hours in row with my best no life friends, i miss it, hue, blizz pls that was better for social interaction, fix it now, remove flying mounts and all these bad things which destroyed my lovely game.

/sarcasm off

Amg! U so funnzy! Can we all be like u?!
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29/01/2013 16:03Posted by Zaetar
Amg! U so funnzy! Can we all be like u?!

No, you cant be level 90, its hard.
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Even wrath felt less lonely than it does now. I don't think lizzard really care though, I reckon they are trying to reel some cash by appealing to the console market though.

Everything is becoming more console-ish, the way we queue randomly to raid, the increasing hand eye coordination mechanics rather than typical RPG use your brain ones. Gotta remember Activision own blizzard now and what do activision make?

Yes that's right :/ COD
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will it be a wrath of the lich king 2 when bolvar leads the army of scourge! maybe the old players may come back if lich king return!
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It's the other way around for me, I had no one to play WoW with back in the day, now I play with friends I met at uni.
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This picture has been posted several times now (or I've seen it elsewhere). In fact was posted earlier today.

What makes people think it has to do with changes to the game? Many people I used to raid with in BC and WotLK have quit since and not because of the game but because of their lives.

People quitting because of irl changes can't be ruled out. (Not that it has anything to do with the OP post)

What makes people think it has anything to do with changes to the game?

Personally, I find it rather simple to see that the automation implemented to cater to god knows what, is the sole responsibility for the changes that happened within realm communities!
With the anonymity and no accountability change, people no longer needed to behave or opt for team effort to achieve anything, which was the only thing that keep't players in check.

Trying to throw that back onto the community, is like saying it would be people's own fault if society broke down if laws was removed.
It's stupid and ignorant at best.

Yes, the community carry part of the blame, but when you effectively removed what keep players in check, the result is what you have today.
There's no mystery or magic behind, the same result would happen if blizzard publicly announced, that they would no longer do anything about people using exploits in all game aspects, because it would limit creative thinking.., do you think that would cause less or more exploiting?

Trade chat, random dungens, lfr groups is full of demented inbreed morons (Putting it bluntly), because they know it's perfectly accepted to behave as they want, with no consequences.., I know, you know, and blizzard knows it.

I'm not at all surprised that the choice is being defended, despite the fact that it literally broke so many aspects of the game, that by default, a reasonable person in charge that truly cares about their own product, would instantly have taken it off the board again, or at least raised the question before implementation, wether it would have more pro's then con's!
Why not defend something their unlikely to change is the mantra, regardless of how poor a choice it is, same was true for 25man raiding when changes were made, only now years later have they realised that they should have listened to what people were saying!
The same can be applied to flying mounts, which even blizzard would want to remove given the chance, yet flying mounts are older then these stupid features!

There is quality of life, and there's automated process.

Quality if life would be implementing bags, to avoid players needing to run back n' forth from their banks 24/7. Something that isn't breaking part of the game!

What makes me different?

Nothing, I've reached a point where I really don't give a damn about anything, or anyone outside my own guild, and why should I considering the game is now tailor made not to impact anyone regardless of my actions.
It's also entirely possible that I've played to long at this point, and can't break emotional attachment to what I see as better periods of the game.

It could also be, that I'm not naive enough to jump the bandwagon and honestly think that everything is optional when it comes to this game, I mean;

Is it optional to get out of bed in the morning?:-)
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28/01/2013 17:57Posted by Korfast

I agree fully with the OP. The world keeps growing bigger yet it has never felt so small. Being polite doesn't matter anymore. Ninjaing/trolling/bad behavior/griefing has zero repercussions in the community. Everything is catered to the lowest common denominator.

WoW has lost it's magic, and there is nothing the devs, the blues or anyone else can say that changes that fact for myself, the OP, and many others. I also get watery eyes at times when I think about the old days and how much the game was hands down better in terms of immersion, community and excitement. WoW is inflated now, and GC has done so many horrible moves over the years that it's beyond repair. He is trying to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one. Communication is no longer required to get anywhere. Social skills are a pointless feat to have.

I log in about 2-3 times a week now, a record low for me. I've stopped raiding for the first time since MC because it doesn't keep me interested anymore. The excessive and early DS HC nerfs in Cata combined with the new valor system has been the nail in the coffin for me. PvP is so horribly balanced that it's almost unplayable, and trust me when I say that I would have done a better job in balancing it if I was in charge. How anyone over at Blizzard felt that it was launch ready in 5.0 just shows how much the quality of this once great company has dropped.
Daily quests are insulting the way they are implemented, as they suck every last bit of life out of me when I sit there and feel laughed at by the devs as I do the same dumb crap over and over and over and over again.

I'm slowly starting to hate the one game I've loved the most, and it saddens me deeply. I'm starting to regret every minute played after WOTLK.

Sorry to sound so negative but I simply can't forgive the destruction of this game.

29/01/2013 00:23Posted by Vuuleen
let me guess you all played vanilla but have no achivment to prove it.. ohh forgot you had your 10 accounts hacked, sold or lost?

Feel free to start inspecting :)
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28/01/2013 18:16Posted by Chins
“There are no life, the monsters win.”

I lol'd.
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Us meaning the vanilla/tbc players that cherished community.

'The picture displays how the game has changed in terms of the social perspective. Back during the first years of the game, commitment, friendship and determination were the dominating themes, but as it developed, things started changing rapidly and old school players started feeling disconnected from what they used to enjoy. Things became too easy and little by little social interaction merely became a choice. With the arrival of the automatic 'Looking for Group/raid' tool, all a player had to do in order to achieve better gear, achievements, levels and such was to click a button. Back in the day you would have to interact personally with each player to find what you were searching for in order to set up a successful group. Due to the 'enclosed' community of your server, you would automatically start befriending people you crossed paths with, whether it was through PVE or PVP. In the picture you get a feeling of how the game has changed from a place of group effort and friendship to a community that is more focused on the individual user.' - WoWSubReddit.

Taken from Reddit because I couldn't say it better myself.

I could not disagree more.

I was there in vanilla, I was there in tbc, I also raided in one of those 'special' guilds where I had a lot of friends and raiding at a good standard.
I am now running my own guild, full of people I consider my (new) friends and very much enjoying this game MORE than I ever did back in the good old days.
Just because people have moved on in life and friends stop playing the game over the time does not mean the game lacks what it had, while the the game itself has changed I would argue that us the players have changed much much more.
On a final note that image you linked, while I understand the sentiment behind it for me, that image I would copy the top twice rather than the below segment, because that is how I see the game now.
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The game in Vanilla and TBC was not playable in solo-mode. Yes, you could quest and do random BGs, but there was no way you could see end-game content unless you were part of a guild. Even during your leveling up you needed to group up for quests and dungeons.

Now the entire game is soloable, meaning that a player can use LFG and LFR tools to enter endgame and group-oriented content. Even group quests have become very rare.

This is a fact. Then people can discuss if it is a good or a bad thing. But denying that now WoW is completely solo-friendly and casual-friendly is just talking fanboy nonsense.
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For those whining about LFD, think back before LFD, how often did you do dungeons? Remember having to queue for 2+ hours to get a group if you got one at all, and even then you were always anxious about someone having to go and not being able to find a replacement.

Yes, the LFD has highlighted and made worse the problem of people being douchebags online, and there's probably some tweaks Blizz could do to help things, but I'd much rather have to put up with the jerks and actually getting to do dungeons then how things were before.
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